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I’m so glad Cheryl’s mum caved in. As Cheryl really needed that action of live in her life, after all the trauma of the first season and now Nick she needed someone to rely on and to love her💓But wait, THE NEXT EPISODE IS NEXT WEDNESDAY☹️I FEEL CHEATED ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * Follow @riverdale.lover.for.life @thecwriverdale #cherylblossom #penelopeblossom #bettycooper #veronicalodge #archieandrews #jugheadjones
I'm not done with you. Not even close. #riverdale #bettycooper #veronicalodge #jugheadjones #archieandrews
Agree or disagree?? Thoughts? ✗ ❝I’m so happy Toni and jughead didn’t become a serious thing. And she told him she is mainly into girls. So now bring on Toni and Cheryl!!❞ ✗ None of these confessions/opinions are mine. Feel free to dm your confession/opinion about riverdale!
paisley grace nixon 🗽♡ - [comment an unpopular opinion for a tbh!] sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. lil tease. loves to shower people in love and affection. k’s girl. very understanding of any situation. hates swear words. 5’3 college girl studying photography, so i can stare longer at your cute face. will call you cute pet names. princess in disguise. sensitive. kinda shy, but kinda hyper. always types in caps unless she’s sad or mad. hates yelling and fighting. loves all kinds of music! she loves late night drives and relaxing on a beach. loves puppies, cuddling, bubble baths, and cute boys. say hello! i need a ton of adorable friends.
Hi! A few things: 1. I'm gonna start actually captioning yay! 2. Sorry for not posting for a WHILE, I'm trying to catch up. 3. Tagging people is a struggle so sorry if I don't give proper credit, I try my best. 4. I've saved Soo many posts it's not even funny, so I am always in stock, but I might accidentally repost soo, sorry about that. 5. I'm growing! So please try to help out and share :) 6. Season 2 is a WOAH, let's discuss in the comments👇👇 :) #daddy #colesprouse #jughead #riverdale #daddysprouse #juggy #lilireinhart  #camilamendes #kjapa #caseycott #cole #archiecomics #josieandthepussycats #rivervixens #bettycooper #veronicalodge #cherylblossom #archieandrews #jasonblossom #madelainepetsch #daddyaf @colesprouse @dylansprouse @lilireinhart @madelame @camimendes @caseycott @kjapa @marisolnichols @iamamurray @haleaulaw @melton @thecw @thecwriverdale @skeetme1 @madchenamick @natboltt @trevor_stines @robraco @vanessamorgan @bettyandveronica