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Ok, this is just a Feeler at this point. I may need to sell my MiniFée Eva heads so I'm putting this Feeler out there in advance to line up potential buyers. Reason for potentially selling? My Husband's work van has broken down and depending on the cost of repairs he may need help from me to help pay for repairs so he can get back to work asap. He is self-employed so if he doesn't work we have no money coming in and I am medically retired. So selling my dolls is the only way I can help my Hubby. About the heads; 1. I have both the sleeping face and open eye heads and both have the default faceups by Fairyland. 2. They are in beautiful white resin. 3. I have paid for the doll and both heads but I am still paying for the fullset outfit and accessories plus extra hands that I ordered. The layaway is with Denver Doll Emporium. I am expecting to have it paid off by the middle of December so the doll should get here by the end of December but due to Christmas post being extra busy it could even arrive in early January. Obviously I cannot predict nor control the speed of the postal services. Prices; Sleeping Eva with default faceup $115 Open eye Eva with default faceup $125 Payment; PayPal only. I require all payments to be made via Family & Friends. Shipping will be calculated after the doll arrives. I will charge for shipping once the doll arrives and the cost must be paid to me via Family & Friends in GBP only as that is my currency and it is what my post office will charge, obviously, lol. All payments are final and non-refundable. I cannot be held responsible for packages going missing once shipped. I will retain proof of postage and all items I ship out come with full tracking and will need to be signed for upon arrival. If you require insurance you must tell me in advance. I'm located in England, UK and will happily ship worldwide. **NOTE** I am happy to take down names for these heads on a first come first served basis. Please remember that this is a Feeler and I reserve the right to not sell if not absolutely necessary. I will obviously DM buyers if I change my mind. So please feel free to DM me if there's anything you would like.
Tbh if I were to actually date one of my characters it’d have to be Stella.. bc Danny and Fall are like in their 20s and I’m a teen who’s rllly not into dating anyone older 😂😂 (regarding my last post abt Fall ;) #rikabjd #bjd #bjds #abjd #doll #dollstagram #balljointeddoll #balljointeddollphotography #mystickids #mystickidscaroline
Joining the #bjdboyfriend tag with my boy Fall! Honestly just wanted to make an appreciation post of him bc I hardly post pics of him alone. Also the second pic is how I feel about sexualizing my characters 😂 no pics!!! Gotta protect my innocent boy!! #rikabjd #bjd #bjds #abjd #doll #dollstagram #balljointeddoll #balljointeddollphotography #mirodollrain #mirodoll
One horn just about done. The armature is posing interesting challenges in the narrowest part of the horn. XD I imagine it won't take the dye, but nothing some paint can't hide. The strength and support is most important! . . . #bjd #balljointeddoll #bjdmod #bjdhorns #bjdmodartist #bjdmodification
This girl is very special because her character is the main character in my story! Her name is Ryia. She's a human who was born an oracle, so she has a third eye that can see into the future. Her powers are very weak though the most she can do is predict that someone will drop a pencil in her next class and stuff. Humans who are born oracles have the same rights as monsters which means they have less rights than humans. When Ryia was born her father was disgusted that his child was born with this "deformity" as he called it. He left and never returned. Ryia's mother however, loved Ryia from the moment she saw her. Ryia's mom went to school and became a nurse and did her best to put Ryia into the best schools. And Ryia always was grateful to her mother for everything she had done for her. Ryia was going to her first day of high school when a group of humans surrounded her. She was scared and called out for help. This is when she met the imp Belial. Belial tried to scare away the humans but was beat up instead, but he saved Ryia. Ryia and Belial became good friends after that and started on their journey towards self understanding and self acceptance. They also fall in love and get together 😊Ryia learns to accept that she's different and that she's still strong and beautiful, and she helps Belial lean to love himself as well. Sorry for this long story rant but I was feeling inspired! • My dolls!!! • Alisian: DollChateau Amos Lillian: DollZone Scorpio Yao: FingertipDreamland Hemera-maru Gigi: Villitunes Cyclops Mizuki Andromeda: ApoDoll Hamanor Ryia: Flower&Junior Mizi.W (On DollZone body) Abaddon: Miracle Doll Vic (on DollZone body) • Dolls I'm going to get!!! • Bilail: Miracle Doll Baiye Lucian: Telethesia and Dragon QingNiuSheng Arlen: LoongSoul Ghost-Lin #bjd #balljointeddoll #flowerandjunior #miziw
Someone has a grapefruit head 👀 Pipes the gf is pleased with this development, altho it's still a WIP 😏 Fun Fact: Colin originally has light blonde hair like his sis Navine. He gets his pink hair after an unfortunate collision with Piper's older bro Benji, who was running around with dye for a competition. Colin is a good sport tho, and is used to Benji's eccentricities. He ends up liking the color and keeps it XD This is why his Mini ver has blonde hair, and his SD has pink 👅 I'm looking forward to finishing him up, especially since I was able to snag his proper eyes in the recent Dollbakery Waitlist thingy 😁 -- Colin - Switch Shiho Piper - Fairyland Feeple60 Luka -- -- #bjd #abjd #balljointeddoll #asianballjointeddoll #doll #dolls #fairyland #fairylandbjd #dollfairyland #feeple60 #feeple60luka #f60luka #feepleluka #switch #fromswitch #switchshiho #bjdwig #custombjd #customdoll #bebes #withoutyoucrew
“New ring? What new ring?” 🤐 #bjd #balljointeddoll #supiadoll #supiaroda
Someone broke free of his angelic bonds tonight. He is, of course, plotting revenge against humanity (even though humanity didn't tie him up, Bailey did 😂), but before he continues his rampage, he's decided he needed a hobby--something low-key that won't attract anymore angelic attention. So he's applying to be a shampoo advertising model. Maybe you'll see him on the next Pantene commercial 😂😂😂 #balljointeddoll #bjd #bjdhybrid #dollleaves #dollleaveshybrid #done #Halloween #ridiculous #unoa #unoaboy #unoabully #unoahybrid #unoasist #virgilstop