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Away for work and woke up to this pretty view. Taking a minute to enjoy the silence and the snow before I start panicking about whether the trains will be running tonight and if I'll get home 😂🤷🏻❄🤞
Own your life! Everyone is born with the potential for greatness. What happens next is up to you. You get to choose which path you take, how high you set the bar for yourself, and how hard you’re willing to work to clear it. You get to decide how to spend your time, who to spend it with, and what you’re willing to forgo when time runs short. Every choice that you make and every action that you take has consequences, but who better to decide what’s best for you - than you. It’s your life to live! Own it! ✨🙌
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Selfie in the selfie capital, Beirut! I just came back to Beirut after 4 months away. I realised I was walking around treating it like I would Barcelona - I’d brought that European feeling of safety with me. There are so many things to be grateful for living in the West, that we usually take for granted. Personal safety is a massive one. We just don’t have a threat to our existence on a daily, minute by minute basis in the way others in other countries have to endure. Of course, our human brain always wants to take care of us. In the absence of sabretooth tigers and invading armies, we find other stuff to worry about… It’s amazing to get some perspective sometimes. By seeing how many billions of other people live, you realise just how safe and sheltered and protected you are. Unless it’s a matter of ACTUAL life or death, I’ve decided to drop all worry 😊 What about you?
Because that, in and of itself, changes everything. #youareenough . If you know this, truly know this, no one else’s opinion of you or your work will matter. You will know you are enough simply because you are enough.
Идеальная сумка, потому что она еще и рюкзак!⠀ Новая любовь ❤️👜⠀ Много цветов в наличии!⠀ 7990р, натуральная кожа. Размер 30 на 18 см, 7 см дно, малышка 😍⠀
{Anthro 😍} If I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life it would 💯 be @anthropologie. Loving this one-sleeved beauty.
{Letters} I love this time of year because the writer in me gets to indulge herself & send handwritten letters to all those I care about. Who are you writing letters to this holiday season?
{3 Days} I can't help but smile when there's only 3 days between me and my holiday break ❤️
Just a little elf-on-the-shelf surgery goin’ on😂 #elfontheshelf #fitsciencemom #momlife
Hmmmm.... maybe I should go back to the longer hair?? 🤔 #physicianassistant #careergirl #palife #strokesurvivor #longhair #shorthair
In order to get ready, you'll have to do some type of work. You don't just go from not ready to ready. You'll have to take on experiences to build up your value. If you wait till you're ready, then that opportunity will pass you by.
How's your Monday been? Got through your 'to-do' list? Are you feeling pumped up and excited, or worn down? Just remember that no matter how your day turned out, end it with a positive thought, let there be no excuses, no explanations and no regrets. Know tomorrow is another chance to make things right! 💕
We’ve certainly decked the halls at our NY HQ! Have you decorated for the holidays? P.s. Check out the view in pic 2 & 3! #24sevenviews
Are you thinking about a job change in the new year? Many companies start hiring in the early part of the year so it is a prime time to look for a new job. Set yourself up for success by being prepared. We have four steps that you can start working on now to help you land your dream job next year. Check out the blog today (link in profile ⬆️). . . . . . #napwnetworking #careergoals #jobsearch #dreamjob #getherhired #professionalwomen #resume #linkedin #networking #findyourdreamjob #jobhunting #career #careerpath #careergirl #careerwoman
To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. #motivationmonday #quoteoftheday
Drunk in love with fashion expression. December 11th 2017
Only three Tuesday’s left for the year 💫 And two more Tuesdays until it’s holidays for me 🏝 Enjoy your Tuesday.
TEA LADY ++ just a tiny bit excited to have our Christmas morning tea today! Kind of reminiscing on the days when there was a tea lady who came around twice a day with lovely fresh baked treats. Oh how law firms have changed!!! 📸 @Pinterest ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... #careergirlinspo #careerinspo #classycareergirl #careergirl #careergirls #businesswoman #powerwoman #morningtea #tealady #morningtreats
B A C K T O W O R K - Neue Woche, neues Glück? Was mich angeht, hätte das Wochenende auch noch ein bisschen länger gehen können. Wem geht es noch so? Seid ihr auch im vorweihnachtlichen Stress, oder geht es bei euch schon sehr besinnlich zu? 🎅 ll 📷 by @amelieuma ll #twentysomethingworks
My other dream job is to be a barista and make beautiful art like this one! Just you watch, one day I’m going to be working part time at a cafe (when I regain back my weekends). #dreamjob regram: @thecoffeenatics
Hats off to you, for getting through Monday! 👒👗💃 . Those of you who have been following my Insta stories will know of our UAE road trip and the travels that followed.. it's Monday, I'm back at work but my feed is so behind it's frustrating me that I haven't made the time to post. However instead of being annoyed I am going to embrace the successes of the day and I hope you all do too.. well done on surviving one of the last Mondays of the year 😘 . . . . . . . . . . . #hatsofinstagram #floralmaxidress #beachdays #busybusybusy #travelblogger #travelgram #mondaymotivation #hatsoff #celebrateyoursuccesses #thebestisyettocome #windinmyhair #behappy #beyou #myuae #holidaystyle #exploretheworld #bethebestyou #mondaysbelike #canilivehere #londonblogger #careergirl #businesswomen #meetingsallday #slowmotionvideo #strawhat #december2017 #beachbeachbeach #workworkwork #dametraveller #womenwhoexplore
Monday morning! All you folks out there! Let beauty begin!!!! From www.joyauxsade.com #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlifestyle #careergirl #femaleentrepreneur #femalemotivation #fashiondesigner #fashionblogger #fashionmodel #modestodesigner #modesto fashion designer
Fabulous meeting today with the best selling author of Kiss The Rebel, Phil Bedford @rebelnetworker __ Over the course of his career, Phil has taught many people how to grow their business through network or word-of-mouth marketing. __ Phil believes that you don't need to spend a fortune building a business. Rather, by leveraging the right relationships you can construct a sustainable business to build a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 💕 __ #dealsinhighheels #alwayslearning #networkmarketing __ #dubai #mydubai #networking #dubainetworking #author #bestseller #personalbrand #dubaientrepreneur #dubaistartup #personalbranding #book #workhard #careergirl #careeradvice #ceo #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife
My to-do list for today and the rest of the week feels daunting and overwhelming. So I’m just gonna take a deep breath, make my list. Line up my priorities, roll up my sleeves and get to it. Happy Monday everyone! #mondaymotivation #fitsciencemom #yougotthis #workinghard
On #Mondays we have our weekly #vpr meeting. Thankfully we're having our meeting virtually today. Hoping that our fellow New Yorkers stay safe today!
Current mood. 💖🦄✨
Another way we enjoy consuming content at Glam Observer is through newsletters. Rather than going on each site to look for what we want to read, we let the content come to us. Today we listed our favorite newsletters ever! Visit glamobserver.com . Per restare aggiornate su ciò che sta accadendo nel mondo della moda, invece di visitare ogni giorno i nostri siti preferiti ci piace la comodità di ricevere una mail con le notizie del giorno. Oggi su glamobserver.com abbiamo fatto l’elenco delle nostre newsletter preferite e alle quali vi consigliamo di iscrivervi 🤗 . . . . . . . . #newsletter #fashion #fashionindustry #fashioncareer #glamobserver #iphone #streetstyle #picoftheday #fashionbusiness #careergirl #donnaincarriera
Sinatra said “I’m for whatever gets you through the night.” Me? I’m for whatever gets you through Monday. If today calls for a venti gingerbread latte with double whipped cream and four shots of espresso, you do you hot stuff. 😽 Here’s to hoping your morning is calm, but caffeinated. ☕️ #xoxo . Follow @thegrownupguide for more Monday morning motivation.
Oh, the weather outside is weather❄️
One of my favorite gifts I’ve given to myself is the @knomolondon iPad clutch ⭐️ It’s the perfect on the go office you’ll need in your life & it can hold (an older) version of the iPad Pro ⭐️ Need inspiration for the perfect gift for your entrepreneurial female friend or family member? Check out my Insta Stories with five perfect gifts to support your friend! #FGcreative
"Fitting in is not belonging." 💗 - Brene Brown. 👇🏻Tag a career / biz bestie below who has actively encouraged you to chase your dreams (even if it meant breaking the mould 😉)! #grateful #careergirlcollab
Night at the museum. Spectacular venue for the British Council Services in International Education Marketing Dinner last week. 🥂 There’s nothing like a traditional Scottish Ceilidh dance to let your hair down after a long day at a conference. 🕺🏼🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #Glasgow #siem2017 #britishcouncil #scotland
Pro tip: When you’re working on an assignment for a client, repurpose that information to get multiple assignments out of it. Get extra photos to use for your own social media pages, use information you’ve gathered to write 2-3 blog posts or articles instead of just one. Use the work you’re doing for others to your advantage. ✌🏻
I think I'm officially in festive mode, although my desk says otherwise. 😕 On the blog today, I share a bit about the work I do; and hope you'll find it interesting. Let me know what you think. 💕 #trustspecialist #womeninfiduciary
2 weeks until Christmas 😍🎄
Going to get the tree with Dad is one of my favourite Christmas traditions! 🎄
What my morning would look like if I actually woke up earlier 😂 This is more what the last hour looked like after I just woke up #FGcreative
Starting every week w/ Drake⚡️⚡️ 📸 @y7studio
She is deliberate and afraid of nothing! 😎 __ You thought we were done with the Glowdess cape 😃 but this functional piece is back to spice up your Monday! This sleeveless cape is gorgeous paired with dresses for work.🔥 . __ Available in Black from sizes S to XXL .  __ Cape: @dresswearhouselagos Hair: @bimzhair Jewelry: @itorookon .  __ Confident | Classy | Relatable .  __  To shop, call/whatsapp +2348087602199 or send a DM.