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#tb to The Space Between Us! love this movie, what about you guys?
What a beautiful man ❤
☆Please don't be dead☆ STORA X BRYLAN DHBDISJSI + Lydia's qudead SHOUKD I MAKE PART TOO? Nobody guessed only @alyssaobrien11 tried 🙈👏❤ I'm proud of this edit so dont let this flop pls!! #brylanedit
A long lasting and low-key relationship like this please ughh #dylanobrien #brittrobertson #brylan
♡ [repost with credit] → hold you so tight (: ib; @infinitelybrats ac: mine so please give credit 💜 #hannie
I’m so bad at captions lmao but I love these two 💜. — @dadsummerall @annieleblanc @tishasummerall
I'm actually really happy with this!! #hannie @annieleblanc @haydensummerall @famousbirthdays
These two make eachother happy 💜. I have another edit to post, so I’ll post it during my next break or after work 💛. — @haydensummerall @annieleblanc
“Remember I love you” IM DEAD Credits: @xvalentinac ✨ — Ash again
{repost with credit} So much love and respect for this girl❤️❤️ Fc~1,170 Dt~ @annieleblanc - { #annieleblanc #annie #bratayley }
» Britt Robertson seduta accanto a Selena Gomez al Louis Vuitton cruise show nel 2015😊. - Okay. Innamorata di questa foto.😍💕 ____________________________________ #brittrobertson #brittanyrobertson #actress #thespacebetweenus #forthepeople #Girlboss #nastygal #thesecretcir #thelongestride #lospaziocheciunisce #larispostaènellestelle #beauty #brylan #selenagomez #louisvuitton
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR TRUE ALPHA! Happy Birthday Tyler Posey! Thanks for always being the light you are. Thanks for always staying true to yourself. You never change you are just being you. You are an inspiration to many people! You're funny, loyal, handsome and you always give good advice. Thank you for being the best Scott McCall we could have wished for. People don't always give you the best recognition but you are the leader of them all and you always will be. Thanks to Teen Wolf and you for giving us so many memories. We freaking can't wait to see you on Saturday and Sunday! You deserve the best TPose. We love you ❤❤❤ (pic credit: @sophiatali)
My favorite real life couple ... ac: @kute.audios cc: me ... #brylan #dylanobrien #brittrobertson
♡ [chapter 3] → I was caught off guard by the sight of the older boy, his smile brightening the room as you walked in. “Hayden!” Hayley yelled letting go of my hand and running into his arms. He picked her up and squeezed her tightly. My mom then hugged him, “he’s my best friend Hayley!” She yelled laughing, “no!” She screamed hugging him tighter. They all laughed seeming to understand the inside joke besides myself. I felt a bit alarmed. “Oh!” Hayley yelled turning to look at me, “this is my sister Annie- Leblanc.” Hayley winked when she said Leblanc, I chuckled and so did Hayden. I stretched my hand out for him to take, “hi” I whispered gently. He shook my hand, “hi, im hayden.” He said smoothly, our eyes finding it difficult to stop interlocking. I finally let go, being the first to break our stare. “What’s for dinner?” I asked curiously, trying to change the topic, anything to distract myself from making an uneasy glance at Hayden. “Dinner - your favorite.” On the table there was a huge pot of Mac n cheese and out of the corner of my eye I saw my mom pull out a bag of Doritos. I couldn’t help but start to laugh. “Thank you.” I said hugging her. “Annie has a weird obsession with Doritos” Hayley whispered over to Hayden. “It’s not weird! - it’s not weird.” I said speaking indirectly and then directly to Hayden. He laughed, and stared. Very intensely. I looked away trying to move so he wouldn’t continue to look. But he stared, and I found it in a way relieving. Like I wanted him to stare. We all sat down for dinner and somehow Hayden ended up right in front of me, which made it even more difficult to tell if he was staring at me or right behind me. I looked up a few times and saw him look then look away when we made eye contact. “Were going to Six flags tomorrow! You should come!” Hayley yelled in my ear and I gave her a look, “You should, then you’ll get to catch up with everyone.” Hayden spoke for one of the first times. I looked up at him and smiled, “sure.” I said softly. “Annie, are you okay to go? are you sure?” My dad asked grabbing my arm gently. I smiled, “I’ll be fine.” I smiled at all of them. I looked back at Hayden who gave me a smirk. #hannie
♡ [repost with credit] → Hayden Summerall is a blessing ib; @holdinghannie who always makes me cry ac: mine (: #hannie
This beautiful man never fails to amaze us ❤️