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Good morning y'all!
📷: Britt ieri sulla sua Instastories. ❤ Giuro questa foto mi ha fatto sentire meglio. È un periodaccio. Davvero, ho preso un'insufficienza a storia e mi ha letteralmente fatto a pezzi. Mancano solo 10 giorni alla fine della scuola e prendere un'insufficienza che ti porta ad avere il debito proprio non si può sentire. Inoltre sono sotto stress perché ho altre 3 verifiche di Matematica e una di Biologia, e adesso anche Storia di nuovo per poter recuperare. Non è affatto un bel periodo. Poi i compagni ci mettono del loro e io mi sto pentendo di aver cambiato scuola. Vorrei che tutto questo potesse finire all'istante __________ #brittanyrobertson #brittrobertson #girlboss #netflix #nastygal #savecampanuenue
Britt makes me really happy and I hope that she is aware of that.
#2 Sophia Amuroso YASSS EVERYONE SHE SLAYSSS i love britt so so much and she's perfect for this role! 😍 ( #girlboss )
Britt tweeted for the first time in years just because of @campanuenue! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO HER AND TO ALL OF THE CHILDREN! Please, guys! Share it, donate and let's reach @theellenshow and save Camp Anuenue.
She is the lomf. She makes me the happiest person alive with just one notice. I love her to the moon and back and I will be forever grateful for every smile she puts on my face ❤️ and plus: I just reached 800 followers! So many great things happening at the same time.
Guys! Don't forget that the live stream that is going to save @campanuenue is happening today! Go check their Facebook page to be aware of everything. (The link is in my bio) It's a 24-hour live stream and this cutie is going to be in it! Please, you need to check it out and spread this to everyone you know! It's really important!
I cant freaking handle the cuteness
have a good weekend babies ❤️
the cutest human being
can netflix renew Girlboss already?
Save the date, guys!
A TUTTI Il 22 Maggio fino al 23 Maggio, ci sarà un LIVE stream (24h) sulla pagina Facebook di CAMP ANUENUE, per aiutare a raggiungere i $50k per i ragazzi che hanno avuto o che hanno il cancro. In questa LIVE parteciperanno Britt, Laura Manaro, Calum Worthy, Carter Jenkins e molti altri. Vi prego di condividere questo post per diffondere la notizia e per portare a termine l'obbiettivo. Potete inoltre donare $ per aiutare la crescita. 💕💕 Mi raccomando.. è una cosa bellissima e molto seria. #campanuenue #children
still cant believe that Britt noticed me omg
I got back from school and this is what is waiting for me to see it. The best surprise ever. I've been waiting for a notice since forever and I can't believe this finally happened. Britt liked my last post and saw my stories! I'm so incredibly happy right now that i can't even describe it. Thank you so much for this, Britt, i really needed it. I'm having so many bad days in these past few weeks and this cheered me up so much. You are amazing, Britt and i love you to the moon and back ❤️
Britt's recent posts. In each one of these posts, she talks about Camp Anuenue, that is a really important cause. Please, if you have money, donate to contribute for this week long summer camp but if you don't have money, spread the word to everyone you know because it will help a lot. Lets do what is good and spread love, never hate ❤️
Happy #mothersday to y'all! Thinking of you, mothers who have lost children, those who have lost mothers, those with strained mothers relationships, those with strained child relationships, those who have chosen not to be a mother, those yearning to be mothers 💛
@esreed posted on Instagram. Watch out, Britt! There's a shark right behind you 😂
The Space Between Us. - 개인적으로 인상적이었던 장면 / 흩날리는 장미 그리고 색색깔 종이꽃가루 . . . #art #artwork #artist #drawing #illustration #illustrator #doodle #movie #thespacebetweenus #brittanyrobertson #picture #일러스트 #그림 #손그림 #작품 #영화 #장면 #yumminart
This is literally my favourite movie of all time!! Love you Asa!! @asabopp #thespacebetweenus #asabutterfield #brittanyrobertson
#NEWS Britt talking about her best date with Dylan on MTV Snapchat! They're literally relationship goals, I love them together 😍- #qotd who's your favorite actress? #aotd hmm... I guess Shelley and Holland, they're both amazing!! - - - - - - - cr: MTV Snapchat
hope u guys are having a lovely week ❤️
I love her cute lil smile 💛
Taylor Jewell took some pics of Britt while she was in NYC last week. Check them out:
Britt in a photoshoot for Nylon Magazine.
I'm so freaking late but this is Britt in a new photoshoot! Gorgeous queen!
Britt in a new photoshoot 💛
振奮人心的勵志劇,情感到位不油膩,got it! 與其浪費精力在想別人都在過什麼樣的日子,不如多花時間經營自己。只有你能成為自己的偶像。 (Sophia Amoruso) #永遠不要長大 #不要變成無聊的人 #不要被那些有權有勢的人打消志氣 #AboutTheFashion #正妹CEO #GIRLBOSS #SophiaAmoruso #NetflixAsia #nastygal #追劇 #BrittanyRobertson
sophia amuruso ac; @xhowlingmccall song; stay - alessia cara [ #omgpage ]
Britt just reached 500k followers! I'm so proud of this one ❤️
the cutest
ac; @sinistergeek ive tried to fix the glitches 1000 times but i gave up [ #omgpage ]
sophie | weak ac; @demoniclydia do you guys mind if i edit girlboss because i love britt robertson [ #omgpage #babybottlegrp #sstrct #lolitarc #triforcegrprc #hydrarc #infinityrct #voidsrct ]
The owner of my heart aka Britt at 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' today.
I finished Girlboss yesterday and I'm so freaking in love with this show. I NEED A SEASON 2!
Madonna che ridere "Tu sei un cane ...sei molto cane " #sophiaamoruso #girlboss #cebellbritt #brittanyrobertson
1x10 I was crying at this scene 😭 #sophiaamoruso #girlboss #brittanyrobertson
愛情沒有終點 兩個愛情故事結合出來的電影,亦有感動的地方(很少),亦有突兀且很莫名的感覺。這是關於現代與古代的兩段愛情,因為一場車禍而有了關聯,透過快掛點的老人和正得要死的女主角交叉敘述兩對的愛情。不管兩對情侶的各種調情或是各種激情的畫面,在挫折的地方安排上很無力,分開的原因其實很薄弱,沒有說服力,導致破鏡重圓的畫面一點也不窩心,這是本片最失敗的地方。再加上個人認為老人的愛情故事對年輕人這對情侶沒什麼幫助,甚至是硬要讓這兩個故事有關聯,太牽強了。不過,只要女主角正,這些都不重要,心都被拉走了,嘿嘿。 #BrittanyRobertson #ScottEastwood #JackHuston
the prettiest smile
Britt as Sophia is probably one of the greatest things ever
Dylan O'Brien supporting Girlboss ❤️ I LOVE MY OTP SO MUCH
"I'm good, i'm GREAAT!" . Girlboss is finally streaming on Netflix! The first season has 13 episodes of a maximum of 29 minutes. Go check it out and tell ur friends to do the same 💛
me bc Girlboss is coming out in a few hours
Britt with her dogs for @bestfriendsanimalsociety. Please, adopt animals, don't buy them. They are not objects for you to do so. By adopting them, we can save and give them a better life. ❤️
"I think it is easier to love each other when we accept the fact that we are all a little fucked up inside" - Britt in a new interview she did for Netflix to promote Girlboss that is coming out tomorrow. Link in my bio, go check it out.
Feliz cumpleaños a unas de las mejores idolas y actriz que pude conocer recuerdo que tenía unos 5/6 años cuando ví Avalon High y me enamoré de esa pelicula, siento que conoces mi cuenta pero a la misma vez no pero bueno. No tengo palabras para decir lo que siento por vos <3 #tbt #britt #robertson #brittrobertson #dylan #obrien #teenwolf #argentina #fans #brylan #beautiful #Thespacebetweenus #goals #relationshipgoals #relation #ship #brylan #love #thefirtstime #girlboss #girlbosstv #netflix #brittanyrobertson #editsfandompage #edits #fan #editsinspiration
Happy birthday beautiful girl!💕 We love you ❤ #brittanyrobertson @brittlrobertson
Happy Birthday to this Beauty😍 #underthedome #brittanyrobertson
@brittlrobertson Two years in a row that i'm celebrating your birthday here, with you. I hope that 27 brings you a lot of achievements in your personal and actress life. I will always be rooting for you and I know that this love that I feel will never end. Thank you for being the best idol i could ask for. You mean the entire damn world to me and I hope that we can meet soon. Happy birthday, queen Britt 💛 enjoy ur day