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Are you aware about the "Umwelttage Basel"? 😉 So, do not miss the "Route Kleinbasel" on 10th June! Take the opportunity to know more about sustainable projects happening in Basel and come to visit us. 💙🌱🙌 #baselunverpackt #bulkisbeautiful #einkaufenohneplastik #plasticfrei #keinabfall #umwelttagebasel
Our Organic Cotton Produce Bags in action by @maikosakai__ 🌿These will be available as a 4-pack (with all the bags pictured) or 1 single bag ♻️
Our Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is back in stock! 🎉 Our ACV is unfiltered, unpasteurised and unprocessed, containing 'The Mother' which is the healthy bacteria found in the best quality ACVs. 👌🏼 Apple Cider Vinegar has so many amazing uses! It's great for cleaning & personal care and is particularly good for promoting healthy digestive function (have 1-2 tsps with a cup of water upon waking or before meals). ACV is also great in bone broth, homemade marinades and sauces, soups, baked goods & makes a great salad dressings (try it mixed with olive oil, garlic, and mustard). 🍎🍎🍎 Pic by @thesourcebulkfoodswilloughby
Some nighttime inspiration after a long day. I work as a development consultant at a non-profit that helps other non-profits build affordable housing. We had a public hearing for one of my projects. Look up NIMBY and it sums up my day. #nimby #planning #affordablehousing #britishcolumbia #naturalivingideas http://www.naturallivingideas.com/31-minimalist-hacks/
Another delivery of my favourite plastic free recycled toilet paper by @whogivesacraptp Its got no inks, dyes, chlorine or scents and is made with 100% recycled paper fibres, its responsibly made and 50% of their profits are donated to build toilets for those in need 🙌🏻 Oh and its 3 ply too 😇 My only gripe is the packaging tape on the box. Any chance of some paper tape guys!? Thanks Who Gives A Crap for providing an alternative to plastic wrapped paper ❤️😘
Qu'est-ce que l'artisanat pour vous? Chez KUFU, c’est fabriquer avec passion des produits de qualité, créés par de petites mains lyonnaises, avec un but: vous ravir ! C’est vous donner un bout de nous, de notre temps, de notre cœur, vous transmettre nos valeurs pour les vivre un peu plus chaque jour ! www.kufu.fr #kufu #artisanat #bulkisbeautiful #gogreen #madeinfrance #zerowaste #nowaste #zerodechet #zerowastehome #zerowastelifestyle #upcycling #upcycle #ecoresponsable #ecologie #ecolo #noplastic #plasticfree #reduce #notrash #greenliving #ecofriendlyproduct #ecofriendly #style #packagingfree #vrac #bulkbag #sansemballage #reduiresesdechets #sew #handmade
I've been showing what's in my to go bag a lot on Insta Stories lately and got many questions about my Zero Waste tips on the go. ⠀ To get all the answers, head over to the blog (link in bio) to see what I keep in my to-go bag.
Getting ready to hop on a ✈️ and work in Kelowna/Vernon for the day. Brought my reusable water bottle and coffee cup along and always refuse the snacks and tiny cup of water. Why do flights that are less than an hour even do that? So weird. #yyj #kelowna #vernon #airport #lesstrashmoresass
I love when I guesstimate the exact right amount to fit into my canister. 😁
We really had a lot of fun at our workshop yesterday at @thesoapdispensary 😊💕! You guys were great and definitely the best informed audience we ever had 😍💚! Hope you like the mouthwash (swipe to see 4 liters/1.3 gallons of mouthwash lol, boomerang by @sophie.esterson)! Thank you so much @karmabitezyvr for hosting and @thesoapdispensary for letting us use your gorgeous store (swipe to see the amazing team photo by @sophie.esterson and @karmabitezyvr)! And since we were there anyway, we also took the chance to get some of our shopping done afterwards 😜! We got bulk tofu 😍! It's not organic, but GMO-free and made from Canada grown soy beans. We also bought a soap dispenser top for Mason jars 😍, two lids bc some jars we thrifted didn't have lids, canola oil, coconut oil (for making toothpaste), apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, an herbal tea, cinnamon, and a copper scrub. This zero waster's heaven will soon expand and carry more food items, can't wait 💚✨!
Trashy Tuesday with T comes early this week because I fly to Kelowna tomorrow morning for work (for one single jam packed day). Here is my last of the cool ranch Doritos, one huge ball of dust and hair from the vacuum that wasn't supposed to go in here but the container kind of exploded and I panicked... some cleaning wipes I need to use up (I literally wipe every surface until they are dry) and some other what nots from some old purses I was prepping to donate. Let's be fair, this is from Friday to now...next week will be a more authentic look at my at-home trash. Keeps me accountable! #trashytuesdaywitht
Weekly grocery run at #staffoflifesc. We also got beautiful lettuce and kale at @terraprana_farm and we'll get more bread at #gaylesbakery (we love bread). Earth balance, cheese, and Annie's vegan cashew spread are in plastic. In the jars: ground coffee, veg oil, sugar. In the bags: pasta, oats, rice, and coconut. It seems like a relatively small haul but we still have a good deal in our fridge and cupboards. Weekends are when I have time to shop, so there's almost always going to be a little overlap. We tend to run out of veggies and bread first. What gets eaten up first in your home? #zerowastegroceries #nearzero #goingzerowaste #vegetarian #vegetariangroceries #notraceshop #bulkisbeautiful #bulkbags #bulk #organic
last Teheran pic 🤞🏼 - but this is the best mint tea 🍃 really ! and look how beautiful that candied sugar is 😍✨ I LOVE THIS #bulkshopping #bulkisbeautiful #buyinbulk #bringyourown #refusesingleuse #zerowaste #zerowasteshopping #zerowastevienna #goingzerowaste #zerowastehaul #almonds #pistachio #minttea #candie #teheran #bazaar #iran #bethechange
Today's 🛒 haul. Waste fail on the plant, but it was so cute and perfect for my last empty indoor pot 🌿Got some local honey in hopes that it will be enough to keep my allergies at bay. I ran out of Reactine today and it's usually what keeps my skin and eyes from exploding into an itchy mess. Stay tuned on whether I can wean myself off. The soda from @victoriasodaworks is my treat. Does anyone else buy themselves a treat for doing grown up things? 🙄 #victoriasodaworks
Bulk is beautiful! 🙌 . . . . . What's your favourite way to reduce your environmental footprint? 🐾 There are so many ways to have a positive impact. 🌎 For me, it all started by changing up my eating habits. I cut out all animal products, started cooking from scratch and naturally gravitated to the zero waste lifestyle & package free shopping. ✌ While this drastically reduced the amount of waste I create, there is still room for improvement. My next two goals are: eating more seasonal foods & incorporating more local foods in my diet, especially in the winter time. ❄
Dark chocolate covered peanut provisions bought in bulk.
This is my cat Emmylou. Gorgeous right? I don't think I can go zero waste with her care. When I first adopted her almost three years ago she was severely underweight. I knew she had fostered (and produced milk for 😻) kittens at the SPCA and that was part of the reason. The other is that her tummy is not great; and she needs a high fibre limited ingredient diet. Finding this out took months of trying foods and being stunk out of the house by her stinky poops. So, now she's on two food varieties that I switch up for the protein source - and I can't order those in large bags (also I would have nowhere to store that). I do buy the biggest bag I can of her grain-based litter and I'm going to look into buying that with a reusable container. Speaking of her poop and litter; I can't compost it so I place a weeks worth or more in a compostable bag in the trash. Her cuddles are worth all the special things I do for her, and a little bit of packaging. #zerowastepets #catsofinstagram #adoptdontshop
Organic Rapadura Sugar is on special for $7.95kg in store this week. ✨ Organic rapadura is an unrefined sugar, popular for its unique caramel flavour, fine grain and gorgeous golden colour. It is produced by simply evaporating the water from the organic sugar cane juice.
All the goodness by @phoebsblackwell ❤️ We spy some nutritional yeast 👀 Nutritional yeast, or "nooch", is best known as a great vegan source of vitamin B12. It has a cheese-like taste, making it a perfect substitute for parmesan in pesto, or for simply sprinkling on pasta/pizza/roast veg/salads & more! 👌🏼 Check out our Facebook for more info on this great little superfood (search The Source Wollongong)! 😊
Our Organic Rapadura Sugar is on special this week for only $7.95kg! 😄 Rapadura sugar is a minimally processed sugar higher in vitamins & minerals than traditional sugar. Make the #sugarswitch today and swap rapadura sugar every time you use white or brown sugar! 👌🏼 Or try these amazing Rose, Cardamom & Almond Donuts by @sarahbellnutrition which feature rapadura 😍🌹
New batch of hair and face oil 💁🏻 . . Hair Oil is 3/4 Pure Moroccan Argan oil, 1/4 Organic Jojoba oil, & 20 drops of Organic Rosemary oil. . . Face Oil is Organic Jojoba oil and a few drops of Organic Frankincense Oil. . . 100% Organic. 100% Healthy. Family skin and hair care. For the little girls I add 10 drops of Organic Tea Tree Oil to prevent nits in their own bottle. To tell them apart I write on the base what they are in a white posca marker ✌🏻
Shopping day 🤗 . . Today the fruit & veg shop was 100% plastic free. I have become much more confident in this lifestyle now and do not give a second thought to removing a few grapes from each packet to make my own bag or removing cauliflower from its wrappers. I do not care who is watching or what people think. We are killing this planet with single use plastic and we need to show stores that we don't bloody want it!! The only thing I got from self serve today is coconut flakes, hemp seeds and bone broth. I've haven't needed so much there now I'm grain free. The kids don't eat a great deal of grains either because I really just cook mostly #paleo meals!
It's picnic season! I only have a small balcony but it's filled with herbs and cozy places to lay down a blanket and dine out. The only thing #zerowaste about this meal is the local kale I bought at the @goldstream_mkt farmers market yesterday. Everything else is a use it all up until I can source it fresh, #local or in bulk. We all start somewhere!
Oh, hello stone fruit 🍑👋🏻Yesterday's #farmersmarkethaul: flowers, blueberries, raspberries, eggplant, chard, lettuce, carrots, early girl tomatoes, apricots, squash blossoms, nectarines and radish
Who else is a huge fan of tiny houses and/or micro apartments 😍😍😍? Hubby and I have loved living tiny ever since I invaded him in his 19.5 square meter/ 210 square foot studio apartment back in college. It was only supposed to be until I found a new place, but we ended up living there for 2 years! And I remember I even told him it was only temporary bc I felt moving in together would be "too big a step" 😆! We only moved into a bigger apartment later bc both our parents kept telling us to 😝. Living on a small footprint is also more #sustainable! With less square footage you obviously save energy on lighting/heating/cooling, you probably stick to smaller appliances that use less electricity, too. What people don't usually talk about though, is the fact that it helps you regulate your consumption! With so little space there is literally no space for mindless consumption. It forces you to reevaluate what you truly need. Personally, I believe that sharing small quarters helps you get closer and learn how to communicate and to respect the other person's and your own needs. You learn to be part of an amazingly close-knit team 💜. I am an only child and had to learn that the hard way when I went to boarding school at the pubescent age of 15 and suddenly saw myself confronted with sharing a room with three other strangers. And yessss, we are back to living in a studio. It's ~33.5 sq m/ 360 sq ft, and WE LOVE IT SO SO MUCH 😁💚! It's so liberating and household chores are a breeze! We love to watch tiny house and micro apartment videos on youtube and to day dream about it! Yesterday we were at a #tinyhouse event and were so so thrilled to finally see some real tiny houses! Squeeeeeek!! #minimalism Please support the #bctinyhousecollective! They have a petition on their website to make living in tiny houses legal in Vancouver 💪✨🏡💕!!
Going zero waste in the kitchen seems like less of a daunting task than in my bathroom. For over a decade I worked in drugstores to support myself as I finished my degrees. So, I have every single hair product and beyond that you can think of ...all in plastic containers 😕BUT that was old T and new, more eco-conscious T is going to use every last one and recycle or repurpose the containers afterwards. Same goes for makeup, and my toothbrush. I don't make my own toothpaste yet (and maybe I never will) because at the moment I'm in love with @nelsonnaturals remineralizing toothpaste and whitener. Since switching my teeth feel so much better #nelsonnaturals #almostzerowaste
@healthy_fran's amazing smoothie bowl, featuring some of our favourite nutrient-rich smoothie ingredients: matcha powder, bee pollen & cacao nibs! 🍵🌿 📷 by @healthy_fran via @thesourcezetland
Bulk shopping! Saving money ✅ time ✅& the planet ✅🌏 📷 by @93_ch
my after holiday groceries 🍓🍆🌶🍅🍋wir hatten gestern Gäste und es gab mal wieder 'oriental soulfood' mit Baba Ganoush, CousCous Varianten und Tajine, daher fiel der Einkauf beim Türken und @ohne_laden etwas größer aus als sonst ☺ jetzt liege ich immer noch satt im Bett und freue mich auf die Reste 😀✨ #almostzerowaste #plastikfasten #plantbasedfood #eattherainbow #gogreeninstyle #zerowastelifestyle
Jolie organisation zéro déchet ! Repost @gabigenial "My little pantry in the kitchen. It contains mainly different kinds of pasta in the tall jars (but also the chocolate crisps I was able to buy @gluecklich_unverpackt 😂 I do have two huge jars full 😅). In the smaller jars I store different kinds of sugar, starch and flour and selfmade cacao mixture for drinking 😊 I do also have a section with reused glasses but there aren't any tall enough to store spaghetti as example. I love this organized and clean looking section in my shelf and can recommend to go packagefree and visit stores that sell their goods unpackaged ❤💚❤ #zerowaste #zerodechet #lesswaste #reducewaste #nowaste #kitcheninterior #bulkisbeautiful #jarporn #jars #vegetarian #vegetarisch #vegan #plantbased #food #instafoodie #foodporn #foodie #foodstorage #organization #storage #gogreen #gopackagefree"
Are you a tea lover? We'll have a great range of traditional teas & herbal blends, perfect for any time of day. ☕️ 📷 by @sillmarilli
Sundays are for friends & good food👌🏼We love this healthy spread by @talinegabriel 💚
Dear Natural Grocers, this is not what I meant when I went looking for #bulk. Can I persuade you to consider more loose and unpackaged food in the future? I know the #zerowaste community in Kansas City would sure appreciate it! Btw, I adore your soap station (swipe for pic) #bulkisbeautiful #zerowastelife
Zero Waste fridge tips ✌🏻 . . I find it helps to chop my my broccoli up and store it in airtight jars. It says firm for the whole week this way. I generally do the same with kale and anything green. Even the celery will end up in jars. My food stays much fresher and lasts a lot longer and doesn't go all soft like it would if left out 😊
All organic. All natural. All refillable. Want something custom? We will make you anything you need to help you avoid the toxic stuff at the store that's all wrapped up in plastic. ❤️ #effplastic #zeromarket #zerowaste #bulkisbeautiful
Now the ugly plastic storage (see my last post for the pretty yet mismatching jars and bottles). I try to make due with what I have and reuse containers and packaging. The Carnation hot chocolate mix container, I've refilled with hot chocolate powder from Bulk Barn, the Becel container is full of fusili pasta, but is also very useful for freezing leftovers chili (I never reheat it in the container!). Betty Crocker container (red lid) with popcorn, spice containers washed and reused for bulk spices, Folger's container is filled with red lentils, and the ziplock container with bulk choc chips! Yeah, it doesn't look great and my home does not look like all of the plastic free pictures you see on Instagram (you should see my disaster of a bathroom), but I am making due and trying not to buy or consume anymore unnecessary things, and to me that includes not buying jars. One day maybe I'll get to that minimalist, no-plastic-in-sight lifestyle, but not right now. #zerowaste #zerowasteto #bulkisbeautiful #uglyplasticcontainers #makedo #usewhatyouhave #refusesingleuse #refusereuse #lessstuff #lesswaste #lessplasticplease #lessplastic #alittlelongertilthelandfill #bulk
None of my storage containers match. Some I have bought but most I have reused from something I purchased. Bacardi rum bottle with rice in it, Snapple bottle with cinnamon sticks in it, Large jar from Canadian tire filled with macaroni, Teeny tiny jam jar filled with cardamom pods, and another jam jar on the lower left with Greek spice in it. I also still use plastic to store stuff (I'll post the ugly photo later) because if it is still useful, I try to keep it and store something and freezing leftovers (don't worry, I don't reheat in plastic). None of my containers are uniform, except for the set of a dozen 500ml Bernardin jars I bought. But I don't really care that they don't match. I've never had a uniform style to my home and I am a person who is used to chaos and clutter. Replacing all my jars so that they all look the same seems wasteful and expensive to me. #zerowaste #zerowasteto #lesswaste #reuse #refusereuse #refusesingleuseplastic #jars #reusecontainers #riceinarumbottle #bulkfood #bulkisbeautiful #bulkinliquorbottles #foodstorage #zeropackaging #largejars #tinyjars #snapplebottle #zerowastekitchen
Bulk, organic, fair trade coffee from the co-op is the best! Plus, it's actually cheaper than if I was to buy the same coffee in a package. #packagefree #zerowaste
Do you have access to dry goods in bulk? You can usually get bulk produce if you look outside of regular supermarkets like small grocers, coops, ethnic stores, farmers markets, or buy from a farm. But dry goods can be tricky depending on where you live. When we started our journey, there was only one (zero waste) bulk store in all of Germany! And unlike in Canada, supermarkets in Germany don't have bulk sections. Just go for the best option available to you. And sometimes you might be surprised how much more there is if you think out of the box! We asked if we could buy flour, yeast, nuts, and seeds at the bakery. We bought pasta from an Italian restaurant that made their own pasta. We asked our local health food store if they could order grains and rice in big paper bags (25kg!) for us when they placed their next order. Whenever we couldn't get something in bulk we tried to find a plastic-free option, or we went for the least packaged option, and we asked ourselves if it was something we truly needed. If so, could we at least reduce our consumption? We all come in different shapes and sizes, have access to a different infrastructure, have different needs. In my opinion, #zerowaste is not about creating no waste or just a jar full at all. It is about MINIMIZING your waste by going for the most sustainable choices available to you as often as you can. Don't be too hard on yourself when you "fail"! Working towards that minimum means changing your habits—and that takes time #turtlespeedpower 🐢✨💚😁! Sure, it can be frustrating, especially if it wasn't your fault. Personally , I swear to vent my disappointment lol, take a breather, a mental note so it won't happen next time, and then I try to shrug it off, laugh about it and go on with my day. It's not the end of the world and I am not perfect. And frankly, I like being imperfect 😉
Cotton produce bags, a giant basket and a #canadiantuxedo 👕👖What are your #farmersmarket essentials?
The lilacs are blooming, and the market is open! Stop by this morning for some great local shopping! #MKGfarmersmarket
I have found another place that sells bulk produce in Oxford! Can't wait to give it a try at @wildhoneyorganic @wildhoneylove
Happy Saturday! ☀️We wish we were out in the sun today enjoying this amazing pittaya bowl by @masterofsnacks 🌺 Doesn't it look amazing!? ✨
Saturday is finally here! 🎉 After a relaxing morning ☕️ we're taking some time to organise our pantry today. Hopefully the end result will be as nice as this one, via @thesourcebulkfoods 🌿
Got a few staples when we were at Whole Foods - romaine lettuce (3 in a bag), kiwi, 2 pounds bulk rolled oats, almost 2 pounds black beans, bananas, and about a pound of mushrooms (mushrooms we went to Wegmans since it's cheaper there). Total was ~$17, but almost all of these will last us multiple meals ❤️ so we still have $10 to spend through the week! We've been doing pretty good on our grocery spending challenges! And almost all zero waste! I would've gotten lettuce not in a bag but it was three times as much to buy the unpackaged ones 😕which is annoying... #vegan #vegetarian #govegan #whatveganseat #veganism #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #veganfood #veganfoodshare #vegandiet #veganlife #veganfoodporn #animalsarefriendsnotfood #saynotoanimalproducts #plantbased #eatmoreplants #groceryshopping #groceryhaul #vegangroceryhaul #vegangroceries #veganhaul #govegan🌱 #zerowaste #zerowastehaul #zerowastegroceries #bulkisbeautiful
🍌🍍🍅🍏 . . . . How beautiful does our zero waste grocery haul of the week look? I can't wait to start cooking up some delicious dishes! 🔹 It's been over a year that we stopped shopping in regular supermarkets, and we are loving every moment of it. 💚 🔹 We always shop at a small ethnic market in our neighborhood and we are known as the people with a plastic bag phobia. 🙊🚯 🔹 We went in one time and when the new bag boy tried to put our produce in a plastic bag, two employees practically panicked and yelled at him: "NO! NO PLASTIC!!!" Let's just say it was an interesting way to start a conversation about the environment! 😂
Reason #1 for carrying a cloth produce bag in my purse: buying a fresh, delicious scone without any packaging. 🙌 😋 . . #goingzerowaste #zerowaste #bakedgoods #plasticfree #bulkisbeautiful
My little pantry in the kitchen. It contains mainly different kinds of pasta in the tall jars (but also the chocolate crisps I was able to buy @gluecklich_unverpackt 😂 I do have two huge jars full 😅). In the smaller jars I store different kinds of sugar, starch and flour and selfmade cacao mixture for drinking 😊 I do also have a section with reused glasses but there aren't any tall enough to store spaghetti as example. I love this organized and clean looking section in my shelf and can recommend to go packagefree and visit stores that sell their goods unpackaged ❤💚❤ #zerowaste #zerodechet #lesswaste #reducewaste #nowaste #kitcheninterior #bulkisbeautiful #jarporn #jars #vegetarian #vegetarisch #vegan #plantbased #food #instafoodie #foodporn #foodie #foodstorage #organization #storage #gogreen #gopackagefree
How amazing is @thesourcebrunswick?! Fully promoting sustainability and #zerowaste and with so much variety!
Here is my zero waste food for a whole day out. Green smoothie for second breakfast (celery, cucumber, coconut milk, flaxseed oil, hemp seeds, spirulina, goat kefir, blueberries and stevia) Slow cooked gut healing Osso Bucco for lunch and my water which will be refilled several times. The u konserve flask keeps my food super hot until lunch time. I will also add to this a flask of chamomile tea and a travel cup of kidney & and liver support holy basil tea. Zero waste while gut healing 🙌🏻😂
Getting the tare weight on the jars I brought for bulk items @newseasonsmarket // it is pretty easy to buy bulk there and at the SE-Seven corners location, you can write the item # and the weight directly on the jar #easypeasy #zerowaste #reusable #bulkisbeautiful #lessismore
>> Mon acolyte des beaux jours ☀️ Un rayon de soleil sur ma pochette à vrac KUFU… Mais, serait-elle en train de m’inviter à prendre le large ? www.kufu.fr Crédit photo: @elhinaid #kufu #artisanat #bulkisbeautiful #gogreen #madeinfrance #zerowaste #nowaste #zerodechet #zerowastehome #zerowastelifestyle #upcycling #upcycle #ecoresponsable #ecologie #ecolo #noplastic #plasticfree #reduce #notrash #greenliving #ecofriendlyproduct #ecofriendly #packagingfree #vrac #bulkbag #sacs
Look at this beautiful bowl of fresh spinach, I picked from the Garden a minute ago... #zerowaste #bulkisbeautiful #vegan #greenliving #gardening
This was the heaven on earth. ☁️❤️ 🇮🇷 The people on the bazaars in teheran are used to pack everything in plastic bags and when we arrived with our cottonbags we needed a little bit of persuasion. Then they asked why we're doing this and we explained that we are trying to avoid plastic as often as possible. The owner of the shop went out on the street and told the other people that we were bringing our own bags and they couldn't believe it. 😅 Hopefully we spread some zero waste spirit over there. Anyway the nuts and the tee I bought are sooo good! #bulkisbeautiful #bulkheaven #zerowaste #zerowastevienna #zerowastetravel #zerowasteiran #teheran #iran #littlebazaar #nuts #tee #sustainable #bringyourown #refusesingleuse
Ah, this is definitely our favorite DIY recipe—deodorant! Free from all harmful substances including aluminum. The best part: It is super dooper uber mega effective (and of course #vegan)! I posted the recipe (original recipe by the amazing and inspiring @jasz_schneider—thank you so much 💚) and an explanation why it works on my blog (clickable link in profile, German version available at wastelandrebel.com/de)! I actually wanted to make a video, but was too busy this week. I will try to make one some other time 😊. Oh, and did I mention making it only takes a minute and it's very wallet-friendly 👻!
Plein fait ✔️ Mais comment je faisais avant ? Un an que je remplis mes bouteilles chez @lepicerie2pauline 😊 #organic #bio #zerodechet #zerowaste #bulk #bulkisbeautiful #vrac
We love this amazing haul from @madeleinelumley ❤️ Complete with a couple of yummy treats 😉
We love this amazing haul from @madeleinelumley ❤️ Complete with a couple of yummy treats 😉
My "under the sink cupboard" This is basically where I store cleaning stuff & essential oils now. A long time ago this cupboard used to be filled with all kinds of chemical laden garbage that was doing our home & health more harm than good. Now I use vinegar soaked in citrus peels and/or essential oils to clean everything. My favourite thing to wipe my benches down is a wet cloth with a few drops of lemon oil. It gives it such a fresh beautiful smell! I also diffuse lemon oil while I'm doing the whole house clean 👌🏻
#traveltip • Buy in bulk. Use a mini for travel & refill.
We love bulk shopping! Nothing makes us happier than leaving a store with zero packaging! We also love that our bulk food store carries mostly organic and Australian made/grown produce 💕 One thing we've learnt on our zero waste journey is to be more resourceful and to use what we have, rather than buying more/new stuff. We scored these smaller jars from cafes that were otherwise going to discard them, and a lot of our bigger jars are just empty instant coffee jars 👍🏻 #bulkisbeautiful @thesourcewestendbrisbane
We are proud to be Australia's leaders in #zerowaste shopping 🌿Use our free paper bags, purchase one of our jars, or bring your own jars to fill! ♻️
🎉🎉 NEW PRODUCT #2 🎉🎉 Our new Insulated Food Jars are perfect for keeping your food warm, making it even easier to pack your own healthy, waste-free lunches 😊♻️
🎉🎉🎉NEW PRODUCTS! 🎉Our beautiful new water bottles & food thermos have arrived! ✨Plus our 750ml wooden-look water bottles are back! 🌿 Come see us in store or stay tuned for more details on these tonight! 😄