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Пристально слежу, когда, люди глаза откроют, чтоб сразу начинать клянчить еду. Waiting for people to wake up, so I can meow for food right when they open their eyes.
Overthinking 😼
And everywhere her cat would go her shadow was sure to follow. The classic tail up none threatening gesture of all domestic cats. Image by @colinbutcher_petdetective
I was little back in the day. Now I'm 5x biggger and fat 🐱🍼 #babycat #kittensofinstagram #kitten #fosterkitty #catinstgram #thedailykittens #catsfamous
Molly - missing for 9 months but recovered in just two days @catdetectiondogs
Day 1 of my #BlackAndWhiteChallenge 😼 ⚫️⚪️ Seven days, Seven Black and White photos ⚫️⚪️ Nominate 5 of your furriends: @monty_the_grey_sausage @british_shorthair_hestia @sir.karl.bkh @monster_the_britishshorthair @charly_kitty_bsh ⚫️⚪️ Don’t forget to follow us for regular updates of Cuteness 😻🐾 ⚫️⚪️ Please show 💞 to some of our wonderful friends: @daily_fudge @britishshorthairblue @patsy_bsh
Good morning 😽🐯
I got my stocking ready! Only 2 more weeks to go, hope Santa isn't aware of all the toilet rolls I have chewed up this year. Hope I get another Chicken Loaf voucher again 🐾🐾 #catsrule #cat #pets #catsfamous #catsofinstagram #instacat #instakitten #australiancat #instacats #instakitty #kittensofinstagram #kittensofinsta #kitten #christmas
Black cats are supposed to be lucky but I’m not sure I’d fell lucky if I got on the wrong side of this chap. Smile Mr Grumpy!
Hm🤔 what should I create? 😽I think the carpet on the floor should be red color 😹
Кончился снег? Можно уже из-под одеяла вылезать? ❄⛄ Is the snow over? Can I get out now?❄⛄ #ig_vladivostok
Just chilling Caturday 😽
I need my morning coffee before I can get dapper for the day ☕️🎀
Sleepy little kitty 😽 😴
'Новые цветочки? Ммм ты меня балуешь, человек 😽👅' 'Thanks for bringing new plants for me human 😽👅'
Meowmy says I'm distracting her but how else can I pose? 😽
I'm really shocked by this fire Thomas 😱 and hope no pets are trapped in the houses 😣