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Creo que lo que más me ha gustado de la Joyeria es el tema de los procesos... porque así es la vida misma, procesos que con el paso a paso nos hace ser mejores. By: @linatrillosps #joyasconpropósito #joyasconproposito #buda #fluye #vive #chakras #chakra #chackalove #behappy #beconcious #sefeliz #joyeria #jewerly #gioielli #mantra #goodvibes #joyascolombianas #madeincolombia #behappy #change #befree #selibre #ama #yoamo #yosiento #yohago #yopienso #yohablo #yoveo #yosoy #magia
During the past 40 years, close to 20 percent of the Amazon rain forest has been cut down. This is home for many animals, plants, and people. It's a whole ecosystem #protectrainforests #rainforest #amazon #beconcious #nature #life #amazonrainforest #travel
Love, seek, think, do #truth #beconcious #beaware #bebetter #wisdom
“Tá pago”. Pagar? Estão pagando o que pra quem galera? A atividade física não é em prol da SAÚDE do corpo, da mente e da alma? Virou moeda de troca para aquilo que comemos e ninguém me contou? Estou perdida (e talvez pobre), pois não sabia que a atividade que me faz saudável e faz parte da minha vida deveria ser paga pra alguém. Se a intenção é vida, quando respiro devo pagar também? Ok! Tá pago então.... ...tá pago de novo...e de novo agora...mas uma vez, pago. Esse fiscal do exercício intenso como forma de pagamento pagamento para sei lá o que deve estar rico. Mas rico. Bilionario! Comprando um Iate de 365 pés viajando pelas Ilhas Baleares feliz da vida. Tomando uma cava. Comento tapas. E, definitivamente, não contando calorias por esses momentos. Seja Consciente. GO ON YOU!!!
Remember that your perception of the world is a reflection of your state consciousness. You are not separate for it and there is no objective world out there. Every moment, your consciousness create the world that you inhabit. @gabrielathyrso 📸 #believeinyourself #belove #beconcious #nofilter #grateful
I am in love with love and love is in love with me. My body is in love with the soul and the soul is in love with my body. I opened my arms to love and love embraced me like a lover. --Rumi #bodyandsoul #goodvibes #positivity #beconcious #beagoodsoul
Eat as if the earth matters... because it does 🌱🌍 . . No soy vegana. Tampoco soy vegetariana. Pero estoy en proceso de serlo 😊 Como pescado y a veces jamón 😬 cuando salgo fuera a comer o cenar. En casa ya no como ningún animal desde hace bastante. Esta siendo un un proceso natural, porque estoy aprendiendo poco a poco a sustituir los animales por comida mucho más rica, nutritiva y sostenible. Pero es un proceso lento... Alimentación y yoga van unidos. Hay que ser vegetariano o vegano para ser yogui? No, pero si practicas con constancia, con consciencia y sigues los yoga sutras de Patanjali, el camino es llegar a serlo. Y por qué es tan complicado? Porque nos han educado en la inconsciencia, estamos acostumbrados a comer carne a diario sin saber nada de ese animal, sin preguntarnos nada, sin saber las consecuencias que tiene comer estos animales muertos. Y por qué hay que dejar de comer animales? Obviamente cada uno es mayor para tomar la decisión que quiera, pero os cuento un poco por si queréis saber un poco más, seguir investigando y quizás empezar a cambiar habitos... - Somos 7 billones de habitantes en el planeta. Matamos 2 billones de animales cada semana y 1 millón de peces al día. Si matasemos humanos con esta frecuencia, nos extinguiríamos muy rápido... - La industria carnica es la responsable num 1 de la destrucción de los recursos que tenemos en la Tierra y del calentamiento global (a una escala MUY superior a la de la contaminación causada por el transporte) - + de 600 millones no tiene acceso a agua potable y una de las razones es porque se la beben los animales que nos comemos (no porque nos demos duchas largas). - Los animales son electrocutados, torturados, medicados con antibióticos muy fuertes para aguantar "vivos" en las condiciones a las que están sometidos. - Comer animales enfermos y estresados nos causa diabetes, cancer, hipertensión, obesidad, inflamación (muchas mas). Nuestro cuerpo no puede asimilarlo, gasta demasiada energía y nunca se autopurifica. La carne se pudre en los intestinos (somos como los monos no como los tigres, nuestro aparato digestivo no esta preparado 😉 @blarrea). Por eso estamos tan cansados.
NIGHT 7 of 21 CALABA JUICE FAST 🌈 Inbuilt habits that we aren't aware of until they happen! I get a text message from the hubby last night saying Gizmo thinks I should pick up Nandos on the way home for him. 😂It's 7.30 at night I had forgotten to take my juices with me to the girls house and I was feeling lightheaded and fuzzy brained!! 😣 The good wifey I am, I went and picked him up Nandos, without even getting out of the driveway I automatically picked up two freshly cooked to perfection chips and ate it 😬 wasn't until I had made my next turn and driving down the street that I realised what I had even done. An automatic inbuilt habit of nibble a few chips before getting home, without even thinking about anything! 😬I could of easily kept eating them cause they were amazing!! 😆 but I resisted and went home and drank my juice. Had it been Mac Donald's, KFC or hungry Jacks I wouldn't of even looked at them sideways, 😝but Nandos was my only take away I'd eat in the past😋. I didn't let it become my reason to fall completely off the wagon, I just re affirmed my WHY and got back to my mission! 💚🌱💚I'm now conscious of this and will be able to identify it before it happens 😋😋😋😋 #makefoodyourmedicine #beconcious #kickinghabits #juicefast #human #beauthentic #takingbackmyhealth #loveandgratitude
It's called life and thankfully with everyday I'm given I strive to improve myself in every way! But I know even with that said I'll still make mistakes! But the gift is knowing you made them and not repeating it! 👏 #mymood #vibes #positivevibes #life #improveyourself #instagram #beconcious #thankful
May your life be full of love. This morning I had a beautiful life teaching lesson. It was there right in front of me, and I fully embraced it! You can always make a difference in someone's else life. Don't be shy, don't be afraid to ask. If you feel some people, animal, nature, needs you help, JUST GO! Feeling the energies is a gift, and you can always learn how to. Be present, be conscious, be aware, never judge, respect everything and everybody. Look at people, look always around you, things happen! Be the person who can make a difference, who can change things, be the person who still believes that things can change. You will be through shit, you will be in conflict with yourself and the world, you will suffer, but eventually you'll be fine and you can still spread the love. Always learn, always study, be yourself, don't follow the masses, find what is true for you, notice what is good and what is not good, no matter how others around you think. Feeling is a powerful thing, feelings are messengers and you can use it all around. Never stop to do so! #feelings #truth #love #share #bethoughtful #lifelessons #makeadifference #life #people #help #animal #nature #bekind #justdotit #energy #whatgoesaroundcomesaround #bepresent #benice #benicetopeople #beconcious #beaware #neverjudge #respect #respectlife #around #thingshappen #makethedifference #chanvetheworld #spreadthelove @carillonhotel
Super stoked to be a part of such an eclectic and talented group of people- artists and musicians coming together to make something amazing happen seriously floats my boat. Don't miss out on this Art and Music Revolution Party on Saturday, the 29th, presented by BeConcious Studios. Lots of art, and lots of music... I don't know what could be better than that. Stay humble and BE CONSCIOUS. #beconcious #art #music
This program is also about shifting our MINDSET!!