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While we must admit the 🍣 is decidedly inferior in size we quite enjoyed the quality of salmon! S/o to @wasabi_uk for the birthday treats! 🎂 #ad
Kitten Wrestling Championship
Master finally decided to celebrate our birthday in an appropriate fashion w sashimi cake!! 🍣 #abouttime
This was taken a year ago! I wonder how this lil one is doing now 💕
A case of the Monday blahs? Not as long as I’m by your side. ~Romeo . . . Apologies for being away a little longer than expected. Recovery - from two surgeries - has been painfully slow for me these past couple weeks. I’m so grateful to have a doting husband who makes sure everything and everyone is well looked after. King Kieran and Romeo have been my sweetest constant bedbug companions. . . . Sharing this wonderful memory of Romeo walking beachside nearby #Seattle’s popular #DiscoveryPark’s #WestPointLighthouse. . . Kitty kisses of thanks to @cats_of_instagram for our recent singing while hiking vignette and a big welcome to our new furriends. Looking forward to resuming regular posts with you soon. I miss you all!