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My bark box showed up today! Now let me rip this thing open mom!!! 📦 #adventuresofbarley #barkbox
・ ・ Yucchi went to the airport to meet her aunt yesterday. Aunt gave much Yucchi a hug and love! Yucchi said🐶 I miss Aunty...😢 I want you to come to Japan again. swipe☞swipe☞ ・ 昨日大好きな”Aunty”は帰国しちゃうわ、 今日から私はお仕事行っちゃうわ、 ゆっちの”Today”は散々だったに違いない😅💦笑 スワイプしてね☞ ・ #わくわくリムジンバス #大好きなAuntyに沢山抱っこされ幸せゆっち #お別れの時間になったら寂しそうなゆっち #ゆっちの夏休み #お返事溜まってごめんなさい #週末ゆっくりお返事させて下さい♡ ・ ・
Happy Flashback Friday! Here's a photo of me at 4 months old, working on my "stay" Share your photos below! #flashbackfriday #fbf #puppy #puppydays #puppyfever
[🎥🎶] When it's Fri-yay and you can stay in bed a little longer 🎉
We MOOved to Boston! 🐮🌃IM NOT IN ANY ADULT FILMS YET, BUT MILLIONS AROUND THE WORLD HAVE SEEN THE JUNK IN MY TRUNK. 11/10 PEOPLE I WALK BY WILL STARE OR COMMENT QUIETLY TO WHOEVER THEIR WITH REGARDING MY MANPACKAGE. BUT WITH ONLY A FEW MONTHS LEFT TO SAVOR MY GLORY (giant breeds typically aren't on the chopping block til 12-18m/o for health reasons), I WILL CONTINUE TO FEEL PROUD, EVEN WHEN MOTHER YELLS AT ME FOR THE OCCASIONAL "ACCIDENTAL" TEABAGGING!! In other news, do you think I will need post-op skin reduction surgeries like Honey Boo-Boo's mom had to get?? #bouncenswang #madeyoulook #jkyouhadnochoice 😜tag a friend who's said something to you about mi cojones! 🙈🙊🙉
Crazy Friday nights out 😂😴😴😴
Look I'm such a rebel! I jumped up the slide instead of going down it! 😜 #AmIABigBoyNow? #CoolPuppy #JumpingDog #Slide
#barkbox failed mission