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Picking dinner at Gramma's. They showed up and zoomed for the garden. #notthegreenonesRowen #donteatthemallLogan #organic #dindin #bestgrammaEVER #teachemyoung # #gardengoals
Como una jefa hasta el final! Orgullo de haberte podido disfrutar tantísimo! 🎊❤️🥃 #bestgrammaever
Gramma went shopping! PJs with tutu! Totally unnecessary but totally adorable! #bestgrammaever
I just saw my Gramma for the first time in several years! My parents brought her home from their trip (best idea EVER!) . I never thought that #PEI, easily my second home for most of my childhood, would be SO difficult to get to as an adult. But every year I try, and every year I fail. And after a few health scares, it has been harder for Grams to get here, too. . Beyond thrilled and excited to spend some quality time with this chick. Her schedule is INSANE (pool Mon/Wed/Fri, exercise class Mon/Fri, yoga Wed/Fri, she belongs to TWO 50+ clubs, her social life is more active than mine!), so even getting her on the phone is hard sometimes! #Gramma #BestGrammaEVER #GRAMMAISHERE!!!!!!
Our biggest help and supporter Grammita we love you thanks for getting us to practices! #love #bestgrammaever @rocio1680 #recital2017