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These photos were taken 7 weeks apart. I wish I could say its all from my hard work at the gym, but it's not it's from my UC, my now issues with food aversion and the horrible medication I'm on. However good news today finally approved at work for my uniform replacement after dropping 4 sizes. Can't wait to wear a uniform that fits! #uc #changingbelle #smashinggoals #tookmeawhile #ulcerativecolitis #longhairdontcare
I've had a quite week, school holidays here and spending time with my little dude (especially with how much I've been in hospital lately) was on the agenda. #changingbelle #smashinggoals #familyfirst
Gym done, shopping done, should probably do the housework. Might go nap though. Week off work done right. #smashingit #changingbelle #uc #smashinggoals #sleepy #relaxed
Today compared to June. Looking back at photos helps me see the changes. Not just in size but confidence. #changingbelle #smashinggoals #tookmeawhile #gettinghealthy #kickinggoals
Last day of work for 10 days. Smashed it out. I'm so excited for a week of gym, play and relaxing. #changingbelle #smashinggoals
It was my first day back in the gym since surgery today, feeling good and sore. Last week I was diagnosed with a Chronic Disease that I'm going to have to work very hard through flare ups to get past. It also means another overhaul in my diet and exercise needs (because during flare ups my exercise needs to change to ensure I'm not pushing too hard) and because I'll be on life long medication now I need to make sure everything going in to me is good. If anyone has any input woth Ulcerative Colitis give me a shout out I'd love to hear about your story. #chronicdisease #changingbelle #backatthegym #healthylife #ulcerativecolitis #uc
Its School Holidays here in Aus. So I've taken my small human to the hunter valley gardens to check out the Dinosaurs and Dragons. Back in the gym next week seeings Im healing so well after surgery. #changingbelle #smashinggoals #tookmeawhile #gettinghealthy #gettingfit #huntervalleygardens
I'm far too lazy to buy new winterish clothes so I'm just going to tie all my shirts up from now on. Nothing fits. Over 20kgs lost. #changingbelle #smashinggoals #3daystillsurgery I'm also super exicted to be able to eat once I have surgery. Low residue sucks, not being able to stomach food sucks and Im so hungry!
Today is a day I'm in shock. My top is a size 10, my bottoms a size 8 and that blows me the fuck away. Never ever did I think I'd be a size 8. Bring on next week and after surgery and I can go back to feeling semi human. #changingbelle #smashinggoals #tookmeawhile
Might not seem like a huge deal but for me it is. Im 3 sizes smaller in these jeans compared to my 'normal' size. Technically 4 compared to my work skirt size. The top though is an old faithful and was big on me originally now its just comfy and I'm sore from my hospital visit but happy to be home. #changingbelle
I've spent the last couple of days in hospital with extremely low hemoglobin and a few other nasty things, and am now on orders of zero strenuous activites till surgery on the 19th. I'm very exhausted and weak right now and hate missing out on time in the gym but my body just physically can not take it right now. #changingbelle #smashinggoalsonhold #Imnotaneedlefan #mycannulahurtthere
My hair is horrid in this. But anyway feeling good after 10ks on the treadmill. Knowing how far I can push my body right now is important. #changingbelle #gettingfit #gettinghealthy #kickinggoals #ididwashmyhairafterthisphoto #takesforevertoblowdry
I'm house sitting for my mum for a few days, and couldn't make it to the gym today (which is annoying but unfortunately unpreventable somedays) so I'm going to knock out 3 different sessions on here and a few core exercises I can do without being at the gym. I've got to have surgery in a few weeks so I need to take it slightly easy on myself but don't want to lose momentum at the same time. #changingbelle #smashinggoals #nicedayfora10krun
Bit of a comparison *and reminder how much I a) love this dress but b) should update my wardrobe* the photo on the left is taken today 2/9/17 and is a size 12 that would normally be snug (so snug I bought the size up)and the photo on the right was taken almost 2 years ago when my then husband and I broke up. Would of been in either January or Feb on 2016 and was a size 14 dress. I wasn't healthy back in 2015/2016 I was eating alot of crap and never exercising. I was so stressed I yoyoed with weight. In the 2016 photo I'm wearing spanx and holding myself to my best angle. In todays photo I've got normal underwear and trying to mimic and failed at how I stood. Its good for me to reflect and see if my body is changing. 2 sizes down from what Id normally wear. I've had a small set back for the next couple of weeks and need to slow down for some surgery I have to have but it's not going to stop me from continuing to better myself. Mind, body and soul. #changingbelle #reflection #changes
Goals being met. Work uniform 2 sizes smaller than what I previously wore. #changingbelle #gettingfit #lovinglife #smashinggoals
Today I just started my new program. I haven't trained in nearly 11 years, and I'm so excited to see what happens in the next 12 months. #changingbelle #gettingfit #legsdaykills #fitness #changinglives #bemybestme