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Well I feel a bit like this butterfly today... broken! . Firstly this is O's butterfly 😢. Secondly I have felt selfish today because although the new campaign from Tommy's is really important I have been left feeling like O's death was my fault all over again and therefore not really thought about what they want to achieve, which is of course, awareness. . I talk openly about Ophelia and I am there, shouting loudly whenever I can in order to raise awareness. However, sometimes I don't have the strength to listen when others are shouting. Awareness is always the best option, no-one talked to us about the possibility of stillbirth in a low risk pregnancy (someone actually said why scare the majority...?!). I was itchy but didn't fit the PE symptoms properly. Ophelia's movements were possibly less but the advice was that movements do slow down. I wake up on my back and my baby's heart has stopped beating. A lethal cocktail?! Maybe, we will never know. . Awareness is best but sometimes for those who didn't have all the information or didn't take their baby home it can awaken very deep wounds, making it difficult to think about the bigger picture because the guilt is enormous. . I'm sorry but for today, maybe tomorrow, I have to take care of me first. #babyloss #stillbirth #awareness #stillborn #stillbirthawareness #imtakingcareofme
🥛 j’ai décidé d’allaiter 🥛 • Ça y est ma décision est prise !! C’est une question que je me pose depuis un moment. Dans mon entourage personne n’a allaiter ses enfants, c’est quelque chose de totalement inconnu pour moi. Moi-même je n’ai pas été allaitée. • Mais je veux créer ce lien unique entre une mère et son enfant. J’avais ce côté pudique qui m’empêchais de faire ça en public. Puis finalement je me suis dis que je pouvais toujours me mettre à l’écart et cacher mon intimité avec un foulard d’allaitement. • Beaucoup de questions me trottent dans la tête encore. Comment savoir si j’aurai assez de lait ? Ou encore comment savoir si bébé a bu assez ?!? • Ça m’angoisse quand même un peu mais je veux essayer. Si ça ne marche dans ce cas je passerai au biberon. • Je me sens soulagée d’avoir pris cette décision 😁 • #babyloss #maternity #momangel #perinatalgrief #deuilperinatal #mamange #papange #parange #hope #espoir #mars2018 #rainbowbaby #babybump #bigbelly #pregnancy #grossesse #love #familygoals #breastfeeding #babyboy #mumtobe
"They say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.” - Banksy | North and East London SANDs (Stillbirth and Neonatal Deaths) run two monthly support groups: an evening support group for parents after loss no matter where they are on their journey and a daytime group that helps expectant mothers or those trying to conceive again after loss. There are also quarterly support groups for anyone struggling to conceive or who have experienced fertility issues in the past. These groups are run by trained volunteers called Befrienders whose training the group fund independently. They also fund training in all local hospitals for healthcare professionals to try and ensure that bereaved families are given quality care. They find speakers for events, fund literature for healthcare professionals and families, as well produce memory boxes that are given to grieving families. At this moment in time North and East London SANDs receive no statutory funding from National Sands. Pictured here are volunteer, Hilary Keat’s sons, lighting a candle in memory of their brother Hamish during a memorial service in Finsbury Park during Baby Loss Awareness Week - taken from my series of images for North and East London SANDs.
'Douleur d'une mère' one of my favourite sculptures at the Glyptotek Museum in Copenhagen. Being a midwife is mostly a wonderfully joyous thing, but this sculpture so beautifully captures the deep sorrow of the loss of a beloved baby. The sorrow that midwives sometimes encounter in their working lives and cannot easily forget as they return to their normal lives at the end of their shift. #midwives #babyloss #babylosssupport #glyptoteket #sculpture #landlcph #visitdenmark #visitcopenhagen #københavn #jordmor
And just like that's it's all over! I feel a bit lost now 😢 So Im having a good think tonight of what we could do next...... #afteralex #afteralexball #charityball #fundraising #saytheirnames #rememberthem #honorthem #stillborn #stillbirth #bornstillbutstillborn #newnormal #parentingwithemptyarms #loss #childloss #babyloss
Like a lot of people I’ve read about the new research from Tommy’s. I’m so grateful that steps are being taken to prevent babies dying in the womb...I would not wish baby loss on my worst enemy. However, this research has really affected me. I was very nearly in my third trimester and my son’s death remains unexplained. I don’t have any answers and so it is very easy in my darkest moments to blame myself. Could I have prevented this? Did I do something wrong? Whilst I am all for education and prevention...I am conscious of mothers like me. Mothers who deal with the lethal mix of guilt and grief every day; who might take this information to confirm their deepest, darkest fear-that it was in some way, their fault. This is NOT what Tommy’s are saying...but it might be what hurting mothers hear. If it is, I think @zoeadelle sums it up perfectly. Baby loss shouldn’t happen, I truly hope through research & education the statistics decrease. But if this new information has broken your heart in new ways, I hope this quote helps ❤️ #babyloss #sayinggoodbye #tommysresearch #sleeponside #tommys #losssupport
This little pup right here is keeping my on my toes! Carter and Ryker would have been the best of friends. 🐶💙🐾 . . . #lifeafterloss #neonataldeath #babyloss #loss #griefjourney #healing #love #dogsofinstagram
A new study has revealed the link between sleeping on your back in third trimester and an increased risk of stillbirth. It’s a really important campaign and it’s been great to see the media coverage and also the baby loss community rallying around Tommy’s and the amazing work they do . Got to admit though - stories like this are such a massive trigger. It took a kind tweet from @thelegacyofleo for me to realise that’s why I’ve had such a terrible day, after seeing the story break this morning . So when I was asked to do an interview about it on @bbccambridgeshire this afternoon I decided to channel my energy in that direction, so now the county has heard all about our beautiful Skye again 🤩💜 and hopefully some Mums have been inspired to take extra precautions to keep their babies safe, as best as they can 👊 . Head on over to @tommys_thebabycharity to find out more about #SleepOnSide . #stillbirth #sleeponside #babyloss #warriormama
Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Memorial Keychain, In Memory of, Angel Baby, Miscarriage, Baby Loss, Rainbow Baby, Handstamped Keychain, Custom Keychain #keychain #griefmourning #memorialkeychain #inmemoryof #childloss #babyloss http://etsy.me/2zjzzjj
#SleepOnSide . Whilst it’s an honour to feature alongside @mrsgifletcher @scummymummies @georgiepuddingnpie and @life_of_pea to help raise awareness of the #SleepOnSide campaign - I can barely actually watch it. So close up! 😂 . Please watch - excuse how hot my face is - and share! . #pregnant #pregnancy #bumppic #maternity #thirdtrimester #babyloss #stillbirth #stillbirthprevention #mumtobe