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Mom made mango froyo😍🤤🐶 #froyo #mangosmoothie #doodoo #dumdum.doodoo.the.duo
Does this leather chair make me look older?
Will howl for belly rubs
When height is an issue, take it to the grass 🐶 #stumpylegs #grassdog
Batdog for Halloween 🦇🐶! Happy Halloween to all my fur friends!
On our way to Central Park, we ran into and met Penny and Pepper’s mom! @pepperandpenny1 We love meeting Instagram friends in real life! And how cool that NYC is so big, and yet so small that we ran into them out of the blue!
Mom treated me with a slice of 🍕 cause I was so good at the vet ..except I fell asleep before digging in
Coffee. Plaid. Leaves. My mom loves these things so apparently so do it 😂 #adoodlenamedchester
Watching the world pass me by 🌎
Gorgeous day in Central Park!
Casual reappearance on insta to show this MASSIVE thing Ma made me take a picture with 🕷🕷
@cricket_pigbutt my cousin and I sharing red fox #tugtoy #sharingiscaring