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Tää tyttö on täyttä rakkautta❤️ Kenestäkään muusta en voisi sanoa olleeni samassa työpaikassa, opiskelleeni samassa koulussa, jossa me molemmat ollaan samaan aikaan hallituksessa ja tuutoreina. Meijät saattaa nähdä yhdessä yöelämässäkin💃🏼 #rakkautta #työkaverit #opiskelijakaverit #tuutorit #hallitusnaiset #biletyskamu #brunetteshavemorefun
Here's to another Day 1 💖 . Life is full of Day One's ..... starting.... restarting.... failing forward and starting again ..... never stop having day one's ✌🏼 . Today is another day one for me 🙌🏼. I tried and failed so now I'm picking myself up and trying again. That's THE difference between people who are successful on this journey, and those who give up. Successful people are the ones who never stop trying! We may fail, and we may even fail often (🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼)...but we pick ourselves back up and try again. For what is failure anyways? A stepping stone. An obstacle in the right direction. An opportunity to learn and grow 💖. If you aren't failing, you aren't trying. . Today is Day 1 of our #fuckyourexcuses challenge. My girls and I are getting geared up for 30 days of nonstop commitment to ourselves, our health, and becoming the BEST version of ourselves. . Progress photos 👍🏼 Meals planned 👍🏼 Goals SET 👍🏼 Time to kick some ASS! . If you've been watching and waiting....quit hesitating! What are yo afraid of? Failure?? 😜🙋🏼✌🏼 . There is still time to jump on board! We start TODAY 🙌🏼.
❤ Appreciation Post ❤ I have the best mom (sorry guys). She has spoilt me ROTTEN for my bday & she puts up with my nonsense (sometimes). I love you, Mom. Thank you for everything! #momanddaughter #brunetteshavemorefun #love #family #precious #mymainbabe #besties
Because it ain't always cute, smiley poses workout pictures. I mean it gets real, raw and messy. Hence Boone trying to stop his nose from bleeding with tissue stuffed up his nostril 🤣. I wake up and I'm already at my gym while our toddlers continue to snooze. I have a trainer telling me what to do and I rarely workout for longer than 40 min (like...3% of my entire day…). I have meal plans telling me exactly what I should be eating. It costs like, 25 cents a day to have access to everything that I need and my workout buddy (Boone man) and the ladies in my accountability group are counting on me to show up. Yeah so… it's literally impossible for me to use any kind of excuse. Excuses are for people who don't want it bad enough. #micdropmonday
Need to sharpen my bottle popping skills. 🤦🏽‍♀️Didn't get the top off in time for the boomerang #fail but don't worry I still won in the end! 🍾 #alreadyreadyfortheweekend #cantwaitfortheweekend #weekendfun #gymtilthen #gym #gymrat #girlswholift #booty🍑 #bööty #squatbooty #champagne #champagnepop #champagnetime #poppinbottles #bottlepoppin #brunette #brunettegirl #brunetteshavemorefun #brunettesdoitbetter #heels