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#turkishfollowers Cesareti olmayan insanları sevmeyin. Onlar sadece gitmesini bilir, sevmesini değil. R.N.Güntekin @nevinyagmurcom
Reb-bellied woodpecker doing a little grocery shopping.
He will eat everything except actual food that is good for him😂
Another one. @jakeashfield_ I can't stop
Props to all the birders out there. The amount of patience and persistence needed to get a decent photograph of these guys is too much for me. Tried to get pics of a bird-of-paradise but I didn’t have a super telephoto lens. Also saw a couple of wompoo fruit doves, numerous flocks of cockatoos and red-tailed black cockatoos (which are the most annoying birds on the planet IMO).
Nature is such an amazing creature. #birds #birding #nature #life
Where is your mom ?