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This constant rain is really starting to make me angry. I just wanna get some fresh air without getting wet.. is that too much to ask?
On second thought, my cries got my parents second guessing my attention seeking tendencies🙄 off to the vet bullygram #bulldogmix #bullies #bullybreed #boxer #boxerlovers #bullyhaven #bulldog #bulldog #Englishbulldog #Englishbulldogmix #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #valleybulldog #valleybulldogsofinstagram #vet
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Yesterday I had a play date with my best friend Margo! We played are usual game, me trying to catch up with her, and now I am limping. But my moms are monitoring it and they think I'm faking my injury for "attention" 😒 Happy Tuesday! #tot #tongueouttuesday #bullygram #bulldogmix #bullies #bullybreed #boxer #boxerlovers #bullyhaven #bulldog #bulldog #Englishbulldog #Englishbulldogmix #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #valleybulldog #valleybulldogsofinstagram
Top down pictures are weird. They provide an angle on animals that doesn't capture what it's like to be down here. Not sure how I feel about this one.
ADOPTED! Cole has been adopted! When we first pulled Cole, he was so shy, he wouldn't even leave his crate. But thanks to his Foster Family, he came out of his shell and learned to trust. Now, his new Mom and Dad are no other than his Foster Mom's parents! Now named Murphy, we know he is now officially a part of a wonderful family ❤️ Congratulations! #ITPAlum
Foster Needed! There is a super sweet and calm senior sitting in one of our local shelters. No 10 year old dog deserves this and we would love to rescue him but we need a local committed foster first. As a foster for ITP you must live in or near San Diego or Riverside county and fill out our foster app online at www.itsthepits.org. We will provide all of the necessary supplies. If you can't foster, please share!
Happy #TongueOutTuesday from adoptable Miller!👅 Miller is a super love-a-bull dude! He is about 1 year and 2 months old. Miller does well with kiddos and other doggies, but not kitties. Miller is available for adoption in Southern CA through It’s the Pits. For more information, please visit itsthepits.org. 📷: Foster Mom Kathryn
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I’m just gonna sit here in the kitchen until I get some human food... she will give in eventually right 😅