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When used in conjunction with a course of therapy and appropriate medications, the snuggles and attention of a Monstrosa blanketioides can help anxiety sufferers handle the symptoms of a panic attack. Their lustrous, velveteen fur, their cold, perfectly formed noses and their emotive eyebrows work in conjunction to impart a sense of calm to nearby humanoids, especially those previously ensorcelled by said Monstrosas.
"Mum, stop interrupting my nap" 😂😙
Only a few more days to shop our April Fundraising Partner @puppress! They make adorable and unique cards for the animal lover in your life AND they donate 30% of their proceeds to rescues and shelters! Shop now - www.puppress.com
ADOPTED! Hayley of Hazel's Honeys has been adopted! While the only dog for now, she'll be growling alongside two adorable human sisters ❤️ Congratulations! #ITPAlum
Monstrosa blanketioides know that butts make the best pillows. Also, #squadgoals
Make sure that you have the fuel you need to get through the week with delicious coffees from @tradersamscoffee's Smiling Dog Coffee Co. line. Did you know that when you purchase from @tradersamscoffee's Smiling Dog Coffee line 25% of your purchase is donated to a dog rescue of your choice? We are proud to be one of the organizations that @tradersamscoffee supports! "Coffee for a cause." Order your's at www.tradersamscoffee.com.
Sadie is a super sweet and petite girl. She's 3 years and 3 months old. She love people, does well with other doggies, and does well with children too. Everyone who meets Sadie falls in love, so we don't imagine that this cutie will be with us too much longer! Sadie is available for adoption in Southern California through It's the Pits. For more information please visit itsthepits.org.
Adoptable Hemi loves tea time with his human foster sister!💕 We just love how sweet adoptable Hemi is with his human foster sister. We would love to see Hemi go into a forever home with other children that he can love on, supervise and play with. Hemi is available for adoption in Southern California through It's the Pits. For more information please visit itsthepits.org.
My bb's 💘
Dozer wanted to show you guys one of his favorite treats! We love @naturalbalanceinc treats! I have yet to find a flavor that the dogs didn't like but the "Sweet Potato🍠 and Chicken🐔" are definitely one of their favorites!😀 I think out of all the dogs...Dozer likes them the most, there's nothing he won't do for one of these treats.😂 • 💰Discount Code: buddytherottie⤵︎ 🔸 @IdRatherBeWithMyDog #IdRatherBeWithMyDog 🔹 @CuddleClones #CCPetOfTheWeek 🔸 @PupperPouch #PupperPouch 🔹 @BullyBundles #BullyBundles 🔸 @TuffBarker #TuffBarker 🔹 @DawgGrillz #DawgGrillz 🔸 @PennysChoice #PennysChoice • Promotion inquires: Nicole.Fontana213 @icloud.com📬 • #Rottie #Rottweiler #Rotties #Rottweilers #RottieAwareness #RottweilersOfInstagram #bbso #Buzzfeed #MarleyMuttDays #BullyHaven #ILoveMyRottweiler #BuddyTheRottie #DiscoverMyDog #TheDailyShare #BuzzFeedAnimals #BestWoof #DontBullyMyBreed #DogsAndPals #DogsCorner #WeeklyFluff #WagAware #DogsIGFB
Pretty girl running in the trails yesterday! 💗 #Kali #prettygirl #teamfloppyears #bullyhaven #love #dontbullymybreed #bluebully follow my partners @tysonpi14 🐾🐾🐾
Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnn. 😴😴
Lucy has claimed the new soft blanket her own 😂🙄