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Monday comes. You’re very excited. You and Cole meet up near your locker. Cole: Hey *your name*! Wassup? You: Guess what guess what guess what? Cole: what what what? You: Kj and Lizzy broke up! They aren’t together! That means that I have a chance with him! Cole: congrats I guess! You: Thanks! Ahh now all I need to do is make sure that him and I get together. I need a plan Cole: I’m sure you’ll think of one First period starts. You go to Pre calculus. You enter and sit next to Kj. Kj: Hey *your name* You: Hey Kj sorry about what happened Saturday Kj: it’s okay there are a bunch of fish in the sea You: Yup Lizzy comes in and gives Kj and you a dreadful stare. She goes to the teacher and ask to move to the back. He says yes. Then she sits in the back. You see she isn’t sitting next to Kj so you decide to ask the teacher if you can move next to Kj and he let you
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. — count me in sorry this isn't figure skating related but i personally ship cheronica so i decided to make an edit of them cc: regimechxlls dt: cheronica shippers
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