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今日はBAD RELIGION 着てまーす〜 ニット帽はslipknotでございます! 耳には蜘蛛、カエルのピアスww 気持ち悪い笑笑 、 、 眠すぎて、服装が適当になったら、 こんな仕上がりに。。 割とオシャレさんって言われてるのに、これじゃダメだな!笑笑 、 、 気をつけなきゃね。。 急な誘いにこんな服装では行けませんから笑 #badreligion #服装適当すぎた
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Good Old Days Kolektif A Tribute to Bad Religion & Pennywise Special Opening Performance by GoodOldDays All Star (Kuro, NoLabel, Speak Up, Konflik, etc) Featuring: . Error Crew Tenholes The Sabotage Paper Gangster Final Attack CLTP Untold Snacky Flipout Trendshit MC: @allayerror Rabu, 25 Oktober 2017 at i-six, Taman Kemang, Jakarta Selatan Start 18.30 WIB HTM 30K Come join us... . #goodolddays #badreligion #pennywise #punkrock #ripstoreasia @goodolddaysfest
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Besok malam guys jangan lupa.... Berangkatin guys a tribute to #badreligion #pennywise
#badreligion #punkrock #melodichardcore #hardcorepunk Bad Religion is an American punk rock band that formed in Los Angeles,California,in 1980.They make extensive use of three-part vocal harmonies(which they refer to in their album liner notes as the "oozin' aahs")and guitar solos,and are known for their lyrics,which cover topics such as criticism of religion,political commentary,society in general,dark humor,anti-racism,drugs,freedom,death, personification and equal rights.The bands lineup has changed several times over its lifespan,with lead vocalist Greg Graffin being the only consistent member;the current lineup,however,features three of the bands four original members(Graffin,Brett Gurewitz and Jay Bentley).To date,Bad Religion has released sixteen studio albums,two live albums,three compilation albums,three EPs(one of which is composed of covers of Christmas songs)and two DVDs(which were both recorded live).They are considered to be one of the best-selling punk rock acts of all time,having sold over five million albums worldwide. Bad Religion had built an underground following in the United States with their early albums(including Suffer,No Control,Against the Grain and Generator)before signing to Atlantic Records in 1993.They first reached substantial commercial success with their seventh studio album and major-label debut Recipe for Hate(1993),which peaked at number 14 on Billboards Heatseekers chart,and spawned one of their popular songs "American Jesus".Recipe for Hate was followed a year later by Stranger than Fiction(1994),which spawned their biggest hits"Infected"and the re-recorded version of"21st Century (Digital Boy)",and was certified gold in both the United States and Canada.Shortly before the release of Stranger than Fiction,Gurewitz left Bad Religion to run his label Epitaph on a full-time basis(in response to the success of the labels artists The Offspring and Rancid),and was replaced by Brian Baker.Since Gurewitzs return to the band in 2001,they have undergone a resurgence in popularity,with their sixteenth studio album True North(2013)becoming Bad Religions first album to crack the top 20 on the Billboard200 chart, where it peaked at....
Bad Religion - Into the Unknown (1983) ----------------------- У культовейшей панк-формации Bad Religion в начале карьеры случился лютейший зашквар – абсолютный не-панк альбом. Это жахнуло в 1983 году. Эпик фейл рубанул такой силы, что группа впоследствии дико стеснялась и стыдилась этой пластинки, более того, при всех последующих переизданиях своего каталога не издала этот альбом НИ РАЗУ! Но тем он нам и интересен, мы любим редкости. Что в этой пластинке не то? И вот по прошествии лет слушаем и понимаем, что не то – только то, что не панк, и тру фанаты обиделись. Но мы не тру-фанаты, мы с удовольствием послушаем "Into the Unknown", норм альбомчик, норм. Прослушать альбом вы можете в нашем сообществе UltimaFM ВКонтакте. #musichistory #albumoftheday #notapunk #Ultimafm #BadReligion
Pretending to be punk rock whilst sat in my back yard with a coffee after spending all day doing chores and adult things. #badreligion
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3 of the 6 or 7 pictures I thought to take, lol. #goldfinger #NOFX #badreligion #punkindrublicfest #PhoenixAZ #happybirthdaytome
These guys played an awesome set!! My 3rd time seeing them ever! I think I enjoyed this time the most :) #BadReligion #AgainsttheGrain #punkindrublicfest #PhoenixAZ #happybirthdaytome
Rock n Roll High School Reunion! So great catching up with @miketheserb Aka...jukebox hero...pre Sheryl Crow show. Hit it!!! #thecult #badreligion