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→1122 江ノ島散策のあとはお買い物へ👛 . なにも気に入るものなくて私は収穫ゼロだったのに、大輔くんのほうは大収穫祭だった🍇🌰🍁 帰りまさかの両手にショップバッグ持ちきれなくなってて車から出るの大変そうだった(笑) . 私の好みに合わせて自分が着るお洋服選んでたらしくそれを知ってすごい…なんかすごいな…っておもいました😂(語彙力) . 夜はショッピングモールの外のイルミネーションが綺麗だったのでカメラ取ってきて遊んでました🤗 土砂降りだったけど水たまりに反射した光が綺麗に写ったから良かったかな🤗☔ . #イルミネーション #canoncamera #canoneosm100 #canoneos7dmark2
Have an awesome weekend everyone! Here’s a little something from today’s sunset here in the. @cityofballarat . @canonaustralia @benro_australia
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The ruins of the ancient city of Salamis located on the eastern coast of Cyprus. The city dates to the Bronze Age from around the 11th century B.C. Over the centuries Salamis has been under the control of many empires including the Asyrians, Greeks, Romans, and Turks. During the Roman empire Salamis was the largest city on the island of Cyprus and there are an extensive amount of ruins from this period remaining. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Currently Salamis is located within Northern Cyprus a largely unrecognized country formed after the invasion by Turkey in 1974. After the conflict Turkey controlled 40% of the island and large numbers of Cypriot refugees were expelled. Cyprus remains a frozen conflict and a militarily occupied part of the European Union. - Gazimağusa, Northern Cyprus