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BPI demo going now at The Montclair mall GNC until 6 pm located at 5090 S Montclair Plaza Ln, Montclair, Ca Come get your free BPi samples and get your questions answered. #bpination #bpidemorep #bpi_sports #bpi #GNCLiveWell
Hit a new PR today. 315x2 Naked. No straps. No brace. No bullshit. Happy to finally see my strength going up by the week. Ive been extremely strict on my dieting and staying on schedule with my lifting. Everyday I see progress with something. Whether its Physical or Mental, I bring postive outcomes each day.
Gym💪 & Pool 🏊‍♂️ day! There's a storm today so relaxing and recovering, drinking my #bpi coconut aminos by the pool. Anytime is a good time to rehydrate! 😊 #teambpi #bpiathlete #bpisports #ad #vacationmode #vacation #mexico
Haven’t posted one of these pics in a while so yeah 😂 For real though I really need to cut myself some extra gym tanks 😅
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There is no excuse to be bored. Go lift! When lifting any sort of upper body pull, think of your hands as clips. Don't squeeze with your grip, pull with your back. @ghostlifestyle . . Check out @dymatize @muscletech @bpi_sports. I use protein, BCAAs, and Clear Muscle from these brands 💪🏼 . . . Take time to take care of yourself! Stay hungry, stay healthy! #trusttheprocess #yougetinwhatyouputout . . . #abs #biceps #bpi #bpisports #crossfit #chest #fitness #fit #fitfam #fitspo #gym #bodybuilder #muscle #musclenation #nurse #ifbb #anatomy #nursing #musclepics #rolltide #manbun #jeep #npc #adidas #nike #muscletech #ghostlifestyle
Holding a lot of water because I didn't get near my usual intake yesterday:/ Usually I drink around 2 gallons. Also, the game plan for the next few months is to get up to a semi lean 200-205 and cut for the Arnold! Going to take the cut super slow. Sitting around 190 rn🙌🏻
The importance of having everything in your gym bag that you need to optimally be prepared for your session is important. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ So what is in my gym bag? 🤔 ✅Muscle Nation Electric Shaker ✅BPI Sports Supplements ✅Earphones ✅Wrist Wraps ✅Straps ✅Towel ✅Gum ✅Deodorant ✅Lifting Belt ✅Lacrosse Ball ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ So, what is in your gym bag? 🤔
Super quick & easy meal prep is up on the IG story! Go watch how I made this perfect Salmon before time runs out!! . This week I did something a little different for my meal prep. I didn't put my meals together for the week, instead I just made everything in bulk. My macros might be changing tomorrow depending on what I weigh so I'll be showing you how I put my meals together tomorrow! . Weighing out everything and putting it in its own container so each meal is ready is my favorite way to prep. It's a lot easier during the week to just grab and go, BUT this isn't the only way to have a successful meal prep. You can make everything in bulk and put your meals together the night before or day of too! Whatever works best for you schedule, as long as you've pre-planned your menu and food is cooked, your on the right path!
Happy Monday people!! New week, new goals so I hope you all smash them! Plus it’s leg day! Just over two more weeks of this cut so I look forward to the finishing product! 😁👌🏼🔪 #bpi #bpisports #teambpi #bpiathlete #bpidownunder #bpiaustralia #nsnz #nutritionsystems #ns #gym #bodybuilding #classicphysique #teampearce #fitness #fitnessmodel #goldenera #swole #ifbb #fitfam #instafit #flex #muscle #aesthetics #abs #lifestyle #diet #shredded #gains #lift
I Finally Did It! Wow I'm still speechless, one of my greatest moments of my life to finally make my dream come true to go up on stage and compete! It was a tough class with great competitors I knew I was coming in the smallest but i didn't let that get to me I showed the judges what 6 months of hard work and dedication got me from where I was at weighing in at 270! But I got 3rd place in my novice division, I'm satisfied and proud of what I got being my first time ever! I will forever cherish this moment for a long long time! The entire experience taught me so much about myself, consistency and balance! Time to get stronger, and build some more muscle and continue pushing for more! I still have a lot of goals in mind but going to take it one at a time! I really appreciate everyone that has been supporting me in this long journey of mine without y'alls motivation, spirit, words! My 2 great friends of mine well more like brothers to me @salcedo_95 @fitnessinspiredbynoel I really appreciate everything y'all have done can't wait to get a workout with y'all again! Time to get stronger and bulk up for next year and continue to push for more!