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Be like a Phoenix... resurrect from the dust and and flames and come back beautiful and STRONGER than ever! You must struggle to level up,you must sacrifice to level up but first of all...you must ACT! Go for everything they say you can’t achieve,for the person you can’t be...PROVE THEM WRONG! STAY STRONG 💪🏼
Dips TILL FAILURE. Not happy with the number, but 48kg extra is no easy task! Still buzzing and knackered from the Calisthenics Strength comp over the weekend at @commandotemple hosted by the beast that is @fitszz 💪 - For 1-2-1 training at a Gymbox near you, e-mail mjpt.london @gmail.com - - Online coaching and podcast over at @foreverstrongercoaching 👊
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Having fun with my handstand 😄
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Bit of vaulting practice last night. #Dash & #Dive
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#BarBrothers New YouTube video is out‼️Our Transformation Journey! Tag your friends! 👇
Sesión mañanera de hoy 💪🏻. Un gran saludo a todos! 👊🏻👊🏻 #ChileFit #ImBack #BackLever
#BarBrothers New YouTube video is out‼️Their Transformation Journey! Check me out in the video! Tag your friends! 👇P.S I dont take supplements