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Alway be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.
Oi meus amores, como vocês estão? 💗 Eu peço perdão pelo sumiço, mas tudo ta uma correria aqui e o fuso não ajuda 😩 Felizmente, toda aquela nuvenzinha negra das primeiras semanas está passando 🙌🏻 A dor de cabeça que a TAP me trouxe foi imensa, mas agora tá tudo se encaminhando haha 🙏🏻Ah e o baque com a língua na faculdade foi terrível nos primeiros dias, mas agora as coisas já estão caminhando melhor. Na verdade, tenho sorte de ter tantas pessoas boas ao meu redor (né, @carla.torresd?) e não posso me queixar de nada. Sabe aquela história de francês ser frio e distante!? Não tem nada a ver. Todos estão sendo uns amores comigo por aqui 😊 Tenho até uma tutora na faculdade que não desgruda de mim e me ajuda com todas as minhas dúvidas haha Qualquer dia desses faço um vídeo contando tudoo pra vocês 😚 . . . . . . . . . . #tbt #throwback #throwbackthursday #manauscity #manaus #bordeaux #bordeauxmaville #crossfit #crossfitter #crossfitgirls #crossfitter #paleo #lchf #lc #lowcarb #lowcarbhighfat #lowcarbgirl #beyourself #beyourselfalways #bepositivealwaysandgoodthingswillhappen #bepositive #beyourselfeveryoneelseisalreadytaken #begrateful #gratidao #brasileirosnomundo #positividade #fitgirl #beyourown #crossfitbrasil #crossfitfrance
Gosh you guys I am just so ecstatic right now - weight isn't everything BUT I got on the scale today and saw the LOWEST number I've ever seen 😱🎊 I will share more about it with you tomorrow 💕 I have simplified my plan + it is working wonders on my mindset and my body ⚡️ I seem to over complicate things 😒 and over think things and make things so much harder than they need to be 🤷🏼‍♀️I mean that's WHY I've been on this journey for 10 years lol 😂 and I finally had a sit down convo with my hubby during our weekly Sunday meeting 2 weeks ago & we had a come to Jesus moment lol 😆 basically I was making things so difficult on myself and feeling like I was never doing enough to see results - which made me frustrated + overwhelmed - which then made me self sabotage 🤦🏼‍♀️ I know I'm not alone in this 😉 I know I'm not the only one that has felt this way 😜 so we talked about it + decided to go back to basics, simplify my approach + allow myself to fully commit to a plan that I can work daily - without over complicating it 🌿 Well it's only been 1.5 weeks of fully working this plan & the results are astonishing to me - I am just blown away by how much my body is changing, and how much my mentality is changing 😳 I can't believe that I am seeing BETTER results now by working SMARTER and not harder - by simplifying instead of over complicating ✨ I can't wait to share more with you tomorrow 🎉 Also remember enrollment is NOW OPEN for my Virtual October FitBabes Group 👻FRIGHTFULLY FIT👻 that starts Monday October 2nd 🎃 if you're ready to commit to a SIMPLE + easy to follow plan - if you work it day in and day out for 21 days I promise you'll lose 5-15 pounds in 3 weeks ⚡️ obvi depending on HOW much weight you have to lose + how HARD you push yourself 🖖🏼 this is hard work, this isn't some bullshit quick fix, or magical wrap or shake - you won't starve yourself, you won't spend hours in a gym ✌🏼 you can spend 30 mins a day pushing yourself with your workouts + focusing on an amazing PCS CLEAN eating plan (plant based or not) 🌿 and checking in daily - shoot me a message or fill out the link in my bio for the deetz 💕
She's a mess of gorgeous chaos and you can see it in her eye's- One of the best photo shoot so far. Having my sister allow me to Photographer her and her horse 💜 #horsephotography #photoshoot #photography #horses #reddress #lifeisbeautiful #lifestylephotography #fall #beyourselfalways
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Немного о себе. Я из тех людей, которые очень сильно чувствуют энергетику окружающих. Не составляет труда отличить правду от лжи🌗 Даже если буду со стороны казаться наивной и глупой, я всегда знаю правду и делаю соответствующие выводы🙃Это чувство меня ещё ни разу не подводило. Так не хочется снова и снова разочарововаться в человеке..🤷🏼‍♀️ Поэтому я не могу сразу открываться. Моя глупость заключается в том, что я ожидаю и от других людей искренности. Но люди все настолько разные..👐🏼 Этот аспект тоже нужно учитывать. Поэтому когда мы находим родственникую душу - мы счастливы. Мы отдаем свою энергетику и получаем удвоение взамен. Нам абсолютно не важна игра "внешнего" мира🤹🏼‍♀️🎲 Просто чаще улыбайтесь. Меньше лгите. Больше помогайте другим, просто так. Нам не за что ненавидеть этот мир потому, что все зависит только от нас🖤 #goodnight #thoughts #nightthoughts #dontplay #beyourselfalways #nolie #alwayssmile #boraborabeachclubanapa #justme
This double driftwood bracelet went to a lovely lady in Boulder this past weekend! #fireflyhandmadefallmarket @fireflyhandmade