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Zo leuk om te zien dat alle kinderen (en ook volwassenen 😉) de #houseofoeliecactus willen pakken, aanraken, aaien en er vaak zelfs mee willen kroelen! (Wie had dat ooit van een cactus gedacht?!) Dit is waar ik het voor doe, kinderen en volwassenen blij maken en een fijn gevoel geven van een mooi product!! Dankjewel lieve @style_by_sanne dat je dit zo mooi hebt vastgelegd! 💛 En wat er vervolgens met de cactus gebeurde?! Zie stories! 😃 #houseofoelie #handmadeinholland #cactus #cactussen #cactuses #cactuslover #kids #kidsstuff #kidsstyle #houseofoeliethuisbijjou #kidstagram #kidsofinstagram #kind #kinderkamer #kinderkamerstyling #kinderkamerinspiratie #kidsinspo #kidsroominspo #stylebysanne #interior #interiorstyling #styling #interieur #interieurstyling #interieurinspiratie #home
Cactus on safari 🌵🌵🌵
Purchases from a Malawian garden centre 🌵🌱🌿
@lissova_craft knows how to draw cacti 👌🏻🌵😍
A little look into what happens before the painting begins. Never underestimate the power of tracing paper and a good kneaded eraser. 👌🏻 • Over the last couple of weeks, I've gotten a lot of messages about my process, and I think this little timelapse sums it up nicely. On some days, I stick to this routine, while on others I dive straight into the painting. There's value to both of these methods. One allows you to train your mind to plan out a composition in advance, utilizing other methods of mark making to do so, while the other allows you to accept chance and learn to work on your toes. • In my opinion, there is no 'right' way to do this, as your approach to starting your painting will be as unique as the paintings you create. This is simply one way to go about that. My hope for you all is that this helps to give you some new tips and tricks, but that ultimately you're encouraged to forge your own path in the methods of your process! • As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments below. I'm glad to try and answer them as best I can! 💪🏻
Felt like in heaven 😊 beautiful collection of #cactuses at the #farmanossakinta on our way to #benagil #portugal 🌵☀️
эхх, сейчас бы сочинить авторскую песню как форму общественного протеста против политического режима (а на фото альберт до развала(советского союза), охранник разрешил не пропускать его через рентген и назвал его маленьким террористом)
R e p o s t // Loving this @allinflavour.official phone case 🌵! So very me! Show your cacty personality like @christieslifestyle 💚 We have also sunny cases, marble or sweet cases. Match your personnality come and check our website! ✌
. こんなにもかわいいと思ってなかったサボテン畑〜🌵 2人とも運転ありがとう❣️ . #okinawa #drive #cactuses