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Gracias por compartir en familia! #instachile #chilegram
Gözlerinde kalayım 💦
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Puuta que es lindo Chile 🙈 . . . I hate lying. Never been very good at it either. But I lied to my best friend and told her I was leaving the country on Thursday, so that way I could surprise her on her birthday on Friday (this is the first time I've gotten to celebrate her in person on her birthday since we were 8 years old so I was pretty excited). On the way there, the clouds cleared and opened up to this beautiful view of the cordillera de los Andes. Although I always have a hard time leaving Chile, this was a really, really good last day.
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Bak bu komik işte🙎🏿 #kalpatisi
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Kediden daha tatlı olmak🌺🍭|| #özgükaya & @kayaozgu ||
Yaaa bu neee😍😍 senin tipine kurbann yerimmm senii 😍😍😍😘😘 #afrasaraçoğlu
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