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so i might start to post pics like this of the boys because i really like editing photos but i’ll still post the memes. :)
Name a song more rad and I'll send you a sticker bundle* . . #bestsongever #acdc #bonscott #ripMalcomYoung #partywithmepunker #getRadtoday #bmx #lifelibertyradness #music #stoked *none more rad
It's sabotage now I keep praying you'd leave me alone (leave me alone) But she keeps waiting outside me home I got an angel on the left, Saying don't give in but the devil on the right saying let her in She won't stop kicking down my door Whoa Each time I try to play the good girl I let myself get in the way I try so hard to fight the bad girl Shes here to stay It's sabotage now, over and over again It's sabotage all, over and over again It's sabotage all, over and over again Now my heart is broken all over again Sabotage now I love this song because it has a true meaning. When you go out to clubs or to a party, you have your angel on 1 side and the devil on the other side and your trying to stay with the angel but of course the devil is saying it's time to play. So it all depends on what your going to do. #pandora #clubmusic #dancemusic #listeningtomusic #greatmusic #musicislife #loveit #lovelovelove #music #song #popmusic #oldiebutagoodie #ilovepopmusic #popsong #dancesong #sabotage #kristiniadebarge #ilovethissong #greatsong #bestsongever
I’m not friends with this interviewer 🤦‍♀️. please read!! TRUTH TIME: I am not a fan of BTS. They did sound good last night though. I appreciate the way they handled this interview denying that they are not bigger than the boys. Also I’m really super proud of Niall ~mb @bts.bighitofficial @niallhoran @onedirection
Love this song soooooo much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #feelingemotional #sad #bestsongever #playitoverandover #myfavorite
Chapter 18. Shawn's POV (OMG, HE IS HERE. FINALLY! ARE YOU EXCITED? YES? NO? OKAY bye, let's get into this story) I just loved being on tours and meeting fans. It was just the best feeling ever. I was also glad, cause it was in LA, that way, I could also go to the studio, since I was working on my next album. I had a lot on my plate, but that didn't bother me too much, the problem was that I didn't have much time for myself. I sigh as I walked past the recording room, it was one of my favorite places in the studio. I opened the door and got in. Andrew was having a meeting with Wood to talk about my next single. I heard someone hum and looked, there was a girl in the room. Her eyes were closed, so she couldn't see me. I sat down, eager to get my mind of things. She started singing and I was literally blown away, her voice was just so...perfect. She was completely lost in the song, it was one of my favorite songs: foggy love story, by Zaraka. (A/n Not a real song, by the way, well at least not a published one, back to the story) As she sang the last note, I couldn't help it and started clapping. She blushed and looked over. D- Ohmygod! S- Sorry if I startled you, your voice was so beautiful that I couldn't help but listen. D- YOU ARE S...SHAWN M...MENDES. OH MY GOSH, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. S- I take it you are a big fan. D- You have no idea how happy I am right now. She hugged me so tight, that my poor lungs started begging for mercy. D- I can't believe I met my husband! S- So we are married? D- I said that out loud, didn't I? S- Yes, but it's fine don't worry. D- Sorry, it's just that I'm so exited to meet you. I knew you were in LA but I thought that because of your tour, you wouldn't be coming here. Sorry, I keep on rambling. S- What's your name, my wife that I didn't know about? She let out a shy chuckle. D- Dani, Dani Bloomberg. S- Nice to meet you Dani. D- Nice to meet you too. I gotta go, my manager is probably wondering where I am by now. S- Same, who is your manager? D- John Wilks. S- He is a nice guy. D- Yeah, I hope I get to see you again. S- Yeah, see ya around. She give me another hug then left. Her husband! That girl is definitely something.
Selena is back.... 😍😍 she looks so pretty..😍❤ That new hair colour is just WOW 😍😍❤ She killed it at the AMA's 2017👌😘💖💗 . . Sorry guys that I didn't post pics or videos for so long, but now I'm back again... 🤗😉 I hope you guys like my pics and videos that I post. It is really hard to make a perfect video. But I try my best to make a video that looks fine...😊😘 . . Tag her plsss💓💓 . . #selena #beautiful #pretty #wolve #bestsongever #perfect #musicforlive #insta #gomezz #slaying #nicehair #best #blonde #maria #amas2017 #marshmello #justinbieber #selena #love #forever #😍💖