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Have you ever seen Justin?
Ha ha true 😂😂💜💜💜💜💜😍😍 #belieber #biebs #JB #justinbieber #true #💜
So happy one of my favorites from @nbcthevoice won!! You deserved it @chrisblive 💙
the girl in the back is me on so many levels 😩 @justinbieber
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Well goodnight everyone... Hoping and praying for better days as I fall asleep 🙏🏼❤
short hair DONT CARE follow me on twitter : @purposeoreo#justinbieber #mylove #belieber #biebs #bieberfever #loml
Good morning😁
Lmaoo , @bizzlememe 👈
So much love for this boyyy ♥️
Algún día, te voy a conocer. 💛 @justinbieber
Short Hair, DON'T CARE 😳 @justinbieber
¡Dios! Ya quisiera yo pintar tan bonito ❤😯 Mencionen mucho a Jus ❤ 🎨by: @pintorjuanmanueldelgado @justinbieber
💡Tuesday's Tip of the Day💡: Sing it with me: #DESPACITO 🎼🎤😍🤗 • Yep, today's insight is brought to you by Justin Bieber and friends. Because that song is *still* 24/7 in my head (and because I love me some #biebs). So, why not? • "Despacito" translates to "slowly". 👌🏽Now, *that's* what I'm talkin' bout. 😁 • LOLZ. Okay, okay. Although I speak decent Spanish, I truly don't understand half of what they're saying. Still. While the Biebs and Luis Fonsi are more likely sangin' about 'taking it reealll slow in a different context 😏😏, their charming application of the slow approach got me 🤔🤓 of the beauty of #theprocess. • In the end, regardless of context, the slow and steady game is always a winning strategy. • Those things (businesses, projects, relationships, strength or physique results especially) that have been built too fast, usually go byebye even faster. On the flip side, when we reach goals through #cultivation (🤤😏😛 my favorite word), consistency, the action-feedback-edit cycle, and time, our achievements stay and feel the most fulfilling. • Even yummier: Through the slow and steady process we #learn, #grow, #internalize, #own our experience, and #uplevel our #strength and ability to #persist. • These days, my philosophy is always to choose what is #sustainable and #balanced. It's not always easy, but I do my best to think twice about the urgency I feel to make a particular result happen, like, NOW. For example, getting "that body" ASAP, jumping on offers for quick 💰(ones that don't align with ❤️ or my purpose), or making a hasty decision because of #fomo. • Instant gratification is cool to have. But what's ever awesomer are long-term lasting wins. • What's the trick to balancing instant gratification with time-earned fulfillment? I dunno. I'm not #yoda. But something tells me the key is loving the process, committing to the long-haul, enjoying dat slow dance, and smiling our way through with #patiencepatiencepatience. • And shaking dat booty to Bieber jams helps too. 🤗😬 • Love you long time, Lara 🙏🏽✨ • #tuesdaystipoftheday #strengthbeyondfitness #mindandmuscle #personaltrainer #mind #muscle #movement #fitness #accountability #success #coach
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Hola, soy Justin, Justin Bieber, siéntate toma unos bocadillos, porque estoy a punto de contarte la historia de mi ojo, de mi conjuntivitis para ser exactos. #welcometoyourtape @justinbieber
Nadie nunca entenderá el amor que tengo hacia ti... 💛 @justinbieber
Cosas estúpidas: Estar en pleno 2017 y que aún digan "Justin Bieber es Gay" 😐 Eso, eso es estúpido. @justinbieber
Ciclo de vida de una Belieber: Naces, creces, te haces belieber, cantas el coro de "As Long As You Love Me", y mueres por falta de aire 😛💛 @justinbieber
Ya me estás gustando más de lo normal ❤😳 @justinbieber
Por si no les quedó claro, Justin tiene conjuntivitis 😂😯 @justinbieber
A nadie, nadie ❤😳 @justinbieber
What in the holy fuck did you do to your stomach?! Where else am I supposed to get my fix of 15 year old abs without getting arrested? Whhhhhyyyy. 😂😂😂 #justinbieber #biebs #whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyy #ohfuckthatsugly
"Circling random stuff in a post gives you more likes" Well let's see
This sexiness really should not be allowed on this planet 🙈🤓😍 way too much for my hormones to handle ... LMAO ! YUMMMMMM #biebs #yum #want #mine #hi @justinbieber #lawl #boyfriend #hub #tattoos #guyswithink #christianboys #socute #jesus
With all of that tragic stuff going on I think we all need some positivity. So here's a meme
why did you leave me here to burn? i'm way too young to be this hurt 💔