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What would I do without these two little peanuts who let me treat them like babies? 😍
🏡HOME SWEET HOME🏡 I’ve been writing a post each day of advent trying to focus on something positive. As George’s due date approaches (Christmas Day), I am feeling overwhelmed by grief. But we have a gorgeous girl who deserves a magical Christmas so we are doing our best to fill our month with moments of joy. I am totally inspired by Elle @feathering_the_empty_nest - she lives with such grace and radiance. While I have found it incredibly hard to find positives, it has been good to change my focus onto the good in each day. Today I’ve written about why we are glad to be home after our weekend away and how I achieved genuine happiness for the second time this weekend. The link is in my bio - you can also click on the ‘blog’ tab to see the other entries from advent (I started a few days late though 🤷‍♀️) #blogupdate #adventtoremember #findingjoy #insearchofhappiness
I’ve seen so many posts lately about girls’ betas not rising appropriately or ultrasounds showing no heartbeat. It makes me so angry and frustrated and heartbroken. Why does this crap have to keep happening to us? Can we all please just get a break?
So haven't posted for a while - no specific reason, just a few hectic weeks (mainly work related). So what have I been up to? Well for starters we mixed work and pleasure and took an impromptu vacation after a work trip to Rome - and it was awesome! 😊Hubby and I really took some time off and enjoyed the city, the food and the quiet quality time - really much needed! We got back home to find out I was having my 4th Chemical Pregnancy in a row (Aug, Sep, Oct and Nov were all CP). Another post will follow on this. Then my mom came over for a bit and had some family time, which incidentally this time was brilliant (hubby and mom sometimes can be a bit weird around each other, but it looks like everyone is getting more comfortable). After that really just preparing for Christmas. Now Christmas has always been my absolute favourite time of the year!!! However last year just before Christmas we found out we would most likely have to terminate our miracle pregnancy, so there was no Christmas at all. I somehow just survived one day at a time between the 19th of Dec and the 7th of Jan when we delivered our baby boy 😔 So this year, none the wiser, still not pregnant and with no clue what comes next, I am however in the mood to catch up with my missing Christmas from last year and I fully intend to enjoy every second of this year's Christmas... twice. After all, I missed one Christmas! #whativebeenupto #christmas #rome #London #familytime #chemicalpregnancy
Thank God my older sister had one of these at-home fetal dopplers. She used it for her pregnancy, and she’s letting me borrow it for mine. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to listen to the baby‘s heartbeat every day and make sure it’s still growing and healthy and alive. Here is our baby’s heartbeat! Strong and beautiful And healthy! It’s the absolute greatest sound I’ve ever heard. #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #ttcrainbowbaby #miscarriage #ivf #ivficsi #ivfjourney #ivfcommunity #ivfsisters #ivfwarriors #fertility #infertility #infertilitysucks #notfortheweak #chemicalpregnancy #ectopicpregnancy #infertilityawareness #journeytobaby #waitingforbaby #waitingforbabyp
Our second ultrasound was on 10/16/17. I was 6 weeks and 6 days pregnant at this point. I was so nervous going into this ultrasound! I knew that this was a big turning point… We needed to see a heartbeat otherwise there would be a good chance that this was a blighted ovum. BUT WE SAW A HEARTBEAT!! I was so happy I cried my eyes out. It was so beautiful… it was just flickering away at 126 bpm. A strong and healthy heartbeat! #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #ttcrainbowbaby #miscarriage #ivf #ivficsi #ivfjourney #ivfcommunity #ivfsisters #ivfwarriors #fertility #infertility #infertilitysucks #notfortheweak #chemicalpregnancy #ectopicpregnancy #infertilityawareness #journeytobaby #waitingforbaby #waitingforbabyp #6weeks6days
Beta day was 9/29/17, which was 12dp5dt. Hcg was 344! We couldn’t believe it! We were so happy and excited. Or first beta for our ectopic pregnancy this past May was 149, and that was 14dp5dt. We took it as a really good sign that our beta this time around was higher than our first one, and it was two days earlier than our first one as well. I was hoping and praying that this pregnancy wasn’t another ectopic one. So far the signs were good, but we knew we were far from being out of the woods yet! #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #ttcrainbowbaby #miscarriage #ivf #ivficsi #ivfjourney #ivfcommunity #ivfsisters #ivfwarriors #fertility #infertility #infertilitysucks #notfortheweak #chemicalpregnancy #ectopicpregnancy #infertilityawareness #journeytobaby #waitingforbaby #waitingforbabyp #12dp5dt
This is what I shared with Greg #chemicalpregnancy #pcos #pcospregnancy
Obedience to God is easy when life is good. But in the midst of intense suffering, obedience becomes very difficult. We question God's character and wonder if he's even worthy of our obedience. . . I recently finished reading the book of Daniel. I've heard the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den a thousand times. But this was the first time I’ve read it since losing Chloe. And I was blown away by Daniel’s response to learning about a new law/decree that said no one could pray or worship any “god” except King Darius. And if anyone did, they would be thrown into the lion’s den - a certain death. . . “Now when Daniel learned that the decree had been published, he went home to his upstairs room where the windows opened toward Jerusalem. Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.” (Daniel 6:10) . . Daniel remained obedient towards God and continued to pray to God, even though he knew his life was in danger. Do we view our relationship with God as more important than our lives and our happiness? It took me a while to realize that knowing God was more important than my daughter living on this earth. And that may seem harsh to some people, but I serve an incredibly amazing God and death at any age doesn’t change that.
First PIO shot of 2 ml done. ✔️ I was a ball of anxiety anticipating having to do double the dose I normally do. I iced until I was completely numb and that helped. 4 more of these babies then ERA/biopsy and then I can go off of ALL meds for a little while. I’m so excited for a short break from pills and shots.
Chemical pregnancy. Not many women know this term. It's defined by when conception is achieved, the body recognises this and so the hormones start, you receive positive results.. you feel pregnant, you are pregnant, but then you're not. your cycle comes as usual a couple of days late. The fertilised egg hasn't attached to the uterus wall yet properly and so comes away with that cycle. Many women don't even realise this happens to them. But unfortunately some do. This happened to me in the past week and it's heartbreaking. So much excitement and just coming to terms with being pregnant again and then suddenly, not anymore. To all women who have had chemical pregnancies- don't feel it's invalid to be upset just because it is very early stages, it's still a misscarriage 😙 #chemicalpregnancy #50percent #donttestearly #womanslife #ttc #sad #bummer #whateverwillbewillbe 😔👼🏼
NEBRASKA: Share your favorite in-state pregnancy loss resources below and check out the ones I found. Link in bio.
Say what, say what! When I took the test on that April day, I was ecstatic to find out after a few months of trying, we did it! I also knew not to get too excited, my last positive pregnancy test ended up as a chemical pregnancy almost a year prior, which was difficult on me mentally for a little bit. 😬 —————————————————————— #chroniclesofapregnantlady #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancytest #pregnancyphoto #baby #babycomingsoon #chemicalpregnancy #preggo #decemberbaby #momtobe #mommytobe #expecting #firsttrimester
After 14 days of Estrace my lining is still only at 6.6. RE thinks I need 2 more days, then I’ll start PIO shots on Wednesday and do my ERA/biopsy on Monday. I have a day trip planned on Monday for work with several coworkers and I leave for Chicago for work travel on Tuesday. I was really hoping my lining would cooperate and we could get this out of the way without it interfering with my travel. I’m still hoping to do the day trip if I can get in first thing in the AM for the biopsy on Monday but that makes for one hell of a crappy day doesn’t it? Balancing infertility with life is not easy. 😔
PODCAST EPISODE 50: Amanda Balderrama, Director of @foreverfootprints perinatal hospice, Journey to Remember, comes on the podcast to share her personal loss story. We talk about her son receiving a life-limiting diagnosis, deciding to terminate her pregnancy, and the regret she felt after that decision. Definitely take a listen - link in bio. . . This episode is brought to you by @thecomfortcub. "Need a hug? Get a cub! The Comfort Cub is here for you."
Thank you @ksangels for this lovely family tree for Christmas. It means so much, this will be our second Christmas without Emmet, and our first without Ree xx #Christmas #christmasafterbabyloss #babyloss #multiplemiscarriages #miscarriage #chemicalpregnancy #survivingmiscarriagetogether
Have angels on my mind this year as i think back on all the friends who have experienced miscarriages this year. My heart aches for all those who have experienced this loss. Although not on this plane of existence, those we lost continue to have a presence in our life as angels. Who are your angels? #angel #angelart #spiritual #loss #grief #misscarriage #chemicalpregnancy #miscarriage #angels #myangel #spirituality #intuitiveart
Tonight, I’m so grateful for my two healthy and thriving children. I have debated all day over whether to share this and I have decided I would like to. I miscarried yesterday at 4.5 weeks along. Yes, it was early on, but it was a whole week of dreaming and wondering about the third child we would be having next year. It was a planned pregnancy, and the first one we achieved without needing fertility meds. This is the second loss we’ve had, first one being before Leona. I’ve decided to give myself a rest the next couple months and maybe after that we will try again. But honestly, I think we may be just fine with our two. I want to appreciate them to the fullest and never take a moment for granted. We are two children luckier than many couples ever are. My mom was able to get a long weekend off work so we packed up and came down to Biloxi until Sunday. I do much better mentally and emotionally not being home in a time like this. It’s really helped keep my mind off things. ❤️ UPDATE- blood work came back and it was a loss due to low progesterone. At least now we know 😢 #miscarriage #ttc #ttccommunity #motherhood #chemicalpregnancy #pregnancy #ttcsisters #grateful #earlyloss #breakthesilence #angelbaby #dueinaugust #midwife #homebirth #vbac #1in4 #iamstrong #momblogger
Here we go again 🤷🏻‍♀️ took 10 months off due to health/planning a wedding. I feel very crampy today, very low in my tummy. #4dpo #chemicalpregnancy #earlymiscarriage
Our last chance in our infertility journey was embryo adoption— also called snowflake adoption. The first Christmas afterwards, I bought this snowflake ornament to hang high on our tree. Every December I remember those four losses. Seeing this memorial to them as part of our holiday is incredibly comforting and healing to my heart ❤️ (Go to hopingingod.com and search for “27, You Were a Heartbreaker” if you’d like to read more!) . . . . #linkinprofile👆 #hopingingod #hopingingodblog #embryoadoption #snowflakeadoption #embryoloss #miscarriage #lossafterFET #chemicalpregnancy #infertility
How did you navigate getting pregnant again after experiencing loss?
Mid-cycle ultrasound showed my lining isn’t as thick as he’d hoped it would be. 5 more days of Estrace and he’ll check it again on Monday. What’s worked for you guys? Pomegranate juice? What else?
Have you heard yesterday's episode where my husband, Jordan, and I shared our own story?⠀ ⠀ I have felt so vulnerable since the episode went live..."What if people judge me? What we went through wasn't as bad as what other people have been through. People don't even care."⠀ ⠀ My husband felt just as vulnerable..."I haven't even told some of my friends about these things. What are they going to think of me?"⠀ ⠀ All of these thoughts are the very reason I started this podcast in the first place. I wanted a space for women to FREELY share WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.⠀ ⠀ I wholeheartedly believe that EVERY story is worthy of being told, and I am so humbled by the brave women who are stepping up to tell their stories because I don't want a single woman to ever feel alone on her Messy Road.⠀ ⠀ You can listen to our episode by clicking the link in the profile.
MONTANA: Share your favorite in-state pregnancy loss resources below and check out the ones I found. Link in bio.
Looks like bad news for me. Less than a week ago I got a “pregnant” on a digital and then had the slight bleeding Sunday, hospital yesterday where they told me my hcg levels were low, so I’ve been sleeping since about 10 last night and it’s now almost 3 AM, just took this test and it says “not pregnant”. I’m devastated. Thankfully my principal gave me the day off today to rest because I’m sure I couldn’t function at work today. I knew this would happen. It was in the back of my head just beating at me last week when I told my mom we were pregnant (I didn’t tell her last month during our chemical). Looks like it’s happening again. I don’t even want to try anymore. I hate my body. I hate my tumor. I hate every issue I have that is causing this to happen. #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcjourney
On today’s episode, my husband and I are sharing our own Messy Road. From talking about my ectopic pregnancy to his postpartum anxiety, our hope is to continue opening the doors for others to share their stories, because every story is worthy of being told. 💕 You can listen to our episode by clicking the link in the profile.
Well, first cycle after our #chemicalpregnancy. We’re REALLY taking a break - I don’t even know when I ovulated. 😂 I suspect I’m around 10/11dpo. Side note: does anyone else always get faked out by this brand of #pregnancytest? I feel like I ALWAYS see a #vfp. 🙃 #tryingtoconceive #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #ttcaftermiscarriage #ttcjourney #ttcwithpcos #ttcafterloss #pcos #cysters #ttcwithpcos #ttcwithinfertility #femara #infertility #infertilitysucks #infertilitysupport #infertilityjourney #recurrentmiscarriage
Havent been on here since our chemical pregnancy a few weeks ago. I have since been in Japan, enjoying spending time with my husband, trying to push ivf to the back of our minds just for a little. We made the decision last month to push our next FET back to january/February - to enjoy the christmas holidays and everything involved. Looking towards a better and brighter new year. #ivf #chemicalpregnancy #newyear #fet #cantwaitforthebfp #enjoyingthebreak
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope that your day is filled with lots of gratitude, love, and gentleness. . . "I exalt you, my God the King, and praise your name forever and ever. I will praise you every day; I will honor your name forever and ever." Psalm 145:1-2
Oh Estrace. F you and the nausea you bring. 😡 2x/day and upping it to 3x/day tomorrow for my ERA/endometrial biopsy cycle. I’ve never taken this high a dose and I’ve never taken it on its own so I had no idea it was this much “fun.” 🙄 #thisisinfertility #chemicalpregnancy #endometriosis #bowelendometriosis #infertilityblogger #infertilitywarrior #infertility #infertilitysucks #infertilityjourney #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #ivfjourney #ivf #miscarriage
MISSOURI: Share your favorite in-state pregnancy loss resources below and check out the ones I found. Link in bio.