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-What is the most unique way Jesus has spoken to you? ->Comment down below!< In the meantime I’ll tell you my story. The most unique way Jesus has spoken to me was very gentle but bold & he said “Let’s hold hands.” I freaked out. I asked Jesus how do I hold your hands? So I folded my hands into prayer hands. Jesus then said “yes like that.” And I started to pray. Jesus you are so loving. 💝 #christian #ilovejesus #sunday #20 #single #blonde #comment #c4c #biblestudy
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"Parecerá fuerte y valiente, pero en realidad es inocente y noble. Se enfrente a sus miedos porque ni se para a pensar en los posibles peligros que puede haber. Se lanza empujada por esa niña que alberga en su interior, sigue a su corazón y a sus instintos... "
You are my weakness. @theweeknd
Tarde de paseo 🌞 pensando en vos 👉❤
// my baby I'm afraid I'm falling for you
‘More specifically why my life ended .’