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Just chilling with my new humom. I'm still a little scared of my big brother Imani! He's so big and scary! I'm sure it'll work out some day, but for now I rather stay close to my humom 💗
Steve: "I'm gonna play with your tail Diesel. So don't move and most of all don't scream if I bite your tail"
Hello fur friends! This is my new kitty friend! Her name is Mila. I don't really like here that much yet, but she is so tiny! I don't think I will be mad at her for long. Welcome home Mila 💗.
Diesel reflecting :)
Steve keeping an eye on his brother,...
Diesel acting tough, trying to impress his goddess 😂🤘🏻
Nope we're not going to smile for the birdie,... 😜
So sleepy 😴😴 Moet ik echt wakker worden?
Steve: "Human!! This smell should be reported to the authorities!! It's dangerous to all catkind!!!"
Let's get this pawty started! 💃🎶🎵🔊 Sound on! 🎉 #YoshiandKawaBday •✖️•__________________________________ @jasonderulo @mtv @lipsyncbattleuk @9gag @theellenshow
Broertjes Matty en Mylow #bengaal #kittenspam #broertjes
Lekker spelen #bengaal 😸
Steve: "Did you see that Diesel?!" Diesel: "..." 😂