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24 Weeks and all I care about is carbs, which isn't really any different to before I fell pregnant 😂.
Baby shoes... is there anything cuter? 😍 who even cares if they won't need shoes for a while... that's irrelevant what matters is that they are adorable. #babydigger #24weeks
Zwar etwas verspätet, aber hier noch ein #Throwback an das wunderwunderschöne Konzert in Hannover letztes Jahr! ❤️ Definitiv ein unvergesslicher Abend & es war ein perfektes, letztes Konzert für mich ❤️ Ich vermisse diese Tour & alles so sehr... ❤️😕 #thebaseballs #diggerbrans #bastiraetzel #sambudja #hannover #capitol #hitmebabytour #babydigger #diggerbaby #samme #bastihit #danke #dankefüralles #knuddeln #wantback #habeuchlieb #irgendwiehabichmichverändert
There is no hiding this bump now. 21 weeks already 😳and baby brain is definitely a thing. I've forgotten numerous catch ups with girlfriends over the last few weeks and when I finally remembered and got to have lunch with one yesterday I realised I had done all my make up but forgotten to put on mascara so I went all day looking pretty weird.. 😂, then as I left the office yesterday I told everyone to have a great weekend even though it was only Thursday... I've been told it will only get worse as well 🤦🏼‍♀️. #babydigger
Happy to see you Baby Digger🚼😘 #cuteepatootie #babydigger #chubbybabyboy
When Bub has the nicest room in the house and he isn't even here yet, though it's not finished I already want to spend all my time in here. #luckyboy #babydigger
7 months today. Crawling and pulling herself up already. Couldn't be happier and more tired at the same time. #GoodGenes #SlubberMouth #BabyDigger #RosyLeeGay #SmartAF @jessicanolan84
Happy 3 Year Anniversary to this handsome Big Dog 😜, the last three years have been nothing short of amazing and even though we have bickered more times than I count usually about who does more around the house (I do more) I wouldn't change you for the world @joshdigg let's hope our baby boy is less stubborn than both of us and doesn't inherit our attitude.. 🥂❤
She loves watching the diggers! We spent another 20 minutes sitting here!
Yesterday we watched the footy with friends and next time the season starts again we will have our little baby in our arms ☺. 17 weeks tomorrow and finally this bump is making an appearance. I can already feel his kicks which makes me think we may have a potential football player on our hands 💙🏉 #babydigger
Holy crap, I found this little #tbt gem taped behind another picture in a frame my mom has had hanging in her house for years. I definitely need to find this outfit in my current size and recreate this bad boy for her birthday!! #babydigger #babypictures #iwassocute #whathappened #babylegend
Baby 3tone 360 jcb. #jcb3tone360 #babydigger
Slowly starting the Nursery, which I have a feeling will be my favourite room in the house #babydigger 💕