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Clayton’s first vest, not much bigger than my hand. He was over three weeks old when he got out of his incubator and into a heated cot, which meant into clothes for the first time. I see you Mamas and daddies - the ones who are learning how to put on nappies through a plastic box and copious wires, the ones who haven’t held their babies yet, the ones who didn’t get to be the first person to feed your baby and the ones who feed through syringes and tubes. I see you crying when you have to leave them at night, I feel your heartbreak when you are told they still aren’t ready to go home, and I empathise with the pang of jealousy when you see other people carry their babies away the same day they gave birth. I understand your fear of hurting your tiny babe and the anguish of having to ask a doctor or nurse if you can hold your child. I know your worry, I know your pain. It’s going to be ok. #worldprematurityday #prematurityawareness #prematurity #blisscharity #prematurityis
Today was world prematurity day, Today we celebrated all the amazing babies, born too soon. I was planning to do a big write up, but instead, if you are lucky enough to know a prem child, you will know how truely incredible they are, how they nothing but strength and determination, how they continue to leave you in awe every single day, this little guy is my reason. Im so blessed to have him as my son. He teaches me every day to be strong, kind, silly, patient. I love you little man. #prembaby #prematurityis #blisscharity #worldprematurityday
Today is a very important day for many parents around the world. For some, like me, it’s a day full to the brim of gratitude. For others, it’s a day to publicly remember their angels who didn’t make it. • My gorgeous George was 2lb 11oz when he was born. He was and still is the strongest and most resilient person I know. He is a little fighter and a bloody great big superstar. • He challenged every health belief I held. He shook my philosophical underpinnings to the core. I doubted myself, I doubted the body’s intelligence. I prayed to God (I’ve never been religious) & someone, somewhere, listened. • My beautiful big boy is now 4 years old, and into everything. Where has the time gone? 😍
World prematurity day! My tiny little baby has grown into the most amazing little boy! Saying thanks for every machine that helped keep him with us and to every person who kept him safe! #worldprematurityday #blissbabes #blisscharity
my two favourite females- so proud of both for their strength and completely amazed by my sissy, born too soon when technology was nowhere near as impressive as it is now. #worldprematurityday #borntoosoon #blisscharity
Today is World Prematurity Day! This little monkey was born at 29weeks weighing a tiny 2lb. I'm so proud of how much of a determined, caring and bossy little Madame she has become almost 7 years later! #prematurebaby #bliss #blisscharity #prematurityawareness #worldprematurityday #premmie #baby #babygirl
Big love 💕 to all those Mamas whose babies were in a rush to meet you. It’s an isolating time when your newborn baby isn’t beside you. Check out the bliss charity who provide much needed support to parents of premature babies #blisscharity #worldprematurityday #littlefighters
On World Prematurity Day I’m taking a moment to feel grateful that we’ve got to 35 weeks, so close to the 37 week “fully baked” point. Thinking of all you mamas whose babies have been in a rush to meet you and arrived early!! 💗 If you’ve not heard of @blisscharity before then check them out. They provide much needed support and information for families of premature babies. . . . . . . . . #worldprematurityday #nationalprematurityday #blisscharity #pregnant #pregnancy #35weeks #babybump #fashionblogger #fblogger #maternitystyle #maternityfashion #maternity #pregnancyfashion #pregnancystyle #thebumpedit #prematurityls
World Prematurity Day. I’ve had the honour of meeting a fair number of premi babies through my job and through friends....one thing that stands out to me is how strong and feisty they all are. I’ve also seen how amazing all of our NHS midwives, neonatal nurses and doctors are at caring for and supporting these tiny lives and their families. And finally how much love, strength, patience and trust a parent really has in them when at the end of the day it’s all they have to give. #worldprematurityday #prematurebaby #blisscharity #prematurityawareness #prematurity #prematurityis #bornearly #morethanbeingborntoosoon #tinybaby #premibaby
World prematurity day #premie #alfie #hero #blisscharity 💜💜💜💜
Today we celebrate World Prematurity Day. We celebrate all those little souls who arrived a bit or a lot before they were meant to. We celebrate their strength and how much they cling to life. We celebrate the strength and eternal love of their parents. And we celebrate how much a tiny human being can change the life of his or her parents. Some of these tiny babies manage to leave hospital, some sadly don't. It is a rollercoaster of emotions for their parents, their doctors, nurses. Today I think about all of you tiny souls. ❤ @blisscharity #worldprematurityday #prematurebaby #blisscharity #prematurityis #preemiepower #preemiebaby #prematurebaby #premature #preemie #preemiestrong #premature