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I got 99 problems... but they can wait til Monday! Happy Friday everyone! #thefrenchprinceofbelair #πŸΆπŸ‘…
Catching leaves like snowflakes πŸ‚ - We’re coming to our last few days of our giveaway! Don’t forget to enter ❀️
Happy Friday everyone! Looking off into the distance in my Apollo bandana from @valleydawgs! You can use code Apollo10 for a discount in the shop! ❀️ . . 😍 Money saving discounts below! πŸ’° . . @bougiepoochie = APOLLO20 @barking.bandanas = Apollo15 @pulelehuahawaii = ALOHAAPOLLO10 @happyhoundcollection = HAPPYAPOLLO5 @enchantingtigerlily = Apollo10 @valleydawgs = Apollo10 @themispitshop = Apollo15 @goldenscissorsinc = lovepup @pridebites = apollo20 @poofpets = apollo20off . . ~ πŸ’– Follow my pawtners below! πŸ¦„ ~ . . @marshallrobinson364 @murphy_the_corso @adventuresofnola @bossybully @indiebordercollie @izzy_grace_theaussie @nikigermanshepherd @ryker_ralphie_rein @kate.the.doggy @alohakiki808 @service_unicorn_nakita
I got 99 problems but ... brb πŸ’€
I can smell the weekend already! #fieldofdreams #smellingisbelieving #friyay
"Oh I just can't wait to be king" - lion king ❀️ We hope you have a wonderful Friday. Loki is prepping for the little kids, does he make a good lion? ________________________ Entry for #CestHalloweenGiveaway hosted by @maggielovesorbit @husky_dingo @lunatheunidog Entry for #pupfluencerHalloween hosted by @pupfluence Entry for #BCRsSpooktacularGiveaway @intothebryn @elvis_gsdexplorer @endeavorsofego #HairyNotSoScary @chewy
Hello everypawdy. Happy Friday! I'm spending my day watching the bugs and birds.
πŸ˜† life is good you guys!
Flashback to one of my all time favorite pics!!! I vividly remember Libby running up to me and laughing so hard that it took me a little while to get the camera. Seriously impressive mud bath!!! #nicholberrygoldens #flashbackfriday
Kisses for mom. πŸ°πŸ–€ #jackrabbit #hare #buzzfeedanimals #bunniesofinstagram #kisses
The night after his dental surgery was a total nightmare.. Jackson cried all. night. long. The pain meds he got were definitely not strong enough, or even helping at all for that matter. At one point that next morning I gave him his regular dose of CBD oil from @innovetpetproducts, and within 10 minutes he was sleeping πŸ™Œ I’ve since swapped out the pain meds in favor of CBD oil and this kiddo is feeling sooo much better! (This worked for us, and CBD oil is incredibly safe, but obviously please check with a veterinarian before using CBD oil if your dog is also taking other medications.) Also some good news - he didn’t lose any of his canines! Pulled some molars and a few other teeth but the fangs live on! 🀘
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