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Still obsessed with cherry blossoms! But who can blame me :p
John wanted a dragon, period. Not much backround here. And "As much detail as you can" OK 😂Think I was lucky to get away with the bits of water and cherrys. Can't imagine he will have the inner arm done but i hope he does #dragontattoo #japaneseart #japanesesleeve #sleevetattoo #sleeve #tattooed #tatooedmen #japanesetattoo #japanesetattoos #dragonsleeve #cherryblossoms #flowers #flowertattoos #tattoosofinstagram #color #tattooart #tattooartist #derry #ireland
Photography Tip 2: Regardless of how you take a picture, you can always improve it by cropping to follow the rules of thirds. Imagine a tic-tac-toe board over your image and crop so the subject is in one of the intersections.
Vintage. Cause they don't make it like this no more. 👏🏼 The workmanship on this handmade Chinese brocade dress deserves praise and admiration. 🙌🏽 Fabric has a beautiful textured scroll with embroidery of plants symbolic to Asian culture such as spider chrysanthemums, bamboo and cherry blossoms. Stunning to look at and feel! Just when you take that all in, the other side of the same brocade fabric is a pattern of colored stripes with the reverse embroidery. See the photos for both sides of this “silk brocade variant”. Unique style a-line dress (not gown) with ¾ bell sleeves, has a mandarin-like collar and a very modest front keyhole. Back zipper and two hidden clasps. This and other vintage pieces👗 are in our closet now! Link in bio ⬆️💗
pro·vin·cial \prə-ˈvin(t)-shəl\ adjective • not knowing or caring about people and events in other places; having narrow or limited concerns or interests.