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Very Berry Smoothie 🍹 Strawberries+raspberry+blackberry juice+milk+oats #breakfastsmoothie #veryberry
Well into the ber months, it is definitely getting cold outside. But that doesn’t mean that your smoothie has to be cold, too. 😋😋😋 Check out our Warm Chai Latte Breakfast Smoothie Recipe here: http://beyouthful.net/warm-chai-latte-breakfast-smoothie/ Or check the link in bio! #chailatte #warmsmoothie #recipe #health #wellness #breakfastsmoothie
Cookies and cream with banana... it seriously made it so creamy and thick... so good, just like melted ice cream. 🍦 #icecream #cookiesandcream #smoothie #breakfastsmoothie #deliciousness #breakfastisimportant
Post spin deliciousness with all of the goodies. Breakfast or dessert? Blueberry, steamed cauliflower, avocado, @ancientnutr vanilla protein, @sunpotion reishi and he shou wu on the bottom 👉🏻 sweet potato, ground flax, steamed cauliflower, and raw coconut water on top. Loaded with @thecoconutcult @purely_elizabeth maple walnut probiotic granola and @eatnuttzo ...goes perfectly with my @ravens game 🤓 . . This is different from the norm for me. Usually I keep my smoothies low sugar and green to help manage my energy and blood sugar. Even if it’s a whole food sugar it can still cause blood sugar spikes and inflammation. I know, you’re like Sarah really? 🤨 it’s blueberries and sweet potato...at least it’s not HFCS, but this is my reality, sometimes I struggle with overthinking what I eat. I’m not perfect, I’m still a work in progress, just maybe in a different way than most 🤷🏻‍♀️ We’re constantly being told we should and should not eat for various reasons....it can be so freaking overwhelming! For me, having compassion, getting enough sleep, listening to my body, and giving it what it needs and not what I’m told it needs to be “healthy” helps me stay in check. TBH, this is actually easier said than done lol...Sometimes wellness is simply about meeting yourself where you are in that moment, and yes that sometimes might include a $15 superfood latte 💁🏻‍♀️ it’s is a journey though, not a destination. Sit back and enjoy the ride 😎
M O N D /\ Y Smoothie Love ❤️ @wearecombi
Açaì is LIFE! 💜 You can find the recipe for this bowl & so many more over on our website! Just click the link in our bio and find the ‘Recupe Video’ page 🌴🥥 Happy blending 💖
Absolutely lovin’ this ‘sweet + sour’ bowl by the BEAUTIFUL Lauren of @lmhallman 💖💚💖💚💖 Lauren always creates the most beautiful + inspiring smoothie bowls, so be sure to check them out on her feed 💕✨
After a long weekend of busy-ness I needed this one this morning! Breakfast smoothie! Cricket protein to power my day with dates, almond milk, cacao, frozen banana 🍌 and a handful of oats. I tipped with flaked almonds and goji berries for something to chew on and send all those eating signals to my body. Yum! #goodpantry #cricketpowder #cricketprotein #insectprotein #breakfastsmoothie #sustainablesuperfood #bethechange #organic #kidswantedit
Hold the Kahlua Chocolate Smoothie. Start the day off right with this delicious smoothie that’s full of fudgy-chocolate goodness. Great way to use our Cocoa Acaia Smoothie Booster which is buy one, get one free right now! Contact your Consultant to order! Epic tip: freeze almond milk as ice cubes ahead of time to help keep the smoothie icy cold when blending and provide a thicker consistency.
Mermaid nice cream cup 💦💦❄️🌊 📸 : @anettvelsberg
Breakfast of the AIP champions hahaha sorry have to make myself laugh! I'm so new to this diet. Breakfast is the hardest thing because almost everything I would normally eat for breakfast, I can't have for at least 30 days. #aip #inflammation #gettinit #doitfortheprocess #lifestylechanges #breakfastsmoothie #peaprotein