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💦 Helmcken Falls - Wells Gray Provincial Park. Morgen richting Jasper!
I was a little unsure if I should put this one up or not, just too many puddle reflections 🤦‍♂️and also I wasn't sure if people would notice that this was taken on the same day that Assiniboine Park walking bridge shot was haha _ But I figured, whatever 🤷‍♂️ it's a good way to show that in the same area you can get a few decent shots if the environment presents itself like it did that evening. There isn't a whole lot else to learn from this one other than one small detail here, which is very insignificant and probably wouldn't otherwise be noticed... but when I'm shooting I'm trying to look for every little thing. _ The one detail in this shot was I put my shutter on continuous and took 12-16 shots and picked out the one shot that the Canadian flag was as horizontal as possible within the rainbow. Is that crazy?... I donno 🇨🇦 have a good weekend y'all!
A seat at the table @praytellbar ! DATmoda.com 👌🏽📸👌🏽 @mtshll
بچه پررو
Великолепных выходных Други!😋☀️👍🏼 Have a nice weekend 👌🏼 #like #life #sun #weekend #canadaweekend #canadianwine #tasty #fall #inlove #follow #yourdreams #canada #canadagram #canadaman #best #cool #canadalife🇨🇦
Catching the tail end of summer vibes before my favourite season really starts ❤🌾🌞 #landscape #discoveron #yourstodiscover #sunset #canadagram #huffpostcanada
Happy first day of fall 😍🍂Soo beautiful out here in Ontario 🍁 Photo: @trustintimber
Staghorn Sumac / Rhus typhina Native to eastern North America. In late summer, this plant's foilage turns a crimson red as well as it's fruit (seen in this photograph) that matures into bright red, conical clusters. The bark, leaves and fruit are all rich with tannin and were used to tan hides. The leaves and fruit were used to make ink. Native Americans made a drink from the fruit that is very high in vitamin C and they dried the leaves and smoked it mix with tobacco.
I must admit... This is really cheesy to say but... I'm lucky to have him in my life. I mean, I don't even think I can marry me. 😂 HA! but seriously, he's my ROCK. #explorePEI
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Fall hiking blog is live!!! 🍁🍂🍃 Check out the link in our bio for ideas of where to hike this weekend!! . #hikekamloops #explorekamloops
Scoping lines and larchin with @raybrrrrr . We're a multi-sport kind of gals. 🍦💁🏼 ------ #mountaincultureelevated #canadianrockies #larchin