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One of these days, I am going to ask @picsfromword if he can make some sort of constellation formation with those lil’ glass cups! . Really, though...it has been a concerted effort of mine to ensure I stick to successful habits, work hard and rest harder, and squash my ability to make excuses as to why I cannot care for myself and my body. Even though I’ve practiced cupping for a decade, over the past 5+ months I’ve finally stopped night-sweating and have felt such an increase in mental clarity. Perhaps the combo of physical-activity moderation and buying-in to the idea of “slowing down to speed up” really IS worth it. ✌🏼💯 🐙 . | disclosure: this is not painful. 😘 Feels like a dream and is my all-time fave. | . #thursday #cupping #octopuskisses #extravaganza #selfcare #healthybody #healthymind #longevity #integrativemedicine #athlete #feelssogood #lovelanguage #butseriously #Carococo #usedit 👊🏼 . 📷: @picsfromword = #major
M É C H A N T P a R T Y. #illustration #partydebureau #carococo
BUT CAROCOCO....!! . Sometimes, photos are snapped in a freezing cold, awkward state and you just have to roll with it for the sake of a #CAROCOCO GIVEAWAY (because this is when my body needs the extra love... when it’s cold and during weather changes ... #whereisthewarmbeach?) 🤷🏼‍♀️❤️ . 1. Follow @naturaculina 2. Comment how you have practiced health and self-love this past holiday weekend 3. Tag a friend TWO rad winners will be announced Monday evening, one from each of our pages. You will getchyaaaa some of my Coconut + Rosemary oil #Carococo delivered right to your doorstep(s). . I am SO PROUD of this creative journey with Natura Culina. It has turned a fun “passion” project into ... MORE of a concrete, awesomely creative adventure. 😘 . #sunday #carococo #powerofplants #skincare #natural #entrepreneur #selflove
Apprenties illustratrices bourrées de talent ! À voir en décembre ! #atelierillustration #carococo #noel
I️ love seeing my NC babes glowing! Fresh face beauty Emily @iamemilynolan ❤️ Emily is using Chamomile skincare set and her skin never been better and I️ love it! Carococo is another NC obsession what Emily talks about a lot... #carococo is #antiinflammatory body moisturizer and it is #musthave for every athlete and active lifestyle babe. BTW we are getting more and more dudes getting hooked on NC goodness! SO awesome! Cheers to Monday 😘xoLenka #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #TeamNC
|Body| . And this is how I do it before bed 🙋 *after my evening shower I apply #Carococo all over my bod A) I want all the #antiinflammatory fighters in my system to fight inflammation in my body while I sleep (my daily aches and pains) ... B) After Carococo I apply Lavender Shea Butter all over especially during this cold and skin drying season. I want all the extra moisture from Shea on my skin thru the night...C) when in bed I use Cayenne Aid on my neck, shoulders, knees and ankle ...all the places that are sore or tense that day and lastly I rub couple of drops of cayenne on my chest and rub it in. I love breathing in the relaxing aroma of eucalyptus menthol and rosemary. That’s my winter bedtime ritual. Makes me feel cozy and loved 🙏 If you have a bedtime ritual please share below I love to get inspired 😘xoLenka #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen
| I have truly discovered the best beauty brand | • • • ladies, check out the blog ↠link in bio↞ for some great hair, skin, and nails hacks as well as a product review of these 3 beauties {they are all natural i might add}
Ohhhhh I'm so excited to try these they smell so amazing! Thank you @naturaculina for the #prize from the #giveaway. I will enjoy these immensely. @caroburckle #carococo @the_southern_yogi #roseberry Thank you ladies beautiful items! All the best wished for your success! ❤️🎉😘👏🐞 #beautygiveaway #beauty #skincare
#rawr 🦁😂🤙🏼 . REAL TALK: I got my creative juices flowing this year and collaborated on an all-in-one skin, hair & body product with @naturaculina - #Carococo (Raw, organic unrefined Coconut Oil blended with Rosemary Oil). It is my pride and joy...my everything 🤓🤗. I have used oils for as long as I can remember, as I’ve never been super keen on thick body creams or heavy hair conditioners. I’m proud to say that this coco-love is a SIMPLE solution to hydrate all the things. Keep playing with the #goodstuff, my friends. . If you want to learn more/uses/routines for Carococo, DM me or @naturaculina 🙋🏼 . #monday #powerofplants #skincare #natural #body #athletes #coconutoil #rosemary #chipmunkvoice #messyhairdontcare #gimme #passionproject #creative
Ke beiezas. #carococo
|BODY| . Several of you asked me if it is ok to add #Carococo to your bath. YAAASSSS.... absolutely! Soak in it my NC babes. Carococo is a #antiinflammatory multitasker 💪 it hydrates the skin and fights inflammation in our bodies from the outside in. Do it soak in it. 1tbs of Carococo 1-2droppers of Cayenne Aid chill... soak... recover... renew 🙌 P.S. Be careful when getting out of your bath! DON'T SLIP!🙈 #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #takeabath
It's 8 o' clock on a Friday night. Do you know how your skin is doing? Mine is feeling clean and so so soft after playing with these @naturaculina products. ✨ Holy moly! I've used perhaps more than my fair share of face cleansers and oils and masks, but I've never seen anything work as fast as this, let me tell you. I'm so happy that I stopped dragging my feet on trying these out because I think I finally found MY STUFF. 💆🏻🙌🏻💕 - - - - #naturaculina #naturaculinaskincare #plantbased #skincare #powerofplants #gogreen #nontoxic #facemask #treatyourskin #roseberry #carococo
Age: 39 (owning it) Favorite things: beach 🏖, swimming in the ocean🏊🏼‍♀️, yoga, traveling✈️, coffee ☕️ Learning: to take care of myself the older I get (using these two things every single day) * * * @naturaculina's #carococo Was created by my AHHHMAZING friend @caroburckle- coconut oil infused with rosemary to reduce inflammation and cortisol/stress BAM! And #cayenneaid- my migraine and muscle ache go to! * Check out naturaculina.com to buy and use code "kristy" for free shipping on $55+ * #ageisjustanumber #gogreen #naturaculina #teachersofinstagram #openwater #selfcare #coconutoil
Boom 💥 #TeamNC #WCW . AND #carococo just got stinking hot via my NC babe @ebeisel34 🔥 . All my athletes NC babes love and use Carococo on their bods! Reduce inflammation/pain/soreness and moisturize your skin 💪 . HOT TAMALES BEIS! I love this 😘xoLenka @caroburckle #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #antiinflammatory #recovery
The BEST after sweat duo. 💦👊🏻 1. Carococo- is a wonderful natural body moisturizer infused with anti- inflammatory rosemary oil. Also wonderful for hair as the ingredients stimulate hair growth (all new Mamas out there take note)! ;) We all could use our hair back. HA! 2. Cayenne Aid- is an amazing all natural, anti inflammatory topical pain reliever. For all those sore muscles, joints and headaches/migraines this is a life saver! Treat yourself with these products and more at @naturaculina. Use CODE: MHYRIA at checkout for $10 off your purchase.
M E L O M A N E #carococo #artprint
Might have a small obsession with this new skincare line! I’m loving how my face feels and my body being moisturized with the #carococo . Last night I tried the new Rose’Berry mask and loved the feeling! Woke up with a warm soft face. My favorite part about this line is how natural and locally made everything is! You can recognize all the ingredients unlike all other skincare products. #Rose’Berry #naturaculina #nc #chamomile #natutral #madelocally #outwiththeold #inwiththenew
So happy to come home and see this package waiting for me! @naturaculina this is my first ever order from you but I am sure you have me as a future life long customer! Thank you so much for the two samples! It's like you knew I was eyeing those! Thank you @the_southern_yogi for sharing on your page! #skincare #skincareroutine #organicskincare #plantpower #plantsaremagical #lavenderface #roseberry #carococo
CAROCOCO USE #2 HAIR PLAY. ____________ Who doesn’t take great pride in their mane? It is our personal trademark. Moisturize it AND stimulate hair growth with Carococo!!! Rosemary oil stimulates blood circulation, which then stimulates the scalp when rubbed/massages in. And let’s be real, coconut oil provides essential moisture to your tresses. Here’s how I treat my chlorinated and salt-water ridden locks: 1. Apply a quarter size to SCALP and massage it in. This helps circulation! 2. Get a dime size and rub it all over, combing through hair with fingers. 3. Twist, topknot, bobby pin it up... and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. (Yes, you can sleep in it overnight, but be sure to thoroughly wash it in the morning.) Remember, it WILL come out with regular shampooing! Recommendation? Do this 1x per week. Going to the pool or beach? DEFINITELY put some in and topknot it UP! (Dudes- this works for YOU, too!) @caroburckle #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #carococo #forhair
CAROCOCO USE #1: DRENCH YOUR SKIN. _____________________ I have this crazy obsession with Coconut oil. I take it both internally (From @wholefoods) and treat my body with it externally (with #carococo). It prevents moisture loss due to the high content of saturated fats that deposit underneath the top layer of the skin. It is SUPER high in vitamin E, which minimizes the appearance of my scars (from epic trail runs and box-jump-crash shenanigans from workouts) 😂. The coconut oil is paired with ROSEMARY OIL, which is so fresh and crisp smelling (suitable for all genders!). Rosemary improves circulation ... which helps with overall skin appearance and rejuvenation. @caroburckle #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #antiinflammatory #recovery
Haiiii friends! 👋🏼 As you know, humans are hard-wired for connection ( @brenebrown), and connecting is SHARING. Recently, I’ve realized I post my happenings on here without any true context of myself. I’ll give ya the brief 🤙🏼 . I am a Kentucky/California mutt by birth. I have been a water creature through and through, and feel the most comfortable in a swimsuit with wet hair. It became my favorite craft and allowed me to travel to many countries, achieve my highest goals of NCAA/Worlds/Olympics, and create beautiful friendships. I grew up around boys, and have two phenomenal brothers that are my entire world and (literally) my bodyguards. 😂 They taught me how to hold my own, throw around a barbell, and have #nofilter. I appreciate harsh feedback just as much as I crave all the hugs and kisses 😘 I am a true lover and giver. I am learning how to receive and allow. I carry a handful of superstitions in my back pocket, and am as competitive and stubborn as they come. I rarely get angry, but when I do, it doesn’t last long. Admittedly, laughter has a way of being both dopamine to my body and a coping mechanism for discomfort. I have both a Psych and Product Development/Art Degree (🤓), and yet I hate wearing patterns and am a true minimalist. I think so abstractly that it often confuses me. I am equally as social as I am internal. I draw, sketch, get lost on trails and play in my own imagination in my spare time. I could entertain myself with a fidget spinner in an empty room with for hours on end. My animal goals are a Rhodesian, a mini-pig and a baby giraffe (because that’s logical). I have a fascination with international adoption and I have previously sponsored children from Haiti = 100% rewarding. In my past, I’ve had my heart broken & gone through counseling for post-athletic depression. It changed my life & rocked my world. NOW, @rebsoni & I have created an Olympian-to-Youth Athlete mentoring platform ( @theriselife), I have my own #Carococo product w/ @naturaculina, and run the Ambassador Program. I broke my heel in May and got Septic Knee in September, and both turned out to be the most positive signs I could’ve been given. ✌🏼out for now. #myfingershurt
I'm pround to have in my page the smile of an Olympic Medalist Follow her @caroburckle @Regrann from @caroburckle - Know when to chill. That's all. 😉 . #thursday #workingonit #restday #carococo #naturaculina #allover #restingbeachface #smile #swimming #fit #fitness #happiness #instabeauty #instamood #igbestbodies #olympics
Drumroll please 🎉🎉🎉 #carococo is celebrating 6month anniversary....WOW!!! ... congrats Caro @caroburckle 🍾 there want be Carococo without you girl!! I love you 😘xoLenka #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #happyanniversary #🍾
Holiday weekend story via my babe @caroburckle .... 1. Long swim in the ocean 🌊 cuz Caro is a mermaid we know that 💪 2. Post workout skin hydration and recovery treatment. #carococo all over your bods and Cayenne on your sore muscles and joints. Rub it in ladies👊 SUM UP: #selfcare #weekend I love it!! Thanks for sharing Caro 😘xoLenka #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #yourstory
Tonight's yoga brought to you by hollow backs and @naturaculina #carococo. I took an actual bath in that stuff tonight because this body is tired. Self care is unfortunately not a priority in this world. The busier you are, the better your life is (right?!). Busy is great--it keeps us learning and growing and discovering. But if the busy isn't balanced with self-care, eventually we self-destruct. This is a concept I am grasping now more than ever. In the craziness that is teaching and working and being a graduate student and puppy mom and partner and friend, there is a component of selfishness. That's what this yoga is all about. If we never fill ourselves back up, after giving fully, how can we give anymore? You are better when you give yourself care. Here is your permission--go do it! Take a bath, read a good book, eat the damn cake, buy the new clothes, meditate!! Imagine how you would treat the person you love most in the world...now, treat yourself that way, too. You are the most important person in your life. Look in the mirror, give yourself some love, and be selfish, so that you can be selfless later on. "Be gentle with yourself, you are a child of the universe." #tays30days
TREATING HERSELF FOR HER BIRTHDAY!🎉🎁🎊 Happy Bday to this stud NC Ambassador... we love you Beis!! @ebeisel34 CAROCOCO GIVEAWAY... yaaasss Let's follow in Beis steps and let's put #carococo all over our bods 🤗 Send me fun boomerang videos of Carococo and you! The best ones will be shared and one of you will receive FREE Carococo treat YUM!! And .... ACTION 🎬 Can't wait to watch 😘xoLenka #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #happybirthday #giveaway
Faire le ménage et tomber sur nos fastres de singes à lunettes agencées 🍌🐒🐒 #marieyolo #carococo #tbvacay
Swipe to see my #boomerang fail.... 👉🏼😂 #turnedintoslowmo . . . #Carococo made her debut as a magazine product model! So grateful for this opportunity to have a "skincare product for athletes" collaboration with @naturaculina featured in @myalivesocial! Check it out- on stands @wholefoods @lassens or your nearest natural grocer 💥 💪🏼 . . Thanks to @brendanbrazier for making this happen, and also scope my fellow #athlete chicks @rebsoni @madifastpants in this issue! 🏄🏽‍♀️
Recovery Review 👵🏼 It’s been a month since surgery. I haven’t done much in that time. I did some reading, did some coloring, did some sunbathing, took some naps, hopped on some crutches, rode some scooters around some stores, and streamed some videos via Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. So. Many. Episodes. . . This surgery was just a labral repair. The new doctor had to remove the 2 existing anchors, replace those with new ones, and then had to add 2 additional anchors because the tear had grown since the last surgery. I’m very happy with my current doctor though and have appreciated his cautious approach on recovery. . . These things have helped me so far: -The @gamereadyofficial was AMAZING. I had little to no swelling right after surgery and it decreased my pain level. I highly recommend using this device to recover after a surgery or injury. -I've been drinking @lifeaidbevco products daily. Yeah, @fitaid is not an only child! I’ve been drinking that along with @lifeaid and @travelaid. 😋 -I've been using #carococo on my dehydrated summer skin and @naturaculina Cayenne Aid for my sore hip! Both feel wonderful 🤗. -I have been relying on @mypowerdot to help keep my muscles awake since I can't workout. Plus, the massage setting feels heavenly on my injured leg 😇. . . This is not how I imagined spending my summer. I also haven’t been feeling quite like myself. As an active person and someone involved in the fitness industry, being so stationary is HARD. I wouldn’t call myself a “control freak”, but I’ll admit that I have some control freak tendencies. So I have been struggling with some things that I have no control over; e.g. having to have a repeat surgery, being immobile and watching my body change, etc. I know it's a process and I need to trust the process, but anxiety levels are rising! 🙈 Bring on month 2! . . I have to thank my family for being my own personal nurse squad and chauffeurs. #crutchlife is really hard! I wouldn't have been able to do it without them. Also, thank you for all of the messages!! Reading those really really make me smile ☺️. PS I’m also very appreciative of those that I have been bitching too. You know who you are 😘. #laracrofthipbrace
Mlle K dans sa trouvaille de l'après-midi - un cahier de coloriage "made in charlevoix" par carococo. Il est tellement beau c'est hallucinant!!!! #carococo #onaimecharlevoix #vacancesenfamille #vacancesauchalet
Get your #antiinflammatory in your system ladies #facts💯 1. #carococo multipurpose 👊 moisturize your body after each shower or bath. Coat your hair, wet or dry before day at the beach or let it sit overnight and wash it out in the morning. 2. Cayenne Aid #recovery topical treatment oil. #naturalremedy for headaches, migraines, sore muscles, sore joins #lifesaver 3. Eucalyptus Loofah Soap 🌿 keep skin smooth! 😘xoLenka #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #dailyessentials
#antiinflammatory #carococo is awesome for body massage and that's how my girl Morgan @the_southern_yogi and Keoni @keoniology take care of each other's physical pains 🙏 Love it! ❤️ #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #recovery
#ivegotalovelybunchofcoconuts #deedlydee .... It is #98degrees in SoCal and I'm STILL loving the feeling of #carococo and #cayenneaid. Stick it in the fridge for a few minutes and serve it up to your muscles for the ultimate cooling treat. Dare ya. 👍🏼✌🏼🥒 #coolasacucumber @naturaculina
BREAKING NEWS my NC babes! New use of #carococo @caroburckle from my girl Kristy @kristykowal Bye bye razor burns yaaassss 👏👊👏 #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #razorburn
When your insta story has a plot twist 🙊 🌿🌺🌿🌸🌿🌺🌿🌸🌿🌺🌿🌸🌿🌺🌿🌸🌿🌺 #powerofplants #naturaculina #carococo #imnotdoneyet #cheekyaf @naturaculina @caroburckle
Drumroll please 🎉 winning video from Caroline's @caroburckle earlier giveaway today! YAY! Congrats Dakota @dakotadaniellegreen you will be pampered 🤗xoLenka #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #andthewinneris #carococo
ATTENTION!! 🤙🏼 YOU can win a FREE #carococo AND #cayenneaid !! Easy rules: 1. Follow @caroburckle and OBVI, @naturaculina 2. DM @caroburckle a SHORT video clip/ testimonial of how you use both of these products and what the biggest benefits are that you've noticed by using them. Please have the product with you in video! 3. PLEASE SEND by 12 noon PDT / 3 pm EST TODAY. (That is 2 hours from now!!!) 4. The winner will be featured on @naturaculina 's IG. (And everyone that submits it is subject to be featured in future posts as well). I ( @caroburckle) will choose and announce the winner in 2 hours. READY GO!!! 💯 #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #giveaway
#TeamNC Ambassador #WCW we are featuring #NCAmbassador every Wednesday for the next two months. This weeks #highlight is Caroline Burckle @caroburckle . . . " I want nothing more then to swim in the ocean and run in the mountains. I laugh at myself daily and can pretty much entertain myself anywhere, anytime. Occasionally I like to bathe in this thing called #carococo and pretend I have Gisele's hair. #YOLO " #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen
Morning swim, 💪🏼. Shower, 🤙🏼. Hangin' with my succulents, 👌🏼. Hustling on my MacBook, @theriselife 'ing, ✍🏼Gushing about the benefits of #carococo for athletes on @naturaculina 's IG Live this morning, 🙌🏼. #emoji #cantstop #tuesday #training #recovery #workflow #wintheday
Makes me super happy to see you getting your NC goodness...image from @kristawilp ❤️ I'm glad to see you combine #carococo and Cayenne Aid to treat your soreness and pain. Carococo is everyday #antinflammatory body moisturizer to hydrate your skin and to get your anti-inflammatory/pain fighters into your system. Great after each workout all over your bods 💪 Cayenne Aid is a target treatment 🎯 for sore muscles, joins, tendinitis, migraines, headaches etc. Phenomenal recovery treatment oil for all #athletes and everyday pains and aches. P.S. Caroline @caroburckle will be live here this morning and she will be bragging about her awesome Carococo product. How to use it, what is does...answering all your Qs. Stay tuned xoLenka #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #yourstory
Domesticating with Caroline @caroburckle no it's not #carococo on her face, it's Botanical mask that is effective to use periodically on oily skin to prevent breakouts. Ones every couple of weeks to reduce excess oils and prevent blemishes 😘xoLenka #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #domesticating
I won't let music copyright laws get in between me and my Simba moment with my #carococo. Use your imagination... #circleoflife 🦁💪🏼 #simba #lionhair #disney #workout then #recover #carococo @naturaculina 🎥 @thesunshinedoodle
#quicknote Jessi and Jenisse will be live at 2pm PDT tune in! If you have any Qs you would like them to answer, comment below 😘xoLenka #naturaculina #powerofplants #gogreen #carococo