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Tea at the weekend on my big windowsill. Eucalyptus and lavender are my favourite scents in the house - I’ve been buying bundles (bushels?) and drying them out. It’s beginning to look vaguely like an apothecary but the Lefty Economist still maintains it has a “farmhouse” vibe so we’re good for the time being. What’s your favourite plant to keep around? • #darlingdaily #theweekoninstagram
I wanted to capture something about the mood of November so I gathered some vines and made a simple crown, and then tucked in a few rosebuds, kept closed by recent frost.
Good morning, friends. ☀️early Monday faffing; because I needed an excuse to make a mini wreath. Hope you’re having a good one out there. 🌿🌀☺️✂️🎶💨 #makingwinter #botanicalpickmeup #botanicalforagersunitedsocietyinc #katstitched #naturaldyeing #foreverfaffing #itsamoodyday #wreathmaker #searchwandercollect
Tuesday faffing. 🥀 #lovelydeadcrap
Autumn potpourri
Happy new week everyone xxx We have arrived safely in Namibia and are staying in a camp cottage near the border- tomorrow's we will drive to the capital Windhoek. I read in a travel blog that Namibia is the kind of place where you turn off your screen and watch the real life nature programme that will unfold around you and it's very good advice- we have watched a family of Pearl-spotted owlets 🦉in a tree right beside our cottage as we had breakfast, morning tea and lunch- and they seem to be studying us as much as we are studying them! My tiny owlet is in stories if you want a peak! Xxx . . . #moodforfloral #botanicalforagersunitedsocietyinc #vintagelaceandroses #click_vision #farmhousevintage #worldinbloom #embracingtheseasons #tv_stilllife #transfer_visions #thefloralseasons #inspiredbypetals #petalsandprops #petalsinprettyrings @traceyjhunter #antique_r_us #alltheprettyflorals #sundaysundries #slowfloralstyle #styleonstillness #seekinspirecreate #dsfloral #floralstories #lovely_squares_1 #ccseasonal #curated_nature #myflatlayandfinds #mymomentwithflowers #sweetvintageflorals #coffeeandseasons #teaandseasons
It’s begging to look a little festive around here. 🎄🎄🎄 Happy Monday everyone! Have an awesome week ahead!
Monday 🌿
FESTIVE FORWARD PLANNING Order your Christmas wreath today for delivery/collection between 1st & 14th December. Prices start from £40 for 10-inch frame (suitable for most standard doors). All handmade with moss and British foliage and foraged goodies. All are bespoke and different. No identikit décor here!
I think this grey Monday morning calls for a shot of colour! My week got off to a bad start: I was so busy thinking about all I had to do that I put the porridge in the microwave with no water. Even the smell of burnt oats wafting through the house didn’t alert me in time. There are several interpretations of this oversight - but I’m not sure I want to hear them! 😱😂
no Monday blues here
Small hands and hearts that demand we stop and appreciate the little things (like frosty leaves they want to make a collection of to keep 💔). #WHPthankful