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Happy 17th birthday to my not so baby sister, @mayaelyse15! I'm still having a hard time believing the baby of the crew is a senior in high school and one year away from being legal 😭 Thank you for being an amazing sister and an even more awesome Auntie to your niece/sister (😂) Jordyn. We love you, Mayacita! I pray you have the best birthday ever! 🎉🎈
cleaning out my computer and just came across this photo. Leo turns 2 in exactly 1 week and I'm all choked up about it! 😭😭😭
Good morning superstars!!! Starting my Monday with a cup of @joecoffeecompany because its right back to building my business and helping as many people as I can change their lives for the better! Make today great on purpose! #blingagain #momprenuer #bossmom
I work hard to have a kind kid. God helps a little too. Shout out to God. ✌🏽Your mean ass kid aint gonna derail all this work. Got it kid? #judgeyourself rp @scarymommy 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 #wotm #wm #yoga #honestparenting #honestmotherhood #yogamom #mommyblogger #yogisofig #browngirlblogger #boymom #preschooler #namaste #counselor #educator #blackyogi #marriedlife #meditativemom #blkcreatives #mindfulMOMing #matermea #munamommy #blackmomsblog
Today Warrior Princess has her six month early intervention check-up. I'm not sure if that's what it's called 🤔 but we are going to look at the goals set at her first eval and then make new six month goals that will be reassessed in December. She's grown and done so much! I remember how nervous I was that first meeting, just four weeks after bringing her home. I wondered if I was doing everything I could and I knew getting her set up with services was the first step of many. Both she and I have benefitted so much. I know my Warrior Princess is going to keep being amazing. ☺️💕✨
#Firstdayofschool soooo this happened 😢😢 I guess he's not so little anymore. I held out as long as I could. I knew school would affect breastfeeding so I wanted to wait and also I jus didn't feel a need at first.... but now im spent. I work nights and then come home to him... my husband is rushing out the door for work when I come in and then I may get at most an hour of sleep a day and then back to work. There have been many days where I was up 72 hours straight. The last draw was when I almost put nasal drops into my patient's eye.... it was only saline but still. If it was smthn else it could hv blinded him. I'm tired of sleep walking at work. So here goes... He was fine when I left the classroom but after filling out paperwork 20 mins later I heard him crying. This is his nap time as well... ugh my heart broke but I watched from the door and made sure he couldn't see me. I didn't cry tho.... I felt it coming but I sucked it back up like a G... lol. Pray for us y'all
What kid wouldn't want such a dope room? Passion + Inspiration = Creation 📷 @toonnyvision #kidsroomdecor #nurserydecor #nurseryinspo #blacknwhite_perfection #toddlerlife #boombox #kidsbedroom