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Thanksgiving has begun at our house! . Jon is working the parade in the city tomorrow (how cool is that?!) so we’ll do our little bit of celebrating today. . And to be perfectly honest, it will stop at these GF V pumpkin pancakes, which is okay with us. He’ll then be in bed by about 6pm to make it to the parade tomorrow on time. . We party pretty hard here, as you all know 😂🎉 . We are thankful for every aspect of our life, but today I am particularly thankful that we’ve spent the last few years refining our diet. There is such a peace that comes with knowing this holiday is no longer all about food. For years I would eat until I was sick simply because it was the thing that everyone else did. You do it because there’s pressure from your family to “treat yourself!” But did you know that the average American gains 5-7lbs over this next month? That is a LOT and it is really hard on your body. And it doesn’t have to happen! . So! Stick to your goals. Yes, have some delicious food and enjoy it, but there is absolutely no need and no benefit to being that person that gains several pounds over the next few weeks. Instead of focusing on the food, focus on all of the wonders things you have to be thankful for ❤️ . Tell me! What is something you’ll stop and appreciate today and tomorrow?
Spending my morning curled up on the couch with coffee in a Christmas mug and PD. Listening to the kids playing and watching cartoons. . . This is the life I dreamed of. 🙌🏼 My heart is so full ❤️ #countyourblessings #coffeeloversclub #littlefootsteps 👣
No quiero que tengas otra gata a parte de mi ! Entendido !!! #gattiarrabbiati #gatti #incazzata #gattara #catmom
I let him sleep in. I love him a zillion. #oberoncat He sleeps under the covers with me curled up under my arm with his head on my shoulder #mybaby #catsofinstagram #catmom
She likes to hug her own paws. 💕
This sweet lady kitty is enjoying the princess life this morning! #chillimornings #catmom #catsofinstagram
{10/30} I'm thankful for early morning gym sessions. I may come in looking like something the cat dragged in, but I leave feeling refreshed!!!! 👍🏼🎉😊👏🏼👋🏼😉 #gymmotivation #workoutjunkie #thatpinkdrinklife #apostolicchic #changestartswithme #peaches🍑