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Chapter 17- --> july 21, 2017 friday.. Sixty five year old Laurita Dominguez awoke from her sleep . she looked on the other side of her to see if johnny was still there she felt nothing but emptiness on his side of the bed she slowly but quickly sat up in bed staggering a little from being "still sleepy". There was loud big rain drops hitting against the apartment window laurita noticed it was "8:39 am" and laughed at herself while rubbing her big dark brown eyes getting half way out of bed. Mr & mrs Dominguez has this routine called " Race Out Of Sleep", Explaining of game: One would go to sleep early or both would go to sleep early at the same time to see who will wake up first. Laurita would always win this game she would always get up early just to write her bboy husband a love letter or sometimes johnny would wake up before laurita and make her a cup of coffee and make it sweet just how she like it! And even wrote his bgirl wife a love letter as well. By this time laurita lost and she greatly laughed at it in looked to her right and by her surprise there was a letter on her small dresser beside her. Laurita reads letter"- dear My tough cookie my bgirl wife - Ha"".. i see i beat you to it my lovely wife!. I know you are worried you woke up to see that i wasnt next to you my love. Dont worry my #bgirl wife i had to take care of some business and open open our "Bronx Break Dancing Studio", . I will return home to you so dont you worry one bit oh.. and dont Forget that Anthony & willy are coming by we have another interview u may not make it in time . I love you "To The Love Of Our Break Dancing" Love,Johnny. Me and johnny had opened up a break dancing studio on third ave somewhere on 149th street "The bronx" for the neighborhood kids that wanted to knoe how to break dance and for breakers to practice something for the kids and young adults to stay off the streets getting in trouble or from getting killed they would have something to do. The Dominguez cared about the kids and where they lived at before they became This Rich Successful Break dancers they never forgotten how they were
Вот и фотки с тренировки. 2 дня и готов💺, осталось делать стабильно) Но это фоткать не просто так... Так как я привык себя ограничивать, я решил попробовать не выражаться матом😁 Будет трудно, но я думаю всё во благо)🌈🌈🌈 / / / / / / #airchair #стул #учусь #испытания #новое #жизнь #bboy #bboyproc #стабильность #Курган #екб #Екатеринбург #Россия #breaking #breakdance #dance #танец
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