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Today is day 🖐🏻 of my accountability group! I woke up after 7 hours of sleep (which if you know me is a lot of sleep) and I feel GREAT! I am ready for you, Friday!
This is clearly a throwback since it has figs on it 😩 still one of the most amazing toast combos I've ever eaten: gf sourdough + almond butter + honey + grapefruit zest, pumpkin seeds + crushed rose + hemp seeds + fig slices
I'm thankful for the good gym sessions I've had recently.. 💪🏼 Also thankful that the soreness from my marathon is finally starting to go away. ☀️ I've been in the biggest funk this week... just gotta focus on the positive. ➕
Happy brithday to me...😂😂 謝谢你們今天部我瘋(我還哭了)😂😂 #最難忘的生日 #雖然看不到他 #但有你們就足够了 #H #A #P #P #Y #B #R #I #T #H #D #A #Y #T #O #M #E #lol # #BBG❤💞💕 #Bestfriends💕 #forever💞
Pretty fruit plate in honor of it being FRIDAY!!!! woohoo!
This year serve something delicious and high in protein at your Halloween party 😄 ... .. . #halloween #pumpkin #october #musclemac #yum #fitfam #food #party #friday #halloweenparty #crossfit #bodybuilding #bbg #wls #weightloss #weightlifting #mom #dad #family
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Most of the people I work with daily are women. And as such, most of them end up feeling feelings a lot throughout the course of our time together. I get it. I'm a feeling feeler too. And it can be really challenging when you are feeling a lot of feelings to feel like getting up and doing a workout of any kind. ___ So, because I love you fellow feeling feelers, and I don't want you to be ruled by your emotions and miss out on the chance to move closer to your goals, I compiled this list of feelings you might be feeling and the soulmate workout that can help you get through it on my coaching blog today! ___ 💻 Just click the link in my bio and go to coaching blog! 🙌🏻❤️🏹
When you can't afford to go on a retreat - make your own 🌟 . Never needed rest and restoration more than now. Self-care and self-love are so important, so this week is all about caring for and treating myself 🙏🏻. . I cannot afford to go far away and book a nice retreat at the moment, so I decided to go to Brittany and make my own. I hope to sleep, first of all. I want to meditate for a minimum of 20min per day. I want to do a lot of yoga. I want to walk along the beach. I want to eat all the french food and the crepes. I want to ride my bike to the bakery. I want to have a glass of wine at the port. I want to run, if I do get my energy back 🙌🏼 to much needed ME-time. . In this crazy world, make sure to make time for yourself and treat yourself how you deserve it! #yoga #instayoga #girlboss #selflove #mindfulness #morningroutine #abs #legs #gratitude #lululemon #meditation #selfcare #bodypositivity #running #bbg #cardio #goals #diet #bodypositivity #vegansofig #namaste #fitness #spirituality #gratitude #intuition #balance
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Sometimes, you just need SLEEP ☺️ I'm talking, 8 hours of in-your-bed, uninterrupted, comfy as all F, sleep ☺️🙋🏼 Becuase when you've spent basically 3 back to back weeks in plane, in different cities, and even in different countries, you start to feel the effect 😉 My body may have some weird heat rash, my eyes may have started watering non-stop, and the sniffles were outta control for a hot second there... But thanks to knowing my body, recognizing the signs, and squashing my pride enough to say HEY GIRL, slowww your roll for a minute and take care of YOU.. I'm back to a full cup 😉👊🏻 Ready to pour into others as I was made to do 🤗🤗
🎵And when she struts that thing around, everybody be breaking their neck like who dat girl, who dat girl🎶 Who dat girl with the cool, shiny new @planetbox in “rover” style and her new orange @healthyhumanlife 🙋🏼🙋🏼 y’all I am BEYOND obsessed with these new additions to my school routine! I’m really really loving cutting out as many plastic materials as I can and I am slowly making the switch to reusable items! The water bottle holds both hot and cold beverages and the @planetbox holds ALL the goods including my @applegate turkey burger with tahini and arugula + kabocha squash + @bradsplantbased broccoli poppers (so yum!) + @rootshummus + my fav little love muffin from the sweet peeps at @guiltless_goodies and two squares of @theochocolate with a seasonal pumpkin candy corn 👊🏼 and when packing a lunch, don’t forget the note! I put this sweet reminder card from my grandma in my lunch box today💕 Also I almost forgot, I have the BEST dessert tea in my healthy human—> it’s butterscotch blondie @tazo flavor and oh so good!
No chicken just noodles in my soup! 🙋🏼
Apple picking over the weekend? 🍎 ⠀ This Kohlrabi and Apple Salad with Hazelnut Dijon Dressing is on the blog. It’s such a fun way to use up your haul that’s not breakfast or dessert. ⠀ .⠀ Kohlrabi’s one of my new favorite veggies. And this was my first time trying it! Tastes like a cross between radish, broccoli stems, and turnip. 😍⠀ .⠀ Happy Friday friends!
🙆🏼Spoiler alert, I’m not in Oregon 🙄 Indefinite delays at the SFO airport pushed my schedule back so far the trip no longer made sense from a work perspective ⚠️✈️🔚🐔. . 🌈💼I have learned so many valuable lessons from the career I’ve built for myself so far, but I think the most important one is having the patience & inner - dare I say, serenity🙏🏼- to deal & adapt with things out your control 🎭. Life is going to throw you a loooot if curveballs ⚾️ if it hasn’t already, and it won’t stop 🛑. . 🎠Being able to take a step back🚶🏼‍♀️↩️, breathe 🌬, continue being a nice person 😊, & being proactive🚀rather than reactive 💣🌋 is the absolute best way to keep unnecessary stress at bay 🌊⛵️- AND get the alternative you want out of a 💩 situation. . 💤🌚Luckily ! I had overnight @quaker pumpkin spice 🥒zoats pre-made for my hotel breakfast tomorrow. I just added in some egg whites 🍳, a 🎃pumpkin spice @clifbar , & a generous drizzle of non-caffeinated (😭☕️) white chocolate @angrymills 🥜peanut buttah. So I got a lie in 😴 AND had an easy meal waiting for me 🦋🍴. . Also it’s..... . 💐F🌹R🌷I🌸D🌺A🌼Y🌻