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I'm free to be me for the first time in forever. #queenofinspiration #blacktranseverything #transisbeautiful
Secret time: Every time I see @kavi_ade I high key want to move back to Philly. (Don't tell them.) #BlackTransBoiJoy #BlackTransMagickal #PerformancePoet #Gay #blacktranseverything #Poet #PoetsofInstagram #Philly
I need more moments like this ✊🏾 #BigUNO #BlackTransMenOfIG #BlackTransExcellence #BlackTransEverything
I would love your help getting back home to Seattle ($165) and making up my back rent until I get paid at the end of the month ($350). Cash.me/$thedejaspeaks YouCaring.com/thedejaspeaks I'm always fundraising because I decided my life would not wait until I was on anyone's salary--even my own. I'm always fundraising because when I have, it's never a question of if I give and share--just how much and when. I'm always fundraising because I was raised in a tradition, a household, a country and a community that "l'Union fait la force." I'm not ashamed of asking for money or for help or for handouts. There's nothing shameful about asking for and receiving what you want. Note, I said what I WANT. I've been homeless for over 5 years and frequently hungry and jobless in that time. Life and circumstance have shown me what I NEED to exist, and it's the bare minimum. I will never settle for only asking for what I need. Only asking for what we need is so much less than we all deserve, in community, and as individuals. ▫️▫️▫️ Styled by @kurvesincolor Purse by @iamkreyol Dress by @forever21plus Earrings by @paylessshoesource #iamkreyol #fanmdjanm #transisbeautiful #girlslikeus #tgirlsrock #tgirlsdoitbetter #blacktranseverything #blacktransexcellence #forever21plus #forever21 #thesecurves #thisbody #goldenconfidence #welllookontheplusside #effyourbeautystandards #plussizefashion #plussize #curvy #ootd #bodypositive #plusmodelmag #EmbodyMyBeauty #styles4plus #Thefullersideofthings #plusisequal #fullfigured #critson
#QueerMagick (my workshop) was everything I had ever dreamed of. This work is vital, this work is crucial. I will continue to do this work and I know there will always be a place and always be the means to support me and support my community! #AyitiNanKayLa #HaitianAndTrans #TransAndMagical #FatBlackTransAndStillBreathing #AYIBOBO #SELAH #GirlsLikeUs #BlackTransEverything
I don't always see my strength, I don't always feel strong, most times I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. I'm really just out here trying to make the best of this time on earth. I often feel like my soul ain't new to this shit but this body is.... I'm running low on energy and I'm not sure what keeps me going. I have to keep reminding myself that I matter, I matter no matter who keeps telling me I don't. I am #BlackTransExcellence ... I am #BlackTransEverything ✊🏾 Shirt by @dreamdeferreddesigns .... get you one πŸ”₯
Had to appreciate this moment of Black Joy my sib Eli captured of me dancing & being care free yesterday #Boihood #Thankful πŸ™ #BlackTransEverything #AggressiveSelfLove #unconditionalallignment #unconditionallove #DivineLove #Healer #Healing #Healed #BlackJoy #CarefreeBlackBoi
Today is the day! #1 an interview that may change my life. (Send prayers, gifs, and well wishes!) #2 I'm traveling across the country to present at the 16th annual Philly Trans Health Conference! (Send money!) I'm fundraising at YouCaring.com/TheDejaSpeaks because all of the costs associated with my work fall on me. Of course what it takes just to sustain my wellbeing and have a place to sleep and food to eat. And ten specific to something like traveling to WORK FOR FREE, the costs of transportation to and from, to get around, food to eat (cause cooking may or may not be an option depending on where you end up staying), getting Lyft and taxis from point A to B because you're in foreign cities and countries and still have to keep to a schedule and safety matters and you have materials and tools to transport with you, meals between and throughout your stops, paying people for letting you stay with them and replace any food you eat while in their house and utilities used, paying for tools and materials and equipment that may be too big or heavy or fragile to travel with on a plane but you'll need to do your work anyway. I do this work for love. I do this work for community. I do this work because I believe in the mission of Philadelphia Trans Health and other organizations like it (pitifully few though they may be). I believe that people and institutions that serve the public should be educated and outfitted to serve trans people in our communities with the same equity and respect anyone else can expect. So we teach, we train, we write and perform and feed the system. Because someone is paying attention that may not have gotten a chance to speak for themselves yet. Because providers, family members, communities should be educated in a space setup for education and training like this than have the burden of knowledge, proof, and labor fall to trans people in their lives and in their work who are already IN crisis and then have to educate everyone around them on their humanity and worthiness for the support we all need to live our best lives. So I do this work and often I do it for free. And I fundraiser because living, hell even surviving, isn't free.