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What is the most remote place you have ever visited? ⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊ Amazing shot by 👉  @j.a.y_daley 👈 - drop by the photographers feed for more stunning photos 💙💚❤! ⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊ Make sure to follow us and tag your best shots with #globepeek for a chance to be featured!
The Book of Mormon was playing while I was in Melbourne and every night they have a lotto for the front row seats. Ive been meaning to see this show since it came to aus and since I was solo I thought it would be a good way to spend my night. So I rocked up to the theatre... and I was 1 hour earlier than I was supposed to be. I decided to walk around the general area while I waited and found China town! Such a cool street with amazing restaurants and some really interesting bars. Apparently it's the second oldest China town (outside of China) in the world. Pretty cool huh Once an hour was up, I put my name down and waited till it was time to draw the winners. They had 24 seats to give away that night and as they slowly drew names out of the ballot I started losing hope. It wasn't until there was literally one single seat left that they called my name!! Woo hoo! Such an amazing feeling to win when I'd all but given up hope. First time I'd seen a musical from that close and it's so much better when you can see every single performer's expressions and really immerse yourself in the experience. When it comes to sydney I think I'll be entering the lotto every day 😂
Where's your dream destination, and what's keeping you from going?
Is it money? Lack of time? Work commitments?
Have you ever wondered if there's more to life than working? If there was a way to sustain yourself while adventuring around the globe?
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I remember...after a one hour walk on a sunny but fresh day in Jujuy (northern Argentina) I reached this wonderful place with an incredible view over Quebrada Humahuaca! I stayed there sitting and watching...I don't know anymore for how long😍 . . . #throwback #argentina #quebradahumahuaca #jujuy #quebrada #canyon #landschaft #incredibleview #cactus #kaktus #landscape #travelgram #backpackerlife #backpackingargentina #backpacking #solobackpacker #visitargentina #tb #photooftheday #instagood
سفرنامه آمريكاي جنوبي/ برزيل🇧🇷 _ قسمت چهارم رسيديم سائوپائولو! البته با دو ✌🏼ساعتي⌚️ تاخير! فقط يك ☝🏼ساعت وقت داشتيم كه به پرواز 🛩بعدي برسيم! فرودگاه 👵 خيلي بزرگ بود و وقت خيلي تنگ! به محض اينكه كوله هامون 🎒 رو گرفتيم شروع كرديم به دوييدن🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻! تقريبا ميشه گفت نفسي نمونده بود🙆🏼😰! اما چه فايده! از پرواز ريو جا مونده بوديم🤦🏼‍♀️! رفتيم دفتر ايرلاينمون! بهشون اطلاع داديم 🗣 كه به خاطر تاخير هواپيماشون✈️، پرواز بعديمون رو از دست داديم! براي اون شب ديگه پروازي نبود! پس موظف بودن براي شب هتل🏢 و براي فردا برامون بليط 📄بگيرن! كارا زود پيش رفت! بليط براي فردا صبح زود گرفته شد! با بدني كوفته راهي🚖 هتل شديم تا صبحِ فردا! #برزيل #سفر #گردشگری #جهانگردي #امازون #جنگل #قايق #گوپرو #عكاسي #سلفي # #selfi #brazil #gopro #goprography #amazon #jungle #amazonjungle #travelling #traveler #girltravel #fraaaafer #marcophoto #آمازون #selfies #selfie #backpackerlife #backpaker #كوله #كوله_گردي #