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Weekends go to fast😩😢 I've had so much fun with this little sass, I hate working 5 days a week, sometimes I wish I worked weekends and had a week off🤦🏽‍♀️until next weekend Dakota💜
Weird/hilarious parking lot hangs. Thanks for the candid, cait. This is what life is about. #lifeisgreat #candidkids #parkinglots #loveyourself
What is your definition of humanity?
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Her favorite game is hide and seek. This age can be hard, but it sure is fun! Some of my favorite sayings of hers lately include. " I love you, cuz I love ya". What's he's name." Shh the dinosaurs coming or the cougars sleeping. When she wants me to be quiet 😂 " and she's asks anyone she finds interesting; whats your name. Or what's your favorite color. Oh my wild child.
The way you run and giggle on the beach makes me want to never leave. To close my eyes and replay it over and over again. The sound gone the moment I blink. I hope I always remember to be still and enjoy little moments with you Lorelai. #forevermylove
They change so fast! Capture your child as they are now, so you can look back and cherish the moment later. Don't forget we're doing school photos at PMP on Tuesday!! #darkroombabies #darkroomjunkiephotography⠀
"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms." 🌸🌼🌺 . Zen shin . #hellofall #mums #happyfallyall
SUNDAY FUNNNDAY and we are ALL OVER - Palm Beach County (running errands) because #momlife 🚗 We started @mygymboyntonbeach so that Madi could get jiggy wit it 💃 . . Then, we hit the road and haven't slowed down since 👨‍👩‍👧🚘 Among other things, we stopped by #publix because #publixsubs are 💯& Gods gift to the sub 🌎🤞🏻 . . Afterwards, we popped into the American German Club to see what's cracking since #Oktoberfest is around the corner and this mama likes to act German at least 1 day out of the year ☝🏻👉🏻🍻 @oktoberfestpalmbeaches 😜 . . Next & FINAL stop @downtownatthegardens for #nutella filled #crepes @_parisintown and shopping. We love @hibiscus_beach_kids 👙and @urbanoutfitters & @downtownatthegardens is a one-stop shop kinda place, perfect for moms like me. . Had to snap a picture 📸of #mygirlmadi - my bundle of exhaustion. She's been such a little trooper today! ❤️ Happy Sunday, Friends! 😃 ________________________________________ #palmbeachcounty #mynameismama #livethelittlethings #littleandbrave #kidsforreal #pixel_kids #candidkids #kindredmemories #palmbeachkids #unitedinmotherhood #ohheymama #takemyheartdear #cameramama #dearphotographer #childofig #kidsfashion #mydaughter #girlsworld #children_in_gram #umh_kids #nofilterneeded #ad
So this one had a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon waking up at 5pm so took her on a night time walk with @samogrady98 & poppy 🐶 Dakota has never ran so much in her life😂all bathed and having a snack before she goes back home😩 I hate when weekends come to an end..a full week in work before we get to spend some more time together 💜💜