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What's better than sitting back to be more observant? Reminiscing about it with others later! Photography helps but friends are better. We’re thankful for the simple things, the never ending journey, and the family we’ve made along the way. Oh by the way, TwoGuysGoodBuys turns 4 today. Thankful is an understatement. 📸: @lounge_living
Happy Thanksgiving from Preston & James! Obsessed with our Cosmo silk vintage shirt... you can be too once you snatch it up! Holiday sale starts tomorrow... support and shop small businesses. #prestonandjames #fallvintagefinds #shopsmallbusiness #mensclothing #womensclothing @milo_freshh
Our Thanksgiving dance floor has a spectacular view! 🍁🦃💃🏻🎶🍷🍂
The #rvlife & #travelnurselife mix nicely, but lately has been too much #citylife & not enough #boondocking. But if you have to leave the desert/mountains for a bit, may I suggest a #sanfranciscotrip? I love the Lefty O'Doul bridge, as it was in a #dirtyharry movie, maybe two. And you don't have to like the Giants, but admit #attpark is pretty cool.
I've been working on headstands away from the wall😍🤸🏻‍♀️ it's the best in the middle of a field. OH & GO COWBOYS💙📢🗯🏈 #yogajourney #yoga #yogi #yogafun #yogapose #yogalife #yogaaddict #yogaholic #yogavibes #yogaislife #yogisoul #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeveryday #alfalfa #agriculture #California #californiavibes #farming #yogilife #yogalove
Thankful for the classics.🍁🍂🦃 #HappyThanksgiving #Vans #SlipOns #ItsAVibe #CaliforniaVibes #California
Happy thanksgiving 🍁 Always be grateful for the small things and everything in between ❤️
Happy birthday to this amazing babe, happy birthday to you puppy!!! I’m just so happy for you and so proud of everything you’ve been achieving this year (especially) because girl, this year you just surprised me and you changed a lot. No matter what you do i’ll be here forever to support you. I’ve been learning a lot with you and you noticed me twice this year and i felt so happy and thankful . My love for you is always growing a little more every single day. I wish i could be with you today and give you a hug and tell you all the things i wanted, but unfortunately i can’t. I hope you have had an amazing day because you girl deserve everything and i wish i could meet you someday!!! There are a lot of things i want to tell you, the reason i started following you, the reason why i love you so so much!!!! Shit i love you Alexis Ren!!!! I want you to be the amazing person you are and never forget that you have a lot of people that cares about you and worries about you. You’re such an inspiration for me, a role model. 21 years, be happy 🍰💗 (((Please tag @alexisren)))
Happy thanksgiving, ya’ll! . Den krocana 🦃. Od doby, co jsem se odstěhovala z východu USA nějak tady na západě postrádám tu správnou atmosféru. Byla jsem zvyklá Den díkůvzdání slavit navlečená ve svetru a tlustejch ponožkách a tady se potím v letních šatech. Aspoň to jídlo je pořád stejný! 😄