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חזרה לשגרה 😎😎
No road is long with good company 👥💪 ____________________________ 🌐 www.calisthenicsgym.nl 📧 calisthenicsgym @gmail.com - #calisthenicsgym #calisthenics #motivation #training #hungry #bodyweight #pushups #pullups #squats #lunges #getfit #amsterdam - @calisthenicsgym
Play hard 🤸🏾‍♂️Workout harder✨💪🏽 💁ติดต่อสอบถามรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติมได้ ที่ 🌇 The FourWings Exclusive Club ชั้น6 โครงการ The Fourwings Residence ☎ 📞02-3207555 ต่อ 3024 🌇 ทุกวัน เวลา 09:00 - 21.00 น. @fourwingsfamilyresidence @grandfourwings @fourwingsexclusiveclub @theparkth.mall #sportclub #exercise #burn #calories #fourwingsresidence #absdominal #abblast #groupexercise #movements #personaltrainer #workout #functionaltraining #tonerworkout #calftoner #bodyweight #bodyworkout #fitness #motivation #overtraining #workout
🔜Stanchi del solito bianco e nero??? Oggi è martedì... Colorate la vostra giornata con L'ALLENAMENTO FUNZIONALE 😉💪🔝 Vi aspetto tutti i martedì ed i venerdì alle ore 14:30 presso la Sfera Fitness Club in via di Mezzogiorno loc Bicchio. PRIMA PROVA GRATUITA!!! Perciò buttati!!!! SALTA nel mondo funzionale e prova un nuovo modo di vivere l'allenamento! 😉 Contattami : 👍Noemi Gargiulo Functional Trainer 📱3284077874 ✉️noemi.gargiulo @outlook.it #allenanentofunzionale #functionaltraining #fitness #wellness #lifestyle #WeLoveFunctional #workout #lovemyjob #bodyweight #powerbags #rubberbands #suspensiontraining #kettlebelltraining #kettlebell #medballs #metodo #fitball
The fam, getting that bread 🍞🍞 #repsandsets #calisthenics #knoxxfitbrz @knoxxfitbrz_ Repost via @snooop_fam1st - w/ @repostwhiz app: #Repost @bino.pi ( @get_repost) ・・・ 💥💥MONDAY MOTIVATION💥💥 ••CHALLENGE COLLABORATION•• . . 👉 #️⃣PUSHandPULSE #️⃣MirrorMotivation 👈 . . This is a throwback to a previous #️⃣BinopiChallenge and this time I thought it would be FUN to have a friendly faceoff with my dude Snooop who is one of my major calisthenics motivators! Thanks for the support and an honor to be #️⃣ReppinTheBasics with you 🤝 with Real Work resulting in Real Results 💪💯🔥 . . •••CHALLENGE DETAILS••• (GOAL IS 10 FULL UNBROKEN SUPERSETS in 60 Seconds) 1. Start in Bottom OR Top push-up position. 2. Complete 5 FULL ROM push-up reps with lockout at top. 3. Complete 5 push pulse reps with FULL LOCKOUT at Top of 5th Pulse rep (full top lockout of 5th pulse rep DOES NOT count as a push-up rep for next set) 4. REPEAT for max sets in 60 SECONDS 🎶 Check the Rhime by A Tribe Called Quest 🎶 . . #️⃣IG60 SCORECARD . . CHALLENGER 1 Snooop @snooop_fam1st 🥇 5 push-ups and 2 pulse reps in 10th set = 50 push-ups + 47 pulse reps (TOTAL REPS COUNT 97) CHALLENGER 2 Bino @bino.pi 🥈 5 push-ups and 0 pulse reps in 9th set = 45 push-ups + 40 pulse reps (TOTAL REPS COUNT 85) . . NOW THAT YOU'VE SEEN THIS WHO WILL YOU CHALLENGE THAT MOTIVATES YOU? . . . . . #Binopi #barbarians
Mais um workout finalizado e dessa vez em jejum e me sentido com a corda toda. Quem disse que treinar de jejum não faz bem? Depende da sua força mental e da duração do treino. Quem disse que o jejum dá mais energia para treinar? Acertou "miserávi", mas uma preparação mental é importantíssima, além de beber muita água e se ocupar. Assim o "tempo passa" e em breve você volta a se alimentar. O que fica de lição? Mais que a superação da expectativa é o fato de que a alimentação deve nos servir e não ao contrário. Devemos comer para viver e viver bem, e não viver para comer e comer bem. Para o atleta, comer bem não é a quantidade de comida, nem seu preço ou até mesmo a variedade (inciantes na nutrição cetogênica entenderão), mas sim a qualidade do que se come e do porque se come isso ou aquilo. A qualidade vem antes do sabor e acreditem que ao se primar pela qualidade se descobre sabores nunca antes imaginados. #freeletics #bodyweight #treino #jejum24h #jejum #desafiojejum #freeleticsbodyweight #nutricao #cetogenica #atleta
Today for breakfast was Oatmeal with Raspberries & Honey 🌸😋
5 reps seems to be my max strict chin up strenght at the moment. Pull ups even less. One would expect 8 years of poledancing to give better head start on this crossfit thingy! 😅🤔😭 #chinups #bodyweight #training #crossfit #workout #northenginecrossfit #nothingcomesforfree
Trx / my Favorite 💪
I know why I still can't do these without the help of @lift.themovement and it's not a lack of strength, a lack of mobility, or fear. It's a lack of practise. Being inconsistent at anything means you'll either never get it or it'll take you much longer than you'd like. Whatever you are trying to accomplish, do something towards it daily. It's not new or revolutionary information but if you ask anyone how they got to be good at something meeting they'll tell you they chipped away at it every single day. On a slightly obscure nutritional side note, healthy connective tissue is essential for gymnastics movements (and life generally!) while not much research has been done into nutritional interventions for connective tissue health, a study by Keith Baar showed that development of connective tissue can be improved by taking on a combination of vitamin C and protein pre training - particularly gelatin as it's made up of proteins similar to that of collagen which is what tendons/ligaments are made of too. Not surprising considering protein is pretty essential for maintaining life (not just bodybuilding folks!) I probably wouldn't advise nailing a bag of jelly babies pre session but if you're super serious about developing your connective tissue strength either to rehabilitate/protect from injury every little helps and it could be worth looking to ensure you're getting adequate amounts of these nutrients in your diet. Study link in bio. . . . . . . . #nutrition #performance #muscleup #practise #strength #connectivetissue #tendons #food #fuel #gymnastics #bodyweight #tuesdaytips
Redd gimmie the loot! 💰💰 #repsandsets #calisthenics #knoxxfitbrz @knoxxfitbrz_ @realcalisthenics Repost via @pullupparkjam - w/ @repostwhiz app: ⁣​ONE MORE REP MONDAY: Inspired by @bino.pi @snooop_fam1st and @nilgun_mansuri_ 💥THROWBACK CHALLENGE💥 **Challenge Details** 1. Start in Bottom or Top push-up position. 2. Complete 5 FULL ROM push-up reps with lockout at top! 3. Complete 5 Push Pulse reps with FULL LOCKOUT at Top of 5th Pulse rep (full top lockout of 5th pulse rep DOES NOT count as push-up rep for next set) 4. REPEAT for Max Sets in 60 seconds 🎶 @jayelectronica - Exhibit C🎶 SCORECARD: ( @snooop_fam1st CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG) 50 FULL ROM reps 50 Pulses timing out after my 10th Pulse set. #pullupparkjam
In all reality it’s you vs you, now that you know there is a #calisthenics competition of this caliber you can now test yourself and see where you fall in among a lot of calisthenics competitors. Your whole body, heart and will is going to be tested and tell you what your strength and weakness are. On Oct 29 we are throwing our 3rd #elitecalisthenicscompetition that will only consist #repsandsets. The best overall 3 winners will podium and earn our custom #️⃣knoxxfitbrz trophy and the bragging rights to say that they are the fittest calisthenics athlete. If anybody begs to differ they got to come and compete at our Comp. Come show some support to some real ones for stepping outside of their comfort zones at #thebarathletics 678 Alfred noble drive hercules Ca 94547. Athletes be here by 1130-12 comp starts at 1pm with or with out you. #knoxxfitbrz
Got the go-ahead to start doing some light cycling and some body weight work. #resetreadjustrestart #focus #listentoyourbody #comebackkid #fitfam #liftlife #bodyweight #4amclub