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That’s crossfit all day! The mentality and camaraderie is on another level. Teammates will make sure you don’t quit! #crossfit #nocompetition #crossfitlife #boxlife #motivation #bebetter #staystrong #loveyourself #betteryou #team
Addressing weak areas, focusing on building a better physique from year to year. If you are looking to get back on track with your fitness, wanna improve your training, wanting to lose weight and be the healthiest best looking version of you; dm me or email me and teamgrisling @gmail.com... Spots are limited
“But I don’t know what I am doing” 😩 . Here’s the thing with excuses... They are there to tempt you to quit! . 💥The only thing YOU should quit is making excuses 💥 . YOU will never know what you are doing unless YOU learn and implement what YOU learn . #nomoreexcuses #quitmakingexcuses #justshowup #fitnesstips
Double Sessions = Double Feed 💥 My personal guide and recommendation to a healthy and nutritious lifestyle would be to follow the 80/20 rule ✌🏼This means 80% of your weekly diet should be filled with wholesome and nutritious food and the other 20% being filled with fun and flexible foods #TreatMeals 💯 By following this 80/20 approach to #Nutrition we are satisfying our bodies with the requirements for optimum functionality while also satisfying our minds with food we just can’t resist as treats - This will ultimately lead to long term #Sustainability 🍰 - #Health #Fitness #Lifestyle #Diet #Nutrition #BetterYou #Discipline #LetsGo
I've had a few careers in my life. All of which required me to put my big girl panties on, banish my fears, and repeatedly force myself to face the very things I was most afraid of. For example, when I was an actress, I struggled big time with body issues. But as a leading lady, love scenes go hand in hand -so… in order to succeed, I had to will myself to push through constantly. I did this by focusing solely on the end goal, and allowing myself to feel the fear but, not get stuck by it. In order to make my dreams come true, I had to cultivate the ability to face my fears and be okay with vulnerability. When it comes to fear, the only way out is through. So…. Today, before the day is over, ask yourself, what’s the fear? Where and why do I want to be braver? Then spend a few minutes getting present to how you’re currently protecting yourselves from vulnerability. What is your armor? Perfectionism? Cynicism? Numbing? Control? Intellectualizing? That’s where I started. It’s not an easy walk into that arena, but it’s where we come alive. Should you need help doing so…Support & guidance is just a click away…livelimitlessly.com #skysthelimit #livelimitlessly
EXTENDED!! BUY 2 GET 1 FREE! Missed it yesterday! It's been extended till tonight 11:59 central!! Check my link 👇👇👇 message me if you like and I'd be happy to hook you up! #raspberrylemonade #max #keto//os #betteryou #fuelsource #feelbetter #brainfuel
Good morning!! Some things I'm thankful for... My boyfriend, my dog, my home, animals in general, and my "it works" buisness! A little extra $$$ for Christmas, a little extra $$ for my trip in January! Great products that I love to use myself, and helping improve other's lives by helping them earn a little extra money just by working off their phone, and by introducing then to some great products!! If you haven't tried ANY of my products, I invite you to! You all know I talk about them enough! Lol. It's because I love them too! I'll feel better throughout the day if I have my coffee or greens! I love my hair skin and nails, I HAVE noticed a difference while on them, seriously, they're amazing! I love the face peel, you can feel it working, and I'm so excited to try the face cleanser I just ordered!! My ONLY regret....? Not ordering more with this last sale!! :'( they had a HUGE sale, and although I got a few things (one being a Christmas gift for someone else) I should've gotten more! Holidays are on us, Christmas is near! Do you need amazing gift ideas, or want to earn a little extra $$ yourself?! Get on this! P.s. keto coffee with a dash of chocolate greens is amazing! ;)
KRAMPLARA PÜSKÜRT GİTSİN!💦 Magnesium Oil Saf #Mineral Oral #Sprey _____ 👉 #Kas kramplarını azaltmada #doğal ve etkili çözüm! 👉 #Hamilelik ve #Emzirme dönemlerinde güvenle kullanım. 👉Tablet ve kapsüllere göre 5 kata kadar daha hızlı emilim! 👉 #Vejetaryen lerin ve #vegan ların kullanımına uygundur. _____ #magnezyum #hamile #gebelik #annesağlığı #anne #annebebek #sancı #sağlık #sağlıklıyaşam #kramp #kasağrısı #BetterYou #MedforsFarma
💯 Push yourself. You got this.💪
💯 Stunning in pink😍
💯 Love this pink and white outfit.