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We are having our Community Dinner on Monday Sept 25!! 🍽 ... Have you ever been curious about chiropractic and would like to learn more information? Come to dinner! Dr. Jeff will answer all your questions and explain exactly how corrective chiropractic works! ... Call 403-257-7913 or email info @drjeff.ca to reserve your seat! ... P.s. You don't have to know a current patient to attend, this event is open to everyone!
You can schedule your appointment directly through our website, just tap the link in our bio! @cummingschiropractic
We are OPEN Saturday! When you start the weekend off with an adjustment, you know you'll have an awesome weekend! We will be open from 9-10am ⚑️⚑️
We're throwing Chiropractic a birthday party all week long!! Make sure you pick up a smoothie sample and take advantage of our incredible deals on products! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰
Feel free to get more info about @cummingschiropractic by checking out our web page - Just tap the link in our bio or give us a call when ready! :-) 403-243-8118
Our goal is to get you back to doing what you are passionate about. http://ow.ly/wwcW30cXunP #calgarychiropractic #calgarychiro #calgarypain #calgary #calgaryrunner #calgaryfitness #calgarylife #calgaryathlete
122 years ago D.D. Palmer performed the first ever chiropractic adjustment to a man who was deaf. Following the adjustment, the mans' hearing was restored!! The principle of chiropractic is still true to this day, remove the interference and the body can function and heal at 100%!
Did you know you can book your appointment with Dr. Cummings directly through our website?! Just tap the link in our bio.
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I am excited to be starting with Dr. Menzies at My Integrated Health Clinic! I am accepting patients as of Oct 2nd. My hours are: Tues 2-8 Weds 8-2 Thurs 2-8 Fri 8-12 & 2-6 Sat 10-2 Call 403-571-2475 to book your appointment! #myintegratedhealthclinic #myintegratedhealth #chiropractor #wellness #health #calgary #yyc #calgarywellness #yycwellness #calgarychiro #calgarychiropractor #yycchiro #yycchiropractor #cambrianheights #northwest #northwestcalgary #chiropracticadjustment #chiro #activator #activatormethods
Monday is Chiropractic's 122nd Birthday and we are having a party!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ We will have smoothies to sample as well as AWESOME deals on the smoothie essentials (protein powder, greens and shaker bottles) all week long!! We can't wait to celebrate with you!
Get more info about our office by checking out our web page - Just tap the link in our bio! @cummingschiropractic
We are OPEN this Saturday! Dr. Jeff will be adjusting from 9-10am for the power hour!⚑️this is the perfect time to make up those missed adjustments!
Vine Ripened Tomato Harvest - 3 Varieties all out of planter pots on a south facing concrete patio. Today it's suddenly a cold feeling day... So I had to do it! ...bring in the ripe ones for risk of frost! This Calgary! We've had a beautifully hot and dry summer that favors tomatoes. How does YOUR garden grow this year? #gardening #tomatoes #organicgardening is a #healthy lifestyle choice.... #calgarylife #calgarynow #calgaryfood #dralanchong #calgarychiro #calgarychiropractor #healthyliving #healthyeating #healthiereating #healthierchoices #healthyfood
WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS . Intermittent fasting part 2. . Let's explore the a BENEFITS of intermittent fasting. . 1) The body will show changes in the following hormones: insulin (levels drop, triggering far burning), growth hormone (5x increase - fat burning and muscle building), testosterone (increase in both sexes, leading to stronger bones, muscles, improved brain function, increased libido). . 2) The body triggers fat burning. This happens through the hormones listed above (insulin, growth hormone, testosterone) and an increased metabolism (4-14%). . 3) You experience improved brain function. Increased testosterone reduces anxiety and depression, and improves spatial ability and memory. Increased brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) promotes health in the brain. . 4) It triggers detoxification. This happens a few ways. One, since your body isn't spending energy on digestion, it is better able to perform detoxification functions (in your liver and kidneys especially). Being in a fasted state also stimutes your cells to get rid of toxins and debris (think of this like a spring cleaning). . 5) Fasting strengthens your immune system. It does this by flushing your lymphatic system, reducing free radical damage, reduces inflammatory processes, and stimulates nervous system regeneration. . . . . . #fasting #intermittentfasting #health #healthiswealth #wellness #chiropractic #calgarychiro #yycchiro #yycfit #fitness #calgary #kensingtonyyc #revhc
Have you checked out the link in our bio @cummingschiropractic yet? Check it out and see if we can help you!
If you were to ask anyone what their goals are, most people would respond with they want to be healthier. Are you doing the necessary actions to become healthier? We can help, call 403-257-7913 to find out how!
Have you checked out the link in our bio @cummingschiropractic yet? Check it out and see if we can help you!
Your mind is every bit as important as the rest of your body. http://ow.ly/wwcW30cXunP #calgarychiropractic #calgarychiro #calgarypain #calgary #calgaryrunner #calgaryfitness #calgarylife #calgaryathlete