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Where would you want to be today?
10:10 πŸ“Έ @dennynih πŸ‘š @snackingchoices
High desert.
Even though it hasn’t been much, it was nice to see (light) rain return to San Francisco earlier this evening. It was just enough to see umbrellas out again, and clean out the air. As it fell, it reminded me of what Tahoe smells like in the Winter - hopefully a sign of a wet winter ahead! Happy Thursday! 😁 _____________
Dodger Stadium I have a date with you on Tuesday. Don’t leave me hanging. #thisteam
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It's funny how the sky looked like this about a week ago, but this was taken in 2011 #fiestafilm #35mm
✨✨|| Coming from an events/experiential background, finding the perfect venue has always been a favorite task of mine. Got a few more to check out this weekend, can’t wait to share what we find! #JonnyFoundAJem
More from Fright Night, a few years back. @robbarberyphotography #fresnophotographer
@skyflyguy flexin'